Assetto Corsa PS4 Review: Eccellente

The much-admired PC driving simulation finally arrives on console, and it's a winner.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Preview: On the Money

We go hands on with three new Titanfall 2 multiplayer modes - and have an absolute blast!

Titanfall 2's Single-Player Campaign Isn't Just Running and Gunning

Respawn's upcoming sequel to Titanfall packs quite a few surprises.

Overcooked PS4 Review: A Tasty Multiplayer Dish

Ghost Town Games' arcade cooking game dishes up some very enjoyable - and often riotous - multiplayer action.

Lifeless Planet PS4 Review: Quirky Sci-Fi Action Adventure

Is it a walking simulator or is it a platformer? Lifeless Planet is actually both.

Overcooked Preview: A Multiplayer Recipe for Success

Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Or is it a case of the more, the merrier? Both are true in Overcooked.

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough

If you're working through Watch_Dogs' Campaign mode and need help, this full and comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to help Aiden succeed.

Final Fantasy XIV: Defenders of Eorzea - Conflict in the Realm

Final Fantasy XIV's third major content patch is coming early next month. Pete takes a peek at what Eorzea's adventurers can expect.

The E3 Booth Report: Sony

Team USG spends some time at Sony's E3 booth and discovers a shocking truth: it's full of games!

E3 2014: Ask and You Shall Receive... Eventually: Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming West

Long after many RPG fans gave it up for dead, it seems that Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally coming West -- in considerably enhanced form.

Savoring the Realm: Sightseeing in Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch introduces the Sightseeing Log, an interesting means of celebrating the game's worldbuilding.

How is Assault Android Cactus Shaping Up?

Witch Beam's promising twin-stick shooter missed its originally anticipated release date, but it's coming together nicely. We take a look at the latest build and attempt to get to grips with Aubergine.

Watch Dogs Follows the Proud Ubisoft Tradition of Too Many Special Editions

"You'd like a copy of Watch Dogs? Of course. Will that be Standard, Special, Vigilante, Limited, Dedsec or...?"

Battlefield 4 Launches "Community Test Environment"

The latest in a long line of attempts to battle the bugs and issues that still plague DICE's shooter.

PS4 and Xbox One Versions of Minecraft Will Still Have Limited World Sizes

Bigger than their 360 and PS3 counterparts, but not as big as the PC version offers.

Sony Makes a U-Turn on DriveClub's PlayStation Plus Version

After widespread criticism, Sony has removed the most controversial aspect of DriveClub's special PlayStation Plus edition.

Shaq Fu Sequel Somehow Raises Over $450K in Crowdfunding

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn has managed to secure nearly half a million dollars in funding via Indiegogo.

New Call of Duty Details Slip Out a Little Earlier Than Anticipated

Originally set for a reveal this Sunday, details of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have "leaked" a little earlier than expected.

H1Z1: Sony Online Joins the Zombie Survival Zeitgeist

There's another open-world zombie apocalypse survival game on the horizon. Why?

Sony Locks Up All the Indies: Axiom Verge, Chasm, and More Coming to PS4

Sony's indie link gets stronger with a host of new games coming to PS4, PS3, and Vita.

PlayStation 4 Update 1.70 is Out Today

The Vita and PlayStation App are getting updates alongside it, too, for one big happy PlayStation family.

Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Will Adapt to Your Behavior

Worried about being constantly invaded by hacker jerks? The game is always watching.

Minecraft PS3 Worlds Will Definitely Transfer to PS4, Possibly Vita Too

Sony and Mojang are also looking into possible cross-buy options for the new versions of the game.

Ground Zeroes' Raiden and Deja Vu Missions Coming to Other Platforms in May

The formerly platform-exclusive content is trading places next month.

Here's What You Can Make with the PS4's Upcoming ShareFactory App

Been wondering how flexible the upcoming PS4 video editor is? Take a look at Sony's cheeseballs demo video.

