For Honor Preview: A Whole New Sword Game

Jaz plays Ubisoft's upcoming sword fighting game, and talks to creative director Jason Vandenberghe about how it was developed.

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

Though Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS isn't a ground-up overhaul the way Dragon Quest VII 3DS is, there's still tons of new stuff to get excited about.

Will Final Fantasy XV's Big Twist Ruin The Game?

Early details about about FFXV's endgame have emerged, to much consternation.

Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Final Day: Stray Thoughts and Observations

There's still plenty to see and do in Duscae, but it's time to close the book on this massive RPG (until November 29).

Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Day Three: Authentic Road Trip

The greatest strength of this Japanese RPG just might be how perfectly it captures the experience of trekking through the American hinterlands.

Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Day Two: Force Your Way

An in-depth look at Final Fantasy XV's combat system, and how it's improved from the early demos.

Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Day One: Against All Odds

Jeremy goes hands-on with six hours of Square Enix's troubled RPG and finds all that time and trouble have happily paid off with an excellent new take on Final Fantasy.

Here's How We Feel After Two Hours With Pokémon Sun and Moon

Our resident Pokémon Master takes on the latest game in the series.

Amazon Wants to Break in with Breakaway

HANDS-ON: Amazon Game Studios' (and Double Helix Games') upcoming multiplayer game is looking to be the Next Big Thing.

Civilization VI Preview: What We Think After a Week With the Game

Mike and Kat recently took a deep dive into Civilization VI. Here's what they found.

Persona 5 Import Preview: Two Hours and I'm Already Hooked

Can it just be February already?

Fall Games Preview 2016: All the Best Games From This Holiday Season

We take a look at the biggest games coming out over the next few months.

Oasis Games' PSVR Lineup Demonstrates the Texture of VR, if Not Its Breadth

By working in only two genres, Oasis' first four PSVR titles demonstrate the range of possibilities within VR applications for familiar game types.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Dishonored 2 Offers Equal Opportunity Stealth Kills

Arkane Studios returns with the heir apparent to the Thief franchise.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Pokémon Sun and Moon Grant Us a Change in Scenery

Pokémon Sun and Moon will change things up a bit, but so far it looks like all's well under the grand Alolan sun.

Resident Evil 7's "Lantern" Demo Sheds More Light on Capcom's Upcoming Release

A slice of the core game shows how RE's brand of survival horror is making a jump to first-person.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Rez Infinite Appears to be the Best of the PlayStation VR Launch Lineup

Everything you need to know about the PlayStation VR's price, specs, and launch lineup.

Fall Games Preview 2016: The Last Guardian is Totally Real, and I Totally Played It

Fumito Ueda's first game in 11 years is nearly here. But is his massively delayed creation worth the wait?

Fall Games Preview 2016: Watch Dogs 2 Covers The Assassin's Creed Slot This Year

Ubisoft Montreal takes its open-world hack-a-thon to San Francisco.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Forza Horizon 3 is Bigger and Better than Ever

Jaz spends an hour with the latest Forza game, and barely scratches its surface.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Dragon Quest Builders Makes a Fine Cornerstone for the Series' American Reconstruction

What to do if you want to increase your RPG franchise's popularity in foreign lands? The trick, as the saying goes, could be to hook 'em while they're young.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Civilization VI Will Build on a Timeless Formula Without Straying Too Far From Its Core

Civilization VI will remind us once again why the series will never get old.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Final Fantasy XV is Actually Coming Out. Finally.

Everything you need to know about Square's upcoming (and oft-delayed) JRPG blockbuster.

Blackwood Crossing Weaves a Narrative Spell, with Some Puzzles to Spare

Fans of first-person adventure games should definitely look forward to developer PaperSeven's early 2017 debut.

How Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is Getting the Band Back Together

We speak with the men behind the upcoming remake... who were also the men behind the original version.

My Half-Hour on the Road With Final Fantasy XV

Here's what happens when the phrase "You guys wanna see a dead body?" meets a JRPG.

"Dragon Quest Builders is Minecraft Meets Dragon Quest!" OK, but What Does That Actually Mean?

Looking beyond the slimy blue skin of Square Enix's construction sandbox adventure.

Get a Taste of Ace Attorney's Newest Sequel with the Spirit of Justice Demo

Head over to the 3DS eShop for a brief, playable (and free) preview of Phoenix Wright's upcoming adventure.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Sticks Close to the Salty Source Material

Ubisoft San Francisco picks up where Obsidian Entertainment left off by delivering yet another interactive South Park episode.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Makes a Lousy First Impression, But It Gets Better

Seriously, it's not as bad as its reputation would suggest.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Preview: On the Money

We go hands on with three new Titanfall 2 multiplayer modes - and have an absolute blast!

