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Gaming Deserves Another Handheld Like the Vita

It's just a shame we probably won't get it.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: Vanillaware's Perfectly Imperfect Game

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a wonderfully warm game despite its flaws (and occasionally because of them).

USgamer Power Poll: Here are the Games You've All Been Enjoying Most in June

One big game continues to get traction with the USG community, but there are a few surprises as well. Plus: The staff also shares what they're playing.

Grand Kingdom PlayStation Vita Review: Just Short of Greatness

A clever and very attractive tactics RPG that is nevertheless missing that certain something.

That Time at E3 That NIS America Tried to Get Me Drunk

Not that they needed to; their lineup of niche software stands on its own.

Dragon Quest Builders Truly is the Dragon Quest of Minecraft Clones

Not just in appearance, but in terms of its fundamental design philosophy.

Summon Night 6 Breaks Borders With Western Launch in 2017

Gaijinworks brings a localized version of the strategy RPG to PlayStation 4 and Vita.

NIS Discusses Criminal Girls 2 Content Changes for Western Release

NIS America decides to be open and honest about why it's making changes to Criminal Girls 2.

Retronauts Micro Returns to Phantomile With a Look At Klonoa

We'll probably never see another entry in Namco's dreamlike platform action series, and that's a darned shame.

The Final Fantasist: A Conversation With Yoshitaka Amano

COVER STORY: The artist who has given life to so many Final Fantasy games speaks about his inspirations, the difference between fine and commercial art, and his current projects.

I Am Setsuna: Turning Back Time to Chrono Trigger

Square Enix' latest RPG is aimed right at JRPG fans' nostalgia.

Blog: The Spirit of Working Designs Lives on Through Summon Night 5

Gaijinworks is seriously partying like it's 1999.

Project Setsuna Heads West, But Not on Vita

Square Enix announces I Am Setsuna for PlayStation 4 and Steam. Cue cries of anguish.

Sony Kills the PlayStation TV and the PSP's Native Storefront

Sony's portable efforts are slowly coming to a halt.

Need a Mega Man Chaser? Try Ninja Senki DX

Once you've blown through the Legacy Collection, this addictive and remarkably well-crafted ninja platformer makes for a great follow-up.

A Busy 2016 for NIS America: Grand Kingdom, a Psycho-Pass Visual Novel, and More

NIS America outlines a year in which they will try to expand their audience via both the PC and PlayStation 4.

A Pair of Old-School Portable JRPGs Are Making Their Way to PSN and Wii U

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is returning for the first time since 2003. Meanwhile, Breath of Fire 3 PSP is making its way to North America for the first time.

Even for an RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is the Slowest of Burns

Is Trails of Cold Steel worth checking out? Kat checks in after the first 10 hours of the latest Legend of Heroes game.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles Is Not Dead, Now Coming to Vita

Russia and India are now releasing in 2016 and a new Vita bundle has been announced.

Broken Age and Super Meat Boy Headline October's PS Plus Freebies

King-size indies take the starring role in this month's eclectic offerings.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida: "The Climate is Not Healthy Right Now [for a New Sony Handheld]"

More evidence that a successor to the Vita probably isn't around the corner.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: A Good Game Aims for Greatness

Vanillaware's gorgeous action RPG returns with more than just pretty looks.

Shovel Knight's Plague of Shadows DLC is Great (and Free)

Playing as Plague Knight brings a new and hilarious perspective to Yacht Club's already excellent adventure.

The Gundam Versus Series Returns to Handhelds

Bandai Namco has made their bet with the import favorite, and that bet is once again with handhelds as Gundam Extreme Vs. Force is announced for the Vita.

PlayStation Vita Finds a Lifeline in Japan

The Vita is dead in the United States, but Japan keeps showing love to Sony's portable.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 5: Persona 4

Atlus' absurdly late PlayStation 2 RPG sparked a phenomenon that still persists to this day.

Volume: No Nonsense Tactical Espionage Action

Mike Bithell leaves Thomas Was Alone behind to try something completely different.

