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Nintendo of America President Shoots Down N64 Mini Rumors

Look for another stocking-stuffer.

GoldenEye N64 Devs Confirm What We All Knew: Oddjob Players Were Dirty Cheats

Just take your hat and exit the premises, good sir.

Video Game Mediocrity, Thy Name is Mission: Impossible for the N64

The real "Mission Impossible" was making a good movie tie-in game for the N64, am I right guys? ...Guys?

Super Mario 64 Mod Lets the Game Run at a Crazy 60fps

No way that crummy penguin will outrace Mario now.

Nintendo Trademarks N64 for What Sure Sounds Like an N64 Classic Mini

Is Nintendo going to miniaturize the N64?

The Original (And Best?) Star Fox Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The barrel rolls were slower and clumsier, but Star Fox for the SNES has a special something every other iteration lacks.

Goldeneye Speedrunner Shatters 15-Year-Old Record

Karl Jobst performs just like Bond himself would.

Super Mario 64 Online Fan Game Lets up to 24 Players Work Together (or Murder Each Other) [Update]

There isn't a specific button that lets you hold Waluigi's head under water until he stops struggling, but we're sure you'll make it work.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Tailored to Be Ocarina of Time's Opposite

In a recent interview, Eiji Aonuma talks about how Ocarina of Time was built to tutor Zelda fans, and how Breath of the Wild sets them free.

All of the Kirby Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

In honor of Kirby's 25th anniversary, we ranked them all. Yes, even Kirby Air Ride.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrunner Sets New World Record

More like Legend of Sanic: Ocarina of Fast.

USgamer Community Question: What's Your Most Memorable Console Launch?

Which console debut occupies the most space in your memory banks?

Ocarina of Time's Link Is (Maybe, Probably) Based on Leonardo DiCaprio

Nintendo sort-of confirms what my silly teenage self suspected in the '90s.

Promotional "Project Reality" Shirt Features Weird Assortment of Nintendo Mascots

When Nintendo and Silicon Graphics joined forces in the '90s, they celebrated their union by handing out a way past cool shirt.

10 Things We Learned From Final Fantasy VII: An Oral History

Even the most dedicated Final Fantasy VII fans will find tons of new information from Matt Leone's extensive feature.

Retronauts Toots on the Ocarina of Time

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast explores Link's 1998 leap into the world of 3D gaming.

Note Block Beat Box: Listening to The Song of Healing from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Link's soothing ballad transcends races, death, and even timelines to heal the soul of whomever hears it.

The Zelda of Legend: How Director Ridley Scott Might Have Influenced Ocarina of Time

What do Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, the '80s, and the N64 all have in common?

YouTuber Manipulates Enemies, Makes Parallel Universes to Grab Star in Super Mario 64

pannenkoek2012's dedication to turning Mario 64 inside-out demonstrates just how educational games can be (however unintentionally).

Behold: One Tantalizing Minute of Resident Evil 0's Scrapped N64 Version

Capcom pulls back the curtain to show off their original, Nintendo-based plans for this Resident Evil side story.

Slip on Majora's Mask with Retronauts Micro Episode 2

We celebrate the upcoming 3DS remake by discussing why this great little N64 Zelda is so misunderstood.

Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition: One Bad Trip Through the Mushroom Kingdom

You may have played Super Mario 64 before, but you've never played it like THIS.

Capitalizing on a Lucky Break With Pokémon Snap

Nintendo's RPG-turned-global-phenomenon helped keep things looking rosy in tough times.