Next PS4 Update Brings Video Editor, HDCP Off Switch and Preloading

Sony's announced what we can expect from the next system update for the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Crosses 7 Million Units Sold, Stays Ahead of the Pack

Sony's console keeps its lead over the Xbox One and shoots pass the Wii U with its latest sales numbers.

The Division Dev Praises Ubisoft for Watch Dogs Delay's "Important Message"

"It's tremendously important for us to know that the owner and the publisher are ready to take a massive hit."

Trials Fusion: 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One, 600p on Xbox 360

Ubisoft's new Trials game is the latest title with a marked resolution disparity between its various platforms.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Tips, Dungeon Walkthroughs and Trial Guides

Prepare yourself for battle in Eorzea with our comprehensive collection of guides to Square Enix's sprawling MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV's PS3-to-PS4 Upgrade Program Launches

Bought FFXIV on PS3 and want to upgrade? Go right ahead! Here's how.

MLB 14: The Show Plays it Safe Amid the Uncertain Transition to PS4

Sony is laying the foundation for the future, but a double dip may end up being tough to swallow.

Watch Dogs' Season Pass Features a New Playable Character

And a mini-campaign, a la Assassin's Creed IV's Freedom Cry content.

The Last of Us is Coming to PS4 [UPDATED]

The new generation has barely begun, and the remasters have started already.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Complete Walkthrough for the Endgame Dungeons

Did you think your adventure was over once you reached level 50? Think again; there's plenty more to do.

Final Fantasy XIV Trials Guide: Defeat Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, Leviathan and More

The Primals of Eorzea giving you some trouble? Turn the tables with our handy guide to Final Fantasy XIV's toughest encounters.

Bruce Lee is in the New UFC Game

Pre-order customers or those who beat the game will be able to fight as the legendary martial artist.

Stealth vs. Stealth

One is making Metal Gear Solid 5, another Volume. Both discuss the current state of stealth with Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole.

Sony Survey Hints at Possible Future PlayStation 4 Features

A survey sent out to some PlayStation 4 owners gives us an idea of the plans Sony has for the future of PSN.

Infamous: Second Son Adding PC-Style Customization Options

An upcoming patch for Sucker Punch's open-world extravaganza allows you to tweak the experience to your liking.

How the Batmobile Opens Up Arkham Knight's Next-Gen Gotham

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson checks out Rocksteady's conclusion to the Arkham saga.

PS2 & PS Games Could Come to PS4 Via Emulation [Update]

PlayStation Now is still an option, but PS2 and PS1 games could be played natively on PS4.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Complete Walkthrough of All Missions

Stuck on Sucker Punch's new superpowered adventure for the PlayStation 4? Team USG to the rescue with our comprehensive guide to all the missions in the game.

Infamous: Second Son PS4 Review: By All Your Powers Combined

The Infamous series rings in the next-generation with a new hero, more powers, and the city of Seattle.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 7: The Gauntlet - Scale the Space Needle

Your next challenge in Sucker Punch's superpowered adventure takes you to one of Seattle's most iconic landmarks.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 6: Catching Smoke - Earn the Sulfur Bomb, Cinder Missile and Comet Drop Powers

Buff up your superpowers with three new abilities to add to your arsenal.

PS4 Update Turns Off HDCP and Improves Twitch Streaming

Sony is improving PlayStation 4's video capturing capabilities for gamers.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 10: Light it Up - Earn the Stasis Bubble, Phosphor Beam and Radiant Sweep Powers

Expand your Neon powers with three new abilities as our superpowered adventure continues.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 9: Go Fetch - How to Defeat Fetch and Earn the Neon Power

Are you ready for a big fight and a new power? Prepare to take on Fetch and her Neon abilities.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 8: Chasing the Light - Find All the Photos

Your next mission requires you to take a whole bunch of photographs to progress. We help you find each and every one of them.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes PS4 Review: Bring on the Main Course

Despite a strong mission and fun open-ended design, Ground Zeroes doesn't offer quite enough to justify a standalone release. Kat Bailey spends some time with the new prologue to Metal Gear Solid V.