Looking for a Hidden Gem on the Vita? Consider Color Guardians

Fair Play Labs' auto-runner appears to be a perfect time waster on a roadtrip. And it's hard, too.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Xbox One Review: When Paint-by-Numbers Isn't so Bad

It might not be all that ambitious, but this RE spin-off sequel definitely hits the spot.

2014 Recap: The Year's Best Games Have Been RPGs

It's been an even stronger year for RPGs than usual. Here are some of the best.

2014 Recap: What Does the Future Hold for the PlayStation Vita?

A frustrated Vita owner wonders what's next for Sony's troubled handheld.

10 Questions with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair's Killer Localization Team

Spike Chunsoft's intriguing mix of Battle Royale and Ace Attorney debuted in America with one of the best English language adaptations in years. We talked to NIS America's crack team of localizers to find out how they pulled off this nearly impossible task.

The Long Wait for an American Release of Vib-Ribbon is Over

Masaya Matsuura's pioneering rhythm game is finally coming to the U.S., and fans couldn't be happier.

Murasaki Baby PlayStation Vita Review: Baby's Day Out

This odd puzzle platformer is as endearing as it is strange, but perhaps not as fleshed out as it could be.

Text Adventures: The Story of Visual Novels in America

In the past decade, visual novels have blossomed in the west. How did it happen? And what's next? We spoke with the talent at XSEED, Aksys Games, and more.

Sony's Pre-TGS Recap: Japan Stands Behind the PS4 and Vita

Sony outlines its Japanese priorities for 2014 and 2015, with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sharing the spotlight.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Vita Review: It's No Kirito

Hollow Fragment is a big, competently-produced anime tie-in that doesn't excel in any aspect other than size.

Hohokum PS4, PS3, and Vita Review: Floating Free

Join the Long Mover on its journey through worlds of color and music. A zen experience that's not for everyone.

Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited PS Vita Review: Living Up to the Promise

Valvatorez and crew return in portable form and NIS crams another PS3 game into the Vita's tiny frame.

What are the Best Indie Games on PS3 and PS4?

Sony loves indies and those indies have created some great games for the PlayStation family.

The Fear of Losing Handheld Horror Games

With the genre on the decline, why are horror games on our portable systems more important than ever? Gaming’s masters of fear give their take on the issue.

XBlaze Code: Embryo PS Vita Review: A Compelling Argument for Illiteracy

Arc System Works combines shopworn anime tropes and thoroughly hateful design in one repellant package.

1001 Spikes 3DS Review: A Murder Sim in Reverse

People complain that video games require too much violence on the player's behalf, but in this trap-happy test of platforming skill it's the game doing the killing.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection Vita Review: Pocket Goddesses

The gang of console personifications aims to dominate Gamindustri in a whole new way.

The E3 Booth Report: Sony

Team USG spends some time at Sony's E3 booth and discovers a shocking truth: it's full of games!

E3 2014: Sony Might as Well Just Give Vita a Viking Funeral

Despite cheerful lipservice, Sony is one step away from sticking Vita in a boat and setting fire to it at this point. But it doesn't have to be like that.

JPgamer: Producing Perfection

The latest in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series sees the goddesses trading their swords for microphones. Does it really produce perfection?

Double Dip: What Halo and Last of Us Can Learn from Persona 4 Golden

More remastered versions are on their way as the generation gets properly underway. Here's what they can learn from the best of the bunch.

Vita Slim Review: The Curse of the Handheld Revisions

Despite bringing some marked improvements to the table, Sony's revamped Vita model still falls to the pitfalls that ensnare most portable hardware updates.

What are the Best PSP Games to Play on Vita?

We've picked out 10 of them. Load up your shiny new Vita slim with these last-gen greats!

How is Assault Android Cactus Shaping Up?

Witch Beam's promising twin-stick shooter missed its originally anticipated release date, but it's coming together nicely. We take a look at the latest build and attempt to get to grips with Aubergine.

PS4 and Xbox One Versions of Minecraft Will Still Have Limited World Sizes

Bigger than their 360 and PS3 counterparts, but not as big as the PC version offers.

Former Crackdown 2 Developer Working on Isometric Puzzle Adventure

Remember the good old days of games like Head Over Heels, Knight Lore and their ilk? Lumo is a modern-day take on those classic titles.

