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Fallout Fan Film Explores Legate Lanius' Origins

An ambitious fan project has finally come to fruition -- watch it right here.

Always Sometimes Monsters: A Different Take on Grinding

An upcoming Devolver Digital-published RPG explores the trials of modern life.

Oh, So That's Nintendo's Next Move

Nintendo's price cuts and new hardware announcements offer some surprises, but certainly nothing out of character.

Dragon Age Keep Helps Bioware With Save Transfers

Bioware realizes transferring save games is hard. Dragon Age Keep is their answer.

Telltale Finally Bringing Its Games to Android

With the upcoming release of The Walking Dead on Ouya, Android fans have a shining light.

100 New Games Greenlit on Steam

A huge batch of new independently developed titles have made it through Steam's Greenlight process.

That's Probably Enough Angry Birds Now, Thanks

There's a new Angry Birds game coming... and it's a kart racer. Yes, really.

Battling the "Curse of the Indie Multiplayer Game"

Size Five Games has come up with a unique solution to counter Gun Monkeys' flagging multiplayer population.

Elder Scrolls Online Dev Doesn't Want You to Pay Two Subscription Fees

Bethesda trying to free Elder Scrolls Online from the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus paywalls.

EA, It's Okay If Not Every Game Includes Free-To-Play

Mike is fine with free-to-play and online, but it doesn't need to be everywhere.

Square Enix Apologizes for Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Issues

Final Fantasy XIV is a good game, when you can actually play it. Launch day issues abound.

Level-5's new JRPG Coming to Everything... Except 3DS

Level-5's Wonderflick is coming to PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Vita, iOS, and Android.

Blizzard Isn't Opposed To World of Warcraft Going Free-to-Play

Blizzard lead designer Tom Chilton admits that free-to-play is a great unknown and Mike rants about the perceived goodness of sub fees.

Square Enix Finds Life Beyond The Launch Window

Sleeping Dogs finds a strong community and profitability a year later.

Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell for PS4 and Vita

Just announced over on the Euro PlayStation Blog is Assault Android Cactus. Here's the trailer!

Final Fantasy X HD: More than Just an Upscale

Change is afoot -- both visually and audibly.

Did David Cage Put Shuhei Yoshida to Sleep?

Jetlag, boredom or something else? Time for a spot of International Culture 101.

PlayStation 4 Upgrade Pricing Determined by Publishers

Sony is leaving the pricing of the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 upgrade program up to publishers. Bad idea?

Final Fantasy XIV is a Big Deal in Japan

High-tech ads for the upcoming MMO.

USG PSA: Infinity Blade Novella Continues Brandon Sanderson's Story

The Wheel of Time author is about to release his second Infinity Blade novella. You should read the first.

Can Elder Scrolls Online Live With a Subscription Fee?

Are there enough people willing to pay $15 a month for Elder Scrolls Online, or is a free-to-play shift a foregone conclusion?

George and Nico in Your Pocket

The upcoming new installment in the long-running Broken Sword series is coming to a Sony handheld for the first time.

Double the Velocity

FuturLab's impressive Vita puzzle shooter Velocity is getting a sequel with some interesting new gameplay additions.

Will Reaper of Souls Be Enough to Revitalize Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 was met with a somewhat mixed reception on its original release. Could a new expansion be what the game needs?

Killer Instinct and the Price of Free-to-Play Fighters

We already knew that the new Killer Instinct was free-to-play, but now you know how much it'll set you back. (Not much.)

Xbox One vs. PlayStation: Launch Line-Up Fight

We put the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch line-up's up against one another. How do they stack up?

Sony at Gamescom: The Round-Up

Sony delivered a strong press conference this Gamescom -- complete with a release date for the PS4.

EA at Gamescom: The Round-Up

EA showed off a bunch of new stuff at Gamescom today. Is there anything worth shouting about?

Microsoft at Gamescom: The Round-Up

Gamescom has kicked off in earnest over in Germany, beginning with a few announcements from Microsoft.

Heroes of Dragon Age Brings Series to Mobile

What? Did the headline make you leave already? It could be good!

Ubisoft announces Child of Light at GDC Europe

A JRPG based on fairy tales built in Ubi Art Framework by the Far Cry 3 director? Sign me up!

Console Exclusives Are Dead: The Xbox One's Games

Microsoft's list of games coming to Xbox One sets the tone for a generation.

Transhumanism, Cosplay and Cake-Baking

Christine Love's long-awaited follow-up to Analogue: A Hate Story is finally here.

Rewind to the FMV Age

Independent British developer Kitatus Studios aiming to "put the video back into video-gaming" with its upcoming Shadow Peak. Reaches Out to Indies

Indie developers love, and getting their games noticed just got a whole lot easier.

