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Draw Your Own Game with Pixel Press

Ever wanted to make your own game but don't want to learn all that pesky coding? Enter Pixel Press.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Phase 3 Starts Today

The third phase of beta testing for Square-Enix's relaunched MMO begins today and continues over the weekend.

Classic Board Game Agricola Hits iOS App Store

Uwe Rosenberg's board game Agricola has finally arrived on the App Store. This ain't no FarmVille.

Xbox One Achievements Split into Two Types

Changes are afoot for the Achievements system on Xbox One; here's what's new.

Check Out the PS4's Interface

A video demonstrating the PlayStation 4's interface has been doing the rounds. Let's take a closer look at it.

Lone Survivor Coming to PS3 and Vita with New Content

Pixelated survival horror adventure Lone Survivor is making the jump to Sony platforms with a wealth of new bits and pieces.

Microsoft Points Will Expire a Year After Transition to Real Money

If you've been hoarding Microsoft Points for a rainy day, you might want to think about spending them.

Deadfall Adventures Coming September 27

The Farm 51 and Nordic Games' first-person Indiana Jones-'em-up is headed our way in September.

EA "Doesn't Have a Problem" with Second-Hand Sales

Will EA let you trade-in your PS4 and Xbox One games? "Probably," says a senior exec.

Atlus' Parent Company Under Investigation for Fraud

Index, parent company of Atlus, is reportedly under investigation by the Japanese authorities.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Coming July 9

On the off-chance you haven't yet played all the Metal Gear games, you'll be able to get caught up next month.

You Took On Helicopters, Now Take On Mars

An upcoming simulation from Bohemia Interactive takes you to the surface of the Red Planet.

Phantom Dust Creator Wants to Kickstart a Sequel

Yukio Futatsugi is interested in crowdfunding a follow-up to his Xbox cult classic, but there are hurdles to clear

USG Reacts to Nintendo's E3 Presentation

Nintendo gave us its E3 Nintendo Direct at some ungodly hour this morning; the USG team gives its thoughts on the content therein.

Daylight's Next-Gen Horror

Atlus has announced one of its first next-gen games - a first-person perspective psychological thriller built on Unreal Engine 4.

Nintendo Direct at E3: Business as Usual

Nintendo's E3 presentation was this morning - was it enough to make the Wii U a contender against the might of next-gen?

USG Reacts to Sony's E3 Press Conference

It's widely agreed that Sony delivered what is commonly referred to as a "sick burn" to Microsoft this E3, but what of the rest of the presentation?

Sony's E3 Press Conference: It's For Gamers

Sony was keen to impress on us that the PS4 was "for gamers" - here's the lowdown on what Microsoft's biggest rival had to show us.

USG Reacts to Ubi's E3 Presser

The USgamer gang weighs in on Ubisoft's E3 press conference - you can too. What did you think of the new titles like The Division?

Ubisoft at E3: Belly-First, Ass-Out into Next-Gen

Ubisoft's E3 press conference was somewhat muted compared to past years, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some interesting stuff on show.

USG Reacts to EA's E3 Presser

EA dropped a few interesting nuggets of info on us during their press conference, but it was mostly quite predictable. USG editors weigh in.

EA's E3 Presser: Yes, They Announced Mirror's Edge 2

EA's E3 conference today was mostly predictable, but there was much rejoicing heard as Mirror's Edge 2 was announced.

USG Reacts to Microsoft's E3 Presser

A ton of info was dropped on us during Microsoft's press conference, but what did we think of it? More to the point, what do you think?

Microsoft's E3 Presser: All About the Games

Microsoft's E3 press conference today was indeed, as promised, "all about the games" - Metal Gear Solid V, Titanfall and much more.

Is Xbox One Xboning Consumers?

Online check-ins, restrictions on used games and privacy concerns... is the Xbox One really that bad?

The Flock's Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror

Upcoming psychological horror game looks utterly terrifying.

Know Your Enemy in Puzzle JRPG 99 Spirits

Quirky JRPG offers a puzzling twist on the genre as you struggle to identify your enemies from the clues they give.

Konami's Pre-E3 Presentation Brings a Couple of Surprises

PES 2014's new engine, Snake's new actor and Lords of Shadow spoilers. No Suikoden, though.

Modders Bring Back GRID 2's Cockpit View

Resourceful modders put GRID 2 players back in the driving seat.

Katawa Seiyu Brings Voices to the Students of Yamaku High

Fan-made YouTube project aims to voice-act all of controversial visual novel Katawa Shoujo.

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