Titanfall 2's Single-Player Campaign Isn't Just Running and Gunning

Respawn's upcoming sequel to Titanfall packs quite a few surprises.

Mobius Final Fantasy Pushes the Mobile JRPG Ahead in the US

Square Enix works your smartphone hard in its latest Final Fantasy title.

Civilization VI Makes Me Hungry For That 151st Turn

Mike sits down with Sid Meier's Civilization VI for 150 turns.

Observations From the NHL 17 Beta: The Good and Bad of This Year's Hockey Sim

Kat shares her thoughts on NHL 17's gameplay tweaks, new customization options, and more.

Summon Night 6 to Bring PlayStation Devotees the Closest Thing They're Gonna Get to Fire Emblem in Feb. 2017

But, you can order the impressively excessive limited edition now.

Overcooked Preview: A Multiplayer Recipe for Success

Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Or is it a case of the more, the merrier? Both are true in Overcooked.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wants You to Keep Your Options Open

With every mission comes a wealth of possibilities.

You Don't Have to Be a Fan of the Original to Appreciate the Wonder Boy III Remake

A deep love for the original Wonder Boy III pushes a small group of developers to go above and beyond.

More Than Just a Reference, ReCore's Metroid Prime Link Improves on A Classic

Microsoft's upcoming shooter comes by its connections to classic greats naturally, and it invests its inheritance smartly.

You Don't Have to be an ’80s Kid to Appreciate Yakuza 0 just need a healthy love of the ridiculous.

Tacoma Xbox One Preview: 200,000 Miles From Earth

After the down-to-Earth Gone Home, Fullbright is taking its next game into orbit.

I Can't Wait to Turn on my Allies in Tyranny

How deep will the faction allegiances go with Obsidian's new RPG? A new demo offers Kat a glimpse.

Agents of Mayhem is the G.I. Joe Game You've Been Waiting For

Deep Silver Volition expands the Saints Row universe with these super agents.

Flint Hook Grapples Toward Greatness

Yeah, it's another indie retro roguelike platformer, but the little details elevate this one.

Steep Isn't SSX, But It is the Game Winter Sports Needs

Ubisoft's next open-world game is all about exploring the world of winter sports.

Aragami Carries Tenchu's Torch Forward

From Software spends all its time on Souls games, so an indie steps up to bring that stealth action.

Resident Evil 7 E3 Demo: In Reality, It's Virtually P.T.

Capcom takes Resident Evil in a new direction that might seem familiar to some horror game fans.

Gran Turismo Sport: A New Chapter For the Series

Polyphony’s racer has been completely rebuilt from the ground up specifically for PlayStation 4.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is Great, But Single-Player Details are Slim

The next Ghost Recon is shaping up nicely, but single-player is still a big question mark.

Bloodstained Wins the Prize for E3's Best Thinly Veiled Version of an Abandoned Series

Koji Igarashi's new game isn't Castlevania, but... it's Castlevania.

The New God of War Showcases a More Sensitive, Caring Kratos

But he can still kick some serious ass.

It's No Wonder Persona 5 Took Six Years to Make

Persona 5's ambition has pushed Atlus to the limit.

Nintendo Hopes to Keep Paper Mario: Color Splash Interesting Despite Its Limits

The next Mario RPG sticks to the same restrictions as predecessor Sticker Star, but maybe that's not a bad thing.

Akiba's Beat Ditches Vampires and Looks to... The World Ends With You?

No more clothes stripping, just Japanese pop music... and pop culture hallucinations.

With The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda's Worldview Remains Unique After All This Time

The long-awaited adventure may be years late, but it's still like nothing else.

Dead Rising 4 is More Dead Rising, And That's Flippin' Great

Capcom Vancouver revisits the series' greatest hits in its new sequel.

Abzu Is a Beautiful Underwater Journey

Wander the bright, beautiful ocean in this unique title.

I'm No Longer Disappointed That Gravity Rush 2 Won't Be On PlayStation Vita

The Vita's showcase launch title will have a sequel on PlayStation 4 only, and that's awesome.

Forza Horizon 3 Takes the Series to New Heights… and Australia

The open-world racer is back, and looks more spectacular than ever

Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On: Hacking Your Way Towards the Fun

Mike takes a spin around San Francisco in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs sequel.

Halo Wars 2 Showcases Real-time Strategy's Biggest Advantage Over the MOBA Genre

No one should discount the power of a good single-player campaign in the strategy space.

Finally, Shantae's Back on Game Boy

Well, kind of. Anyway, the new game is looking sharp.

That Time at E3 That NIS America Tried to Get Me Drunk

Not that they needed to; their lineup of niche software stands on its own.

The Strange, Wonderful World of Slime Rancher

Perhaps the most unusual upcoming Xbox One game of all involves cannibalistic slimes.

Yooka-Laylee is Easy to Fall in Love With

Playtonic Games’ open-world 3D platform adventure is just plain fun.

