MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show 18 Review

REVIEW | Baseball is back! But does MLB The Show 18 hold up? Our full review.

You Can Restore Lost Results After a Server Error in MLB The Show 18—Here's How

Lost progress in MLB The Show 18? Sony San Diego has your back.

MLB The Show Patch 1.05 Increases Pitch Speeds

Pitching speeds have been raised from "nyoom" to "NYOOOM."

MLB The Show 18 is Secretly a Hat Collecting Sim Now

MLB The Show 18 has more souvenirs than ever to collect. Why some fans see that as a problem.

How to Put Babe Ruth on the Minnesota Twins and Other Random Teams in MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show's Immortals are good for more than just Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 18 Server Problems are Causing Players to Lose Online Transactions [Update: Server Maintenance Starting Soon]

Players are complaining that some online transactions are failing to register.

MLB The Show's Battle to Fix Online Play: "If You Can't Play it, It's Kind of Pointless, Right?"

INTERVIEW | Sony San Diego's Ramone Russell talks about online play, big gameplay improvements, and the decision to drop microtransactions.

MLB The Show 18 is Dropping Microtransactions Amid Road to the Show Overhaul

You will no longer be able to buy your way to 99 overall in MLB The Show.

MLB The Show 18 Drops Online Franchise Mode to Players' Dismay

But will Online Franchise Mode be missed?

MLB The Show 18 Adds Rain Delays for Even More Baseball Realism

Aw yeah, all the exciting action of the weather.

MLB The Show 18: 5 Observations Following the Debut Trailer

Contender for best new presentation elements that will inevitably make me extremely depressed.

MLB The Show 18 Held a Closed Alpha to Avoid Online Server Issues at Launch

"Really for us it was breaking down all those pain points we saw last year at launch."