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Axe of the Blood God Episode 7: The Wonderful World of Roguelikes

Jeremy, Kat, and special guest Steve Tramer jump into the prickliest of subgenres — roguelikes.

Retronauts Micro Goes from Myth to Laughter with a Look at Parodius

Return to the Golden Age of Konami for a bite-sized examination of their goofiest series.

Axe of the Blood God Episode 6: Pillars of Eternity and the Triumphant Return of the Infinity Engine RPG

Jason Wilson and Rowan Kaiser join Kat to break down Obsidian's return to one of the classic subgenres of the late '90s.

It's Axioms and Allies in the Latest USgamer Podcast

From US To You! Episode 11 looks at the glories of Axiom Verge and the legacies of third-party console exclusives.

Axe of the Blood God Episode 5: Bloodborne Cometh

Polygon's Phil Kollar joins Kat and Bob to break down this generation's biggest console exclusive to date.

Retronauts Micro Welcomes Fabio to USgamer

Or at least a passable effigy of Fabio, anyway, courtesy of this week's topic: Rare's Wizards & Warriors for NES.

The Sky is Falling in Episode 10 of From US to You!

Join us for 75 minutes of podcast delight: We bear witness as the games industry casts down the old gods.

Enjoy the Rare Pleasures of Retronauts as We Discuss... Rare

It's an all-USgamer episode as British expat Jaz joins Bob and Jeremy to discuss England's most popular export: Rare. It's VAT-free!

Axe of the Blood God Episode 3: Inaugurating Our RPG Canon with a Classic

Kat, Bob, and Jeremy return to Final Fantasy VI for our inaugural Canon of the Blood God segment. Plus, an interview with Robert Boyd and a mailbag!

The Indie Conundrum: From US to You! Episode 9

It's a tough world out there for aspiring game makers, as we discuss on the latest episode of our flagship podcast.

This Week's Retronauts Micro Takes a Brief-But-Befuddled Look at Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

How did Namco's yellow ball go from a maze-muncher to an interactive cartoon in just 14 short years? Your favorite classic gaming podcast investigates!

Axe of the Blood God Episode 2: Lord British Offers his Blessing

What it's like making an MMORPG using money from Kickstarter? Not easy. Plus: Richard Garriott's shares his philosophy on game design.

When Nerds Cry: From US to You! Episode 8

A rather solemn episode as the team prepares for GDC and PAX East.

This Week on Retronauts, We're All a Little Looney

Our latest episode looks at the many, many games inspired by Steven Spielberg's first foray into TV animation: Tiny Toon Adventures.

USgamer's New RPG Podcast: Axe of the Blood God

Our brand new RPG podcast brings Kat, Bob, and Jeremy together to ask the age-old question: What exactly is an RPG?

From US to You! Episode 7: Almost as Late as The Last Guardian

This monstrous episode comes a full week late, but it'll still bring a warm sense of cheer to your ears.

Retronauts Micro Explores Classic Games We Want to Like

Your classic gaming podcast crew mulls over those old games that really let them down.

Podcast: Late But Still Lovely, It's From US To You! Episode 6

Amidst the winter release doldrums, the crew takes refuge in the warmth of some newly re-released classics.

This Week's Retronauts Gets an "Aaaaay!" for Effort

Join your classic gaming podcast crew for a discussion of when good games go bad. (Really bad.)

Don Your HoloLens for a New Podcast Episode

Episode 5 of From US to You! tackles Microsoft's new announcement and the death of Club Nintendo.

Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Catch up on the latest USgamer shows! If Garfield had an iPod, his entire outlook on the week would have been totally different.

Hear Strange Tales of Buyer's Remorse on this Week's Retronauts

On this bite-sized episode of Retronauts Micro, the crew discusses misguided video game purchases that still haunt them to this day.

USgamer's Podcast has a Name, and Also a New Episode

We greet the new year by making unreasonable demands of the new year. But first, we vote on a proper name for the show.

Retronauts: A Brief Look at Zillion, Sega's Answer to Metroid

Your reminder that old-school Sega was so ambitious that what should have been a perfunctory licensed game challenged one of the most groundbreaking adventures of the era.

Slip on Majora's Mask with Retronauts Micro Episode 2

We celebrate the upcoming 3DS remake by discussing why this great little N64 Zelda is so misunderstood.

The Retronauts Holiday Special Spreads Humbug with a Takedown of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Due to popular demand, we're back with another movie-themed episode! Listen in and suffer along with a thorough dissection of Capcom's 2009 cinematic disaster.

It's Here: Come Listen to the First-Ever USgamer Podcast [Update: Now on iTunes]

The whole team comes together to talk about 2014's underdogs and remember Ralph Baer in our audio debut. Plus: A contest.

Tour the Biggest Failures in Gaming History with the Season Premiere of Retronauts

This week, our podcast looks back at four games with an infamous reputation for breaking dreams and burning money.

It's Official: The Retronauts Podcast is Coming to USgamer!

The most likely thing to happen has finally happened: Retronauts and USgamer are now BFFs.

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