PlayStation 4 Update 1.70 is Out Today

The Vita and PlayStation App are getting updates alongside it, too, for one big happy PlayStation family.

Minecraft PS3 Worlds Will Definitely Transfer to PS4, Possibly Vita Too

Sony and Mojang are also looking into possible cross-buy options for the new versions of the game.

Demon Gaze Vita Review: The Vita's Answer to Etrian Odyssey?

Kadokawa Games' dungeon crawler is a wonderfully accessible introduction to the genre -- and proof a game doesn't need to be overly flashy to provide an enjoyable, addictive experience.

Tales of Hearts R Announced for Western Vita Release

As part of its #jrpgvita Twitter campaign, Sony has confirmed that the grand emotion-recovering adventure will be coming West.

There was Nearly a Vita Version of Titanfall

As always, Geoff Keighley's Final Hours series brings some interesting and enlightening tidbits of information to light.

Three New Vita Localizations Confirmed for North America

Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are all coming west.

JPgamer: Demon Gaze is an Unabashedly Old-School Dungeon Crawler

In this week's JPgamer, Pete delves into the strange, wonderful and suspiciously grid-based world of Kadokawa Games' Demon Gaze, coming soon to the West courtesy of NIS America.

Fez PlayStation Vita Review: Born to Run

This bizarre world of black holes, divine owls, and spinning tesseracts feels like it was always meant to be portable.

JPgamer: Vote With Your Wallet

Sega has announced that the follow-up to Project Diva F for PlayStation 3 and Vita is coming to the West later in the year, proving beyond any doubt that if you show your support for something, you'll get more of the things you like.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Vita Review: Dancing Mad

Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends make the jump from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Vita, and find their spiritual home in the process.

JPgamer: How Gust Made Me a Fan of Crafting

In this week's JPgamer, Pete looks at the work of Japanese developer Gust, and explores the company's curious emphasis on crafting.

Mockup Screenshot Shows Likely PlayStation Now Prices

An image on Gaikai's website gives us an idea of what we might be paying for "rentals" on the PlayStation Now streaming service.

Atlus' Four New Persona Games Confirmed for North America

Every day's great at your Junes: Atlus confirms Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona 4: Dancing All night and Persona 5 are all heading westwards. We reach out to the truth.

How roll7 Made a Game That was Nearly Impossible to Beat

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson talks to OlliOlli's developers on its console debut, and what's next for the London studio.

NIS America Announces Danganronpa 2 and More

Now Danganronpa's out and getting some great reviews, wouldn't it be a great time for NISA to announce the se-- oh, well, what do you know?

TxK PS Vita Review: Masterclass Blast from the Past

Jeff Minter has been remaking Tempest for decades - but this time around he's really knocked it out of the park.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Vita Review: Don't Despair

Pete and Cassandra delve into Spike Chunsoft's latest adventure for Vita -- a compelling, bleak and fascinating adventure through the darkness in human hearts, and whether everyone really does have a "price."

1001 Spikes' Multiplayer: Mario Bros. Done Right

Proof that a few tweaks can totally transform a once mediocre game.

Savor the Wii U and Vita – They're Our New Dreamcasts

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson argues that despite commercial success evading them, these ailing consoles are future classics.

Surge Deluxe Vita Review: Electrifying

Remember when puzzle games weren't 30-second disposable affairs? Velocity dev FuturLab does.

Is Conception II Really Like Persona? (No, Not Really)

Here's why the similarities between Atlus' flagship series and the newly-localized Conception are ultimately superficial.

Danganronpa's World of Despair and Disagreement

The upcoming visual novel-cum-adventure game from the developer behind 999 and Virtue's Last Reward is shaping up to be something rather special. Pete investigates, trying not to end up dead himself in the process. Puhuhuhuhu.

You Can Still Pledge to Project Phoenix

The "JRPG all-stars" project is still accepting donations, now via PayPal. New rewards, too.

JPgamer: Games You Thought Would Never Make it West #1

Although an official announcement is yet to appear, it looks very much like Compile Heart's Monster Monpiece is coming to the West. But what on Earth is this crazy game that some thought we'd never see in English?

