You Can Play With Saquon Barkley And Other Rookies From Tonight's NFL Draft in Madden 18

Here's how to add Baker Mayfield and company to your Madden Ultimate Team.

Horizon Zero Dawn Wins Oustanding Achievement in Video Game Writing at Writers Guild Awards

Horizon Zero Dawn beat out three other nominees for the top video game writing prize.

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The Moment Madden NFL Killed NFL 2K Forever

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EA Pondering Madden or FIFA as a "Live Service", Instead of Annual Releases

There will come a time where we don't see a new boxed FIFA or Madden each year.

Both Madden 18 Most Feared and FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Set to Start This Week

Save your coins, because these Halloween promos are a great time to invest.

NPD: Grand Theft Auto V is the Best Selling Game of All Time

In hardware news the Nintendo Switch won August 2017.

Madden Ultimate Team's Team of the Week Delayed Due to Hurricane Irma

EA's Florida studio was impacted by this weekend's hurricane.

Madden 18 Team Sneaks Out a Major Patch With PS4 Pro HDR Support Just Before Shutting Down for Hurricane Irma

PS4 Pro HDR Support and major gameplay fixes inbound.

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You will be able to play in higher resolution after all.

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A snapshot of the series as Tiburon prepares to roll out a Madden story mode for the first time.

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