Ubisoft Claims Watch Dogs Will Be At Least 35-40 Hours Long

Closer to a hundred hours for those who want to track down everything, apparently.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.2 Coming March 27, Full Details Here

The adventure in Eorzea continues with a wealth of new content at the end of the month.

How Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Liberates Ubisoft's Open World

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips furnishes us with new impressions and new details on Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming blockbuster.

Mockup Screenshot Shows Likely PlayStation Now Prices

An image on Gaikai's website gives us an idea of what we might be paying for "rentals" on the PlayStation Now streaming service.

Tomb Raider Reboot Was a Success After All

That's something of a shift from what Square Enix said a month after its release.

Be the Dungeon in Asymmetrical Competitive Roguelike Crawl

Grab three friends and gather round; this is a dungeon crawl you won't forget in a hurry.

Arkham Knight Features Absurdly Detailed Batmobile and No Multiplayer

"Nothing stops the Batmobile. It's pretty much an unstoppable force."

Batman's Next Adventure is the Rocksteady-Developed Arkham Knight

It's the Dark Knight's first next-gen-exclusive romp.

Trials Fusion: Possibly the Last Trials Game You'll Ever Need

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips looks at RedLynx's latest, and how Minecraft helped the team build it.

Ground Zeroes Gets a Price Drop, Companion App and Content for Phantom Pain

The upcoming Metal Gear prologue has some added extras.

Thief PlayStation 4 Review: Not Quite a Master Criminal

Small flaws and annoying design decisions steal Garrett's thunder and prevent this long-awaited stealth revival from living up to its legacy.

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon Guide: Level Your Way to 50 With Friends

Final Fantasy XIV's dungeons provide you with some of the stiffest challenges in the game. Here's how to complete all the dungeons that will get you to level 50.

PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Reveal Pegged For GDC

Sony could show off its version of the Oculus Rift for the PlayStation 4 at GDC 2014 in March.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: What's the Fastest Way to Level Up?

Want to see as much of Eorzea as you can in Final Fantasy XIV's PS4 beta? Then you'll need to get levelling.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: What's the Best Class to Play?

Jumping into Final Fantasy XIV's PS4 beta this weekend? Or giving the PC version a go for the first time? Either way, Team USG helps you decide which role to play.

Why PS4 is the Final Piece of the Final Fantasy XIV Puzzle

An impressive port to Sony's PlayStation 4 has the potential to put Final Fantasy XIV in a unique position among MMORPGs.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 5: Welcome to Seattle - Defeat the Big DUP Agent

Sucker Punch's superpowered adventure continues with a warm welcome to Seattle from the DUP forces.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 4: Parting of the Ways - Collect the Blast Shards and Save Reggie

Delsin's adventure proper gets underway as he arrives in Seattle with Reggie. Learn how to master the Smoke Shot power.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 3: Aftermath - Explore the Longhouse and Head for Seattle

This brief mission is the last of Second Son's prologue levels and prepares you to jump into the game proper. Are you ready?

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 2: The Visitors - Smoke Dash and the Sacrifice or Ruthless Trophies

The second mission of Sucker Punch's superpowered adventure presents the first opportunity for you to be a good or bad boy.

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 1: Delsin Rowe - How to Escape the Rooftop

Ready to begin your superpowered adventure? We kick off our Infamous: Second Son walkthrough with a look at the first mission.

How The Order Reinvents QTEs and the Cinematic Game

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson explores how the PS4 exclusive combines the methods of Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog.

PlayStation-By-Numbers Deux: PS4 Sells Over 5.3 Million

The Japanese launch of the PlayStation 4 is coming and should help Sony keep its slight lead over Microsoft.

PS4 Outsells Xbox By Nearly Two-to-One

Sony's feeling pleased with itself as the new generation of consoles continues onwards.

