Inside California's Secret Arcades

COVER STORY: With the arcade scene long since dead and buried, hobbyists are building private arcades of their own. We visited one.

Inside Data Discs, the M2 of Video Game Vinyl

As the vinyl resurgence overtakes video game soundtracks, a small UK-based label aims to set the standard with classic SEGA music, much as developer M2 has done with classic SEGA games.

Game Music's New Canon: The How and Why of Brave Wave

COVER STORY: A small, fan-driven music label is bringing newfound respect to game music by offering veteran composers a safe haven for the classic tunes they love making.

Inside the Greatest Game Gadget That Never Was

Alex Bahr's homemade SD Card Drive perfected the iconic Game Boy Camera — but it never evolved beyond the prototype stage.

Expat Game Dev Story: Inside Japan's Foreign Game Development Community

There are more western developers than ever in Japan, and they're doing everything they can to help Japan's indie community succeed overseas.

Companions Through Life and Death: The Story of Inti Creates and Mega Man

The Mega Man franchise may be on ice these days, but long-time developer Inti Creates has a deep and abiding love for the series that continues to live on — even if the character himself doesn't.

Satoru Iwata's 10 Greatest Achievements

Why do so many people care about the untimely death of Nintendo's president? Because he was far more than just an executive.

Infinity, Beyond: A Small Japanese Studio Braces for the Future

How the developer behind 8-bit cult classic The Battle of Olympus has survived nearly 30 years of industry upheavals, and what's next for the company.

With Indies More Prevalent Than Ever, the Indie Megabooth Finds New Ways to Evangelize

How Kelly Wallick's Indie Megabooth has shifted from evangelizing to curating for the indie game development community in a post-bubble world.

More Than StarCraft: Korean Developers Make Their Presence Known at the Busan Indie Connect Festival

South Korean game developers set out to show a different side of Korean gaming at a new game show. We went there, and this is what we found.

Inside NHL 16: How EA Turned to the Fans to Help Rebound from a Disappointing Year

After the poor reception afforded NHL 15, the team went back to the drawing board. Then they brought in the fans.

Zen and the Art of the Art Book: The Close Relationship Between Udon and the Video Game Industry

How Udon Entertainment gives the super fan insight into a game’s production.

Three's Company: A Visit to the Tokyo Art Center's Manga, Anime, and Games Exhibition

What does the grouping of three distinct mediums into one exhibition say about their place in Japanese pop culture?

A Fighting Chance to Live: The Story of FightCade

How FightCade saved an online classic gaming community from the brink of doom.

Inside Shovel Knight: A Look at a First-Time Developer's Big Week

We joined Yacht Club Games for the final whirlwind days before the launch of Shovel Knight. Here's what we learned.

Route Randomizers: Where Everything You Think You Know is Wrong

Randomizers are giving old favorites like The Legend of Zelda and Super Metroid new twists, particularly for speedrunners.

Gaming Auteurs: Akitoshi Kawazu

No one in the world makes RPGs quite like those of Final Fantasy's quirkiest co-designer... for better, and for worse.

Devs Sound Off: The State of the Indie-stry, 2014

Some of gaming's greatest ideas in recent years have come from the old-school spirit of garage developers. But are they at risk of getting lost in an increasingly competitive space?

The Stars His Destination: Chris Roberts from Origin to Star Citizen

We follow Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts from his days at Origin to Star Citizen. Oh, and we ask about a certain movie he made.

Gaming Auteurs: Hideki Kamiya

From Devil May Cry to The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games' mastermind has always focused on making his audience feel as stylish as his outlandish heroes.

Grand Theft Auto V's Virtual War Correspondents

Meet the combat photographers risking virtual life and limb to document violence in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Who Makes the Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games?

More than a dozen different developers have tried their hand at creating Sonic's adventures, but all Sonic games are definitely not created equal. Whose are best? Consider the facts and weigh in!