Watch the Public Get Starcraft II Casters Smashed

What's more humanizing than watching famous people make a fool of themselves?

Resident Evil 6 Won't Happen Again, Survival Horror is Saved?

Capcom promises that the "bloated" Resident Evil 6 is not the direction for the series going forward.

Final Fantasy XIV's Last Beta Starts Today

It's your last chance to get a head start on Final Fantasy XIV before live service starts later this month.

Marketing is About Control: On Arkane and Prey 2

Lies and deceit, or normal business operations? Looking at the situation surrounding Prey 2.

Hope and Caution in Los Santos: The Grand Theft Auto Online Trailer

Grand Theft Auto Online has been revealed. Is the new multiplayer mode a worthwhile move by Rockstar?

Sanitarium Devs Turn to Kickstarter

The devs behind one of the creepiest horror games of the late '90s are back with a new project.

Creeped Out in the New World

Betrayer, the new game from a bunch of ex-Monolith devs, looks super-spooky. You can try it out right now.

Lighten the Mood with a Nier Jazz Album

Looking for something new to listen to? How about this strange combination of influences?

Steam's Former Boss Takes Position at Microsoft

Jason Holtman will help Microsoft improve its horrible PC gaming efforts. Does anyone care?

Xbox Season Pass Guarantee Covers Your Xbox One Transition

Buy a Season Pass on one system, and you'll get that same Season Pass on the next generation.

New Game Music Bundle is a Goldmine of Indie Soundtracks

Do you like indie game soundtracks? Better get out that credit card, 'cause you're going to like this.

Sword of the Stars Touches Down on Terra Firma

Not content with conquering space and subterranean dungeons, the team at Kerberos is now tackling turn-based planetside combat.

Capcom Prizes "Uniqueness" Over Technology

If Capcom wants games that "stand out," then why have they let so many brands fall by the wayside?

Crystal Dynamics Hit By Layoffs, Tomb Raider Team Safe

What is Crystal Dynamics working on behind the scenes? Who's ready for a new Gex?

Black Ops II Tournament: Your Ticket Into eSports?

Reckon you're the next eSports star? Prove yourself at Play N Trade's Black Ops II tournament this weekend.

Children's Classic Redwall Comes to Minecraft

An ambitious new project seeks to immerse players in the world of Brian Jacques' best-selling fantasy universe.

Thomas Was Alone Creator Reveals New Game

It's called Volume, and it's a stealth game where you can create your own levels.

American Express Offers League of Legends Cards

Get real Amex cards with your favorite League of Legends characters on them. Well, someone's favorites.

PAX Prime: Get Equipped with Keiji Inafune

Mega Man's irascible father to hit Seattle for speaking; signing; sighing tiredly when asked about leaving Capcom.

Xbox One Will Now Function Without Kinect

Microsoft makes another reversal as it moves towards the Xbox One's future launch.

Molyneux Defends Microsoft's Original Xbox One Plans

The 22Cans boss says that Microsoft's plans were "long-reaching and long-thinking" on Xbox One always-online.

Iwata Says Price Isn't the Wii U's Problem

Nintendo's president says that the premium version is outselling the basic model, so price is obviously not the problem.

WWE 2K14 Lets You Play 30 Years of WrestleMania

The upcoming new wrestling game from 2K will feature an impressive single-player mode for long-serving fans.

Be Awed by These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers

Sadly, Baron Von Brunk did not include instructions on how to make these.

Yumina the Ethereal Gets Release Date, Demo

You can now try out the upcoming dungeon-crawler from the Aselia the Eternal team for yourself.

Japan-Centric Vita Sale Starts Tomorrow

Got a Vita? Love Japanese games? You should check out the PlayStation Store over the next two weeks.

Minecraft Xbox's Update 12 Brings Texture Pack Support

The twelfth Title Update for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has some significant additions.

Yatagarasu Smashes Funding Targets

The Indiegogo-funded fighting game from ex-SNK veterans has met not only its initial target, but an important stretch goal, too.

Saints Row IV Has Most Expensive Special Edition of All Time

You may want to think carefully before splurging on this one-of-a-kind Saints Row IV package.

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta and Early Access Announced

In a four-hour "Letter from the Producer Live" session today, Square Enix revealed a whole host of new info about the upcoming MMO.

Civilization Online is a Real Thing: Can It Work?

There's a new Civilization game on the way that abandons almost everything you thought you knew about the series.

Nintendo Experiments with Haggling in Free-to-Play

An intriguing Japanese 3DS eShop title reveals Nintendo experimenting with the free-to-play model.