JPgamer: Another Number Nine

This week on JPgamer, Pete gives some first impressions on 999's follow-up, the 3DS- and Vita-based visual novel-cum-adventure game Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

JPgamer: 2014 is the Year of the Chibi Spinoff

Next year, two very different series are getting two very different games... with one very similar art style between them. Behold, chibi Persona and chibi Neptunia. Warning: extreme cuteness ahead.

Why Vita TV Launched in Japan First

...and why it's still coming to the West despite a lukewarm reception.

What Happened to Gaikai?

Sony hasn't forgotten about Gaikai, the streaming service it's been planning to implement in PS4 and beyond.

JPgamer: I've Poured Too Many Tears

In this week's roundup of all things Japanese gaming, we take a look at Narcissu, a free indie visual novel hoping to get on Steam, plus Idea Factory International's site launches, there's an Atelier anime on the way, and Sega has a pleasing announcement for Hatsune Miku fans.

Broken Sword 5 Coming in Two Parts, Starting This December

The Kickstarter-funded fifth installment in the adventures of George Stobbart will launch soon.

Road to the Next Generation

Vita gets an update ahead of the PS4 launch, and Sony brags about PS4's tech specs

PlayStation Plus, Games with Gold and Uplay Passport: The Give and Take of Digital Distribution

While Microsoft and Sony are using digital distribution to make their platforms more attractive to consumers, publishers like Ubisoft are finding the public less and less willing to accept its use to restrict their rights.

FuturLab Will Pay You $7.50 If You Don't Like Their Game

James Marsden from Velocity developer FuturLab is keen to "change perceptions about indie games being inferior."

Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Patch Now Available

Now PS3 and Vita owners can play together as the gods of hack-and-slash always intended.

High-Voltage Puzzler Surge Coming to Vita

The PlayStation Mobile puzzler from Velocity dev FuturLab is getting a native Vita version.

Cosmic Star Heroine Needs Your Help

Zeboyd Games' latest turn-based RPG takes a big step closer to becoming reality.

EGX: Volume's Stealth and Stealing

Mike Bithell on his first post-Thomas Was Alone project, and how he briefly felt like Hideo Kojima.

EGX: How Sony's Changing Publishing

Sony's Shahid Ahmad on the company's attitude towards indies.

EGX: Turning Up the Velocity

FuturLab on the upcoming PS4 and Vita sequel to their excellent puzzle-shooter Velocity, how it's a spiritual successor to Delphine's classic Flashback, and how the team have never played Metroid. (Shh, don't tell anyone.)

EGX: East Meets West in Assault Android Cactus' Bullet Hell

We check out Australian indie developer Witch Beam Games' upcoming manic shooter Assault Android Cactus, and how it's drawn inspiration from Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga and the distinctive Dreamcast-era "Sega look."

TGS: An Audience with Shuhei Yoshida

The jolly face of Sony talks indie games, mobile's impact on handheld gaming and more.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side Review

A brand new PSP game? In 2013? Yes, not only is Sweet Fuse a thing that exists, seemingly against all odds, but it's rather good, too. Pete spends some time with Keiji Inafune's niece and her army of suitors as the dastardly Count Hogstein attempts to make trouble for the man behind Mega Man.

TGS: Is the New Vita an Improvement?

We go hands-on with the new PS Vita, which is greatly improved in almost every respect.

Why Vita TV is a Great Idea

Sony's completely unexpected jump into the microconsole market is a really, really smart move, for several reasons -- not least of which is the fact it'll potentially get more people playing games from the sprawling and underappreciated PSP and Vita libraries than ever before.

Xseed and Carpe Fulgur Team Up for Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

The future of the Trails in the Sky series in the West was in some doubt for a while, but JRPG fans can rest easy -- Estelle and Joshua's story will continue in English next year.

Killzone: Mercenary (Single-Player) Review

This latest chapter in the Killzone Saga does exactly what's expected of it... and not much else.

Spelunky Review

Derek Yu's roguelike platformer reveals two essential truths: Death is constant, and Vita makes a fantastic format for this kind of game.

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