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Apple Overcorrects as It Sweeps Confederate Flag Apps from the App Store

Apple goes too far as it attempts to handle the Confederate Flag controversy with a hammer instead of scalpel.

Metroid Prime Federation Force: It's Okay to Say You're Disappointed

Nintendo is allowed to do what it wants with its brands. Fans are free to provide feedback about those decisions.

Blog: Open-World Games and the Death of Immersion

A long-time fanatic for free-roaming adventures laments the uniformity that's come to define the genre.

Blog: Why I'm Increasingly Drawn to Open-ended Games

How I learned to stop worrying and love the time sink.

USgamer Community Question: Who is Today's Best Game Developer?

This weekend, we pose a tough one: Who do you think makes the best video games in this day and age?

Broken Promises: Peter Molyneux, Godus, and the Pitfalls of Crowd-Funding

Giving your money to a developer early isn't always the best idea.

Op-Ed: Can Console Gaming Save Itself?

There's plenty of talk these days about another video games crash. But what does that mean, exactly? And would it be a bad thing?

Murdered: Soul Suspect, and How Fun Doesn't Need a Fire Button

Murdered: Soul Suspect shows how you can make an intriguing, enjoyable game without arming your protagonist to the teeth.

The Importance of Wheaton's Law

After a somewhat tumultuous weekend in the games industry, can't we do better in the ways we interact with one another?

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