Quantic Dream's PS4 Engine Made Beyond Look Better

Playing around with the next PlayStation helped Quantic Dream make it latest PS3 game look great.

Xbox One Game DVR Locked Behind Xbox Live Gold

No Xbox Live Gold, no sharing your gaming exploits with the world.

New Groupees Bundle Collects the Best of Doujin

Interested in Japanese indie games but don't know where to start exploring? A new bundle will help kick off your collection.

Nintendo Direct Roundup

Today's Nintendo Direct brought one or two pleasant surprises with it. Here's all the news from the event.

John Carmack Joins the Oculus Rift Team

The co-founder of id Software is now the chief technology officer of Oculus VR.

Salty Bet is About to Become Your New Obsession

Given the popularity of game streaming these days, it was only a matter of time before someone made a game out of watching games.

Bayonetta 2 Benefiting From Nintendo's Feedback

You might not be able to play Bayonetta 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Nintendo's help could lead to a better game.

Relive the LCD Handheld Age

Bored? Why not indulge in some classics from an age when you had to buy a whole new handheld to play a different game?

Deep Silver Builds Working Dubstep Gun

Apparently twiddling its thumbs ahead of the release of Saints Row IV, a team at Deep Silver has recreated the game's iconic weapon.

Gust Crafting Atelier Rorona Remake for PS3 and Vita

Gust has announced a new PS3 and Vita version of its RPG/management sim Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

Irrational Puts Bioshock Infinite Vigor Bottle Replica on Sale

It won't give you the power to light people on fire, but it'll look cool on your shelf.

Tekken x Street Fighter "Still In Development"

Namco Bandai's half of the Street Fighter/Tekken crossover is coming. We promise.

Ubisoft Knows Where Assassin's Creed Will End

The cash-cow isn't going away anytime soon, but Ubisoft has prepared for the end.

Rainbow Moon Sequel Coming Next Year

The follow-up to SideQuest Studios' gorgeous tactical RPG will be upon PS3 and Vita owners in 2014.

Patterns: The Next Minecraft?

The new game from Second Life creators Linden Lab looks to be a natural evolution from Minecraft's block-based building.

Everquest Next is All About Creation and Destruction

Sony Online shows off two different products with the Everquest Next name.

Sega Sammy in the Running to Buy Atlus' Parent Company

Sega Sammy is one of 20 companies that are interested in purchasing Index Corporation.

Witcher Developer Opens New Studio in Krakow

CD Projekt RED expands with a new studio aimed at helping them complete the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Take On Mars Early Access Blasts Off

You can play the new game from Arma developer Bohemia Interactive right now on Steam. Sailor Mars not included.

Multimedia Terror in the Lovecraft Bundle

A new pay-what-you-want bundle offers all the Lovecraft you could possibly want, across four different forms of media.

Sanctum 2 Updated with Sandbox Mode

Coffee Stain Studios has added a new fully customizable game mode to its fun tower defense shooter.

Nintendo Doesn't Make Art, It Tries to Resonate With Customers

President Satoru Iwata believes a creative vision shouldn't be shoved down players' throats.

Blizzard's Titan Heads in a "New Direction"

Blizzard Entertainment isn't sure what it's doing with Titan, but a subscription MMO isn't in the cards anymore.

Tomb Raider Sequel Confirmed as Square Enix Commits to AAA

Square Enix US/Europe CEO Phil Rogers promises "the best quality games possible, faster."

Oculus Rift Brings Arcade Classic Into the Future

Remember Paperboy? Reckon you'd be able to play it in VR? Check out this video to see what that might look like.

Play Nice, Xbox One is Watching

Details have emerged on the way Xbox One's implementation of Live will handle player reputations.

STALKER Misery Mod 2.0 Wants You To Die Screaming

Think Stalker: Call of Pripyat was hard? Misery Mod says you've seen nothing yet.

XCOM Declassfied YOLO Trailer Teaches Us How Not to Play

The newest XCOM has permadeath for your squad, so you shouldn't let them die.

Tetris, Lemmings and a Brand New Business Model

Upcoming indie puzzler MouseCraft not only looks like a neat game, it's being sold in an interesting way, too.

EA's Former CEO Says Free-To-Play is About Game Design, Not Business Models

John Riccitiello gets a few things off his chest about the gaming industry.

Street Fighter Producer Doesn't Want Series to End With IV

Yoshinori Ono talks about big budgets and free-to-play fighting games.

Admiring Breasts from Another Angle

Following several recent breast-related controversies, indie devs are pulling together for a "Boob Jam."

Aisha Tyler Appears in Watch Dogs, Gets Run Over

Ubisoft put out a video showcasing Aisha Tyler's appearance in the upcoming Watch Dogs, to a questionable degree of success.

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