Seeing Ground Zeroes' "Ending" is Just 9% of the Game

More detailed impressions of Kojima's upcoming Metal Gear Solid V preview are emerging from a Japanese press event.

Ground Zeroes' Main Story is Two Hours Long [UPDATED]

Kojima responds to accusations that his upcoming prologue is a touch on the short side.

Rise of the Triad Team Working on Duke Nukem Action RPG

Interceptor Entertainment has teased a brand new Duke Nukem game, set to be revealed at the end of February.

Battlefield 4: Disaster Report

Eurogamer contributor Jon Denton charts the collateral damage of EA and DICE's catastrophic launch.

PS Plus Memberships Have Tripled Since PS4 Launch

Seems the new console has encouraged a lot more people to try out Sony's premium online service.

Elder Scrolls Online Will Require Xbox Live Gold

If you're looking to play Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One, you'll have to pay for a sub fee and Xbox Live Gold.

What's Next for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

A new patch, an official soundtrack and a PlayStation 4 version, that's what.

The PS4 Indie Games We're Looking Forward to the Most

Want to know which upcoming PlayStation 4 indie games are looking the most interesting? Steer your eyeballs to this list and find out.

Can You Play PS3 Games on PS4? Enter PlayStation Now

Sony's new game streaming service makes the PS4 backwards compatible for three generations of PlayStation games! Here's everything we know.

Tetris is Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Because what you're looking for on your next-gen console is Tetris.

You Can Still Pledge to Project Phoenix

The "JRPG all-stars" project is still accepting donations, now via PayPal. New rewards, too.

PlayStation-By-Numbers: PS4 Sells Over 4.2 Million

Sony has put the PlayStation 4's week-long headstart and wider launch to good use.

What Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Says About the Future of the Series

For better or worse, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition suggests that there will be more where that came from.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Surviving the Crystal Tower

The 24-player Labyrinth of the Ancients is one of the most popular new dungeons in FFXIV's 2.1 patch. Here's how to make it through safely.

2013 in Review: Final Fantasy XIV: The Game of the Year No-One's Talking About

What was your own personal game of the year? Pete makes the case for Square Enix's spectacular rebooted MMORPG, and the best Final Fantasy for years.

How Destiny "Slopes the Floor into Socialization"

Most of Bungie's upcoming MMO shooter will be playable solo, but endgame content looks like it will require working together.

2013 in Review: The State of Video Game History and Preservation

How has the year treated the games of eras gone by? Jeremy and Pete look at 2013’s news of the old.

About Strider Being a Metroidvania...

Strider doesn't need to conjure memories of Symphony of the Night to succeed on its own merits

, says Kat Bailey.

Sony's Liverpool Studio Reborn as Firesprite

The team's just finished working with Sony on The Playroom. What's next?

Spectacular FFXIV Trailer Shows What's Next for A Realm Reborn

Patch 2.1 is coming on December 17, so Square Enix felt now would be a good time to tease it extensively.

DICE Halts Development on Future Titles to Fix Battlefield 4

Looks like Star Wars Battlefront will be delayed a touch, then.

Battlefield 4 DLC Released Despite Main Game's Woes

Even as certain aspects of the multiplayer shooter are still broken, Battlefield 4's first DLC has rolled out to Premium subscribers.

News Round-Up: PS4 Breaks Records, Sells 2.1 Million Worldwide

Numbers, number everywhere! Persona 4 Golden & Dragon's Crown ship over 700,000 units each.

Next-Gen So Far: PS4 Beats Wii U Lifetime Sales in 48 Hours

Shots fired in generation 8 as the PlayStation 4 takes the top spot in the UK

How Final Fantasy XIV Cost Me a Good Night's Sleep

Where do you go after you save A Realm Reborn from the Empire's evil machinations? Pete checks out the end of Final Fantasy XIV's road to the level cap, and where Eorzea's heroes go from there.

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