PlayStation 4 Pro

PS4 Firmware 5.55 Update Has Large File Size, Sparse Update Notes

Is the PlayStation 4's latest firmware update pregnant with a secret?

God of War is the Latest Game to Make the PS4 Pro Sound Like a Jet Engine: Here Are Some Possible Solutions

Got a loud PS4 Pro? You might be able to do something about it.

What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

Sony continued to win behind the scenes while Nintendo grabbed headlines, but what will the company do in 2018?

Dragon's Crown Pro Officially Announced for the West in Spring 2018

Vanillaware's 2D hack and slash lives again.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim Have Been Updated for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro

Bethesda is updating its library of games to support the newest video game hardware.

"Xbox One X Enhanced" Doesn't Always Mean What You Think It Does

Playing enhanced games isn't as simple as popping a disc into the console and enjoying the game in 4K.

Gran Turismo Sport Review: More Similar to the Prologue Series Than We'd Like [Now With a Score]

GT Sport looks incredible, but does it have the content to back it up?

PS4 Firmware Updated to 5.0 Today

The latest and greatest is available to PlayStation 4 owners today.

PS4 Pro Glacier White Edition Coming in Destiny 2 Bundle

A special white PS4 Pro is coming just in time for Destiny 2.

The Best PS4 Pro Games

If you were thinking about picking up a PS4 Pro, then check out this guide containing every game that gets an upgrade from the console.

The Nintendo Switch Is Going to Teach the Xbox One X a Hard Lesson

OPINION | If you build it, they won't come unless they have a damn good reason to.

PlayStation 4 Celebrates Sales Milestone With PS4 Gold, Isn't Afraid of Xbox's Project Scorpio

Nearly 60 million PlayStation 4s sit in homes around the world.

Prey Doesn't Appear to Support PS4 Pro Despite Claims to the Contrary

Players and experts alike are struggling to find evidence of PS4 Pro support for Prey.

Starting Screen | Starting Screen: Owning a Console is More Complicated (And Expensive) Than Ever

The PS4 Pro and Scorpio are obscuring some of the traditional benefits of owning a console. Plus: Trails of Cold Steel, X-Men, and all your favorites from the crew of USgamer.

MLB The Show 17 Mostly Looks Great on PS4 Pro

But you might want to decide whether you care more about framerate or visual fidelity.

Final Fantasy XV Patch Almost Brings 60 FPS to PS4 Pro Owners

Square Enix has released the promised PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV, but the results aren't great.

Nintendo's Switch and Microsoft's Scorpio Quietly Herald a New Console Generation in 2017

2017 IN PREVIEW: New consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo highlight changing expectations for gamers.

PlayStation 4 Holds Lead This Generation With 50 Million Sold

Sony is mum on how many PlayStation 4 Pro have been sold.

PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The PS4's Image (Quality) Gets a Tune-Up

The PlayStation 4 Pro isn't for everybody, but there's a niche of consumer who will absolutely love it.

PS4 Pro: All of the Enhanced Games At Launch

Sony releases a list of every PS4 Pro-enabled title.

PS4 Hits 47.4 Million Units Shipped Ahead of PS4 Pro Launch

Sony says sales of the PlayStation VR are "on track" as well.

The Witcher 3 Will Not Have PS4 Pro Update

There will be no additional PlayStation 4 Pro patch for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Sony: "We Will Not Charge Consumers For Patches" on PS4 Pro

Sony Interactive Entertainment executive admits that some PS4 Pro patches could cost players or publishers.

PS4 Pro Is All About The Long Game For Sony

PlayStation 4 Pro will be here very soon, but what's really important is what the system is setting up.

The PlayStation 4 Pro Versus PlayStation VR: Why PSVR Shouldn't Fear Being Cannibalized by Sony's New Console

There isn't as much overlap as you might think between those who will buy a PSVR and those who want to upgrade to PS4 Pro.

Is PlayStation 4 Pro's Imminent Release a Good Thing?

Being a Sony fan is about to get incredibly expensive, but for what benefit?

From Us to You! Analyzes the PlayStation 4 Pro and Super Mario Run Announcements

PODCAST: Kat, Bob, and Nadia go in-depth on today's big announcements.

Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 Pro Has a High Framerate Option

Lara's latest adventure is one of the few PlayStation 4 Pro games with the ability to improve the framerate.

PlayStation Meeting Livestream Today: PS4 Neo, Slim, and More at 3pm ET

Watch the PlayStation Meeting, live from New York at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT.

Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 Neo is Real, But It Won't Be at E3

The upgraded PlayStation 4 is finally confirmed, but Sony won't be showing it at the upcoming trade show.