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EA Cuts Kareem Hunt From Madden 19 and Madden Overdrive

Disgraced Kansas RB is out of Madden.

Madden Creative Director Suddenly Departs in the Midst of Madden 19's Development

Rex Dickson departs EA, with Mike Young reportedly taking the helm.

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Industry veteran Mike Mika recalls the moment EA obtained exclusive rights to the NFL license, and the fallout that followed.

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Starting Screen | Why Madden NFL Needs its Own Super Bowl

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In the wake of a horrific injury to her favorite player, Kat turns to the solace of sports games.

Madden NFL 17's Pass/Run Glitch is Currently Killing Online Play

If you want to play online, you're apt to run into widespread abuse of this rather annoying glitch.

Madden Ultimate Team: Tips on the Best Budget Players for Every Position in Madden NFL 17

The MUT players you want to buy if you're building on a budget.

Madden Lawsuit Moves Forward as EA Sports' Free Speech Defense Fails

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, EA knew what it was doing when it used the likenesses of former NFL players.

Kat Explores the Best in Sports Games for 2015

2015 IN REVIEW: From Rocket League to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Kat highlights the best of this year's crop of sports games.

Madden NFL 16's Huge Update is a Surprise, Though Stability Issues Remain

XP Sliders and a new Draft Champions mode arrive alongside major gameplay changes.

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Kat explains why, for better or worse, she's fallen for Madden's most popular mode.

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Kat gets a glimpse of the future, and in some ways, the past as well.

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Even the best sports sims have their weaknesses. Here's what Kat would like to see ahead of their upcoming reveals.