WRC 6 Makes Rally Driving Accessible and Fun

Kylotonn Racing Games’ rally racer is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam this fall

Skylanders Imaginators Stays Competitive By Playing Fast and Loose with the Toys-to-life Genre

Toys For Bob attempts to reclaim an increasingly crowded format by changing the rules.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Battle Royal Has My Attention

But not for the reason you might expect.

Xbox One Inside is a Superlative Platform Puzzler

Jaz has been playing the spiritual successor to Limbo, and absolutely loves it.

EA Goes Big with FIFA 17's Story Mode

The mega-publisher hopes to restore their soccer series' tarnished reputation with some pretty big changes to this year's installment.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Augments Its Icarus

Mankind Divided looks to avoid the issues that made Deus Ex: Invisible War such a disappointing sequel.

Volition's All-New Agents of Mayhem is Saints Row-ish

Same universe, different story. Volition charts a familiar path with its new IP.

Ride the Deadly Rails with The Final Station

tinyBuild Games' latest brings a harrowing mix of survival horror and plate spinning to the PC.

Minecraft Battle PvP Preview: Wield a Mighty Porkchop Against Your Foes

Stalk, fight, and survive in the Minecraft Battle PvP mini game. Your weapon is whatever you can grab.

Civilization VI Preview: Rebuilding an Empire

Firaxis Games looks to the past to chart a new future for Civilization.

Maize: A First-Person Adventure that Wants to Make You Laugh

Sentient corn and a curmudgeonly, Russian teddy bear make up Finish Line Games' attempt to instill this burgeoning genre with humor.

Minecraft's Super Mario Mash-Up Pays Loving Tribute to Mario's World

The upcoming mix of Super Mario and Minecraft offers way more than a few character skins.

Blood and Wine: The Witcher 3's Final Expansion Highlights CD Projekt's Particular Approach to RPG Design

The Witcher 3's intense focus on narrative is a matter of taste, but there's no denying CD Projekt's execution in this final expansion.

Shock Tactics is XCOM's Aggressive, Hyperactive Sibling

This game may look familiar, but the developer is hoping a few changes will draw fans in.

Outlast 2 Knows You're Afraid of Rural America

Out in the Arizona desert, things that scare city folk go bump in the night.

I Am Setsuna: Turning Back Time to Chrono Trigger

Square Enix' latest RPG is aimed right at JRPG fans' nostalgia.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: More Persona While You Wait for Persona 5

The Atlus/Intelligent Systems' collaboration seems rather familiar.

Master x Master: You Got Your Dungeon Crawler in My MOBA!

NCSoft enters the MOBA arena with its unique combo of MOBA and dungeon crawler.

Below Pits Your Survival Against the Unknown Darkness

Take this. It's dangerous to go alone!

Hob's Shifting World Uncovers an Enchanting Adventure

Runic Games is back with with a new adventure.

Shadow Warrior 2 Blindsides Me In The Best Way

Lo Wang returns to get your blood pumping, classic shooter fans.

Flinthook Expands The HookShot Into a Game-Defining Feature

This indie Metroidvania has a new way for you to get around.

Block'Hood Builds the Circle of Urban Life

Build upward, young one!

Battle Chef Brigade Cooks Up a Unique Action Puzzler

The Kickstarter action title starts to find its own sense of taste.

Divinity: Original Sin II Brings Its Tactical Combat to PVP and It's Great

Arena PVP is a perfect fit for Divinity: Original Sin II's combat system.

20XX: What's Better Than Infinite Mega Man X?

This indie roguelike wants to be the last Mega Man X you'll ever need.

Katana Zero is Still Stylish as Hell

Askiisoft's neo-noir action title is still one of my favorite upcoming games.

Prominence Poker's RPG Elements Add New Life to Texas Hold 'Em

Pipeworks Studio's new poker sim attempts to capture the real-life intensity of card-slinging.

Doom PC Open Beta Impressions: Hybrid Theory

The newest game from id Software tries to recall some classic shooters while keeping one foot in the modern era.

Spring League of Legends North American LCS Finals Preview: What to Know and How to Watch

Old rivals meet as the Spring split of the North American LCS comes to a close.

Monster Hunter Generations' Smart Changes Bring a Fitting End to the Series' 3DS Era

Capcom's newest hardcore hunting RPG adds a host of improvements for veterans and beginners alike.

Gears of War 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Video Preview

We wade into the upcoming Gears of War multiplayer beta, with grisly results.

Urban Empire's Cutthroat Politics Offer an Interesting Twist in the City Building Genre

Kalypso's new citybuilding sim forces you to contend with local politics, with interesting results.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Puts Tri-Ace's Long-Running Series Back on Track

Star Ocean celebrates its 20th birthday with a sequel that rethinks the JRPG.

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