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Strong PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Sales are Changing the Way We Think of the Late Generation Console Cycle

The sales model for video game hardware is changing.

Sony Secretly Released a Quieter PS4 Pro

Do you hear that? I don't.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered is a Pretty Hefty Graphical Overhaul Based on Newly-Revealed Details

New textures, character models, and even environments

Spider-Man's Final Boss is Rendered With Over a Million Polygons

This boss can fit so many polygons.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Captured in 4K on PS4 Pro, Rockstar Confirms

No word yet on whether it was native 4K or checkerboard.

PlayStation Plus Amazon Prime Day Mega Deal - £34.99 for 15 Months - PS4 Pro Just £299

Amazon UK's PlayStation Plus sub deal is one of the best Prime Day deals of the year. The PS4 Pro at £299 is tempting, too.

How to Buy Cheap Video Games - a Guide to the Best Gaming Deals

Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC deals on games and hardware.

Skyrim PSVR Update 1.4.40 Improves Graphics on PS4 Pro

Also some big changes to how the PS Move controller works.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is Targeting a Variable 60FPS Across All Platforms

A "high" frame-rate for 4K consoles.

Days Gone Finally Has an Official Release Date

The zombie horde is coming next year.

PS4 Pro Players Might Have a Gameplay Advantage in H1Z1

It's all about the frame rates.

God of War Had One of the Best Launches for a PlayStation Exclusive Ever

PlayStation and God of War dominated April according to NPD.

The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro Patch 1.61 May Have Broken the Game's Performance

Something's not quite right after the latest PS4 Pro patch.

The Witcher 3 Finally Gets HDR Support on PS4 Pro, But Users are Reporting New Bugs

Users are reporting instances of bugs after the HDR patch.

Far Cry 5 Stuns in Native 4K on the Xbox One X

Simply stunning.

PS4 5.50 Firmware Update Introduces Supersampling and Big UI Improvements

Your PS4's firmware just got a nice tune-up.

God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed

God of War will not run native 4K, but it'll still look amazing.

Burnout Paradise Remastered Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Take me down to Paradise City.

Monster Hunter: World's HDR Could Be a Lot Better

It's too bright.

Fallout 4 Looks Better Than Ever on the Xbox One X, but Framerate is Still an Issue

The Xbox One X pushes Fallout 4's graphics to truer 4K, but framerates take a hit.

The Shadow of the Colossus Remake Hasn't Changed As Much As You Think

The remade graphics breathe new life into Shadow of the Colossus, but the controls are still a thing of the past.

Far Cry 5 Includes Co-op Throughout the Main Story Campaign

A new trailer shows off the expanded co-op in Far Cry 5.

Here's LA Noire in Gorgeous 4K

Only if you have the monitor for it though.

PlayStation VR Has Over 60 Games Coming Out Between Now and Early 2018

DOOM VFR, The Inpatient, Golem, and The American Dream VR make-up an impressive PSVR release slate.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a Nearly 100GB Download on PC

97.7GB download to be exact.

EA Clarifies: Madden 18 Will Support 4K on PS4 Pro at Launch, No Details on HDR

You will be able to play in higher resolution after all.

Prey's PS4 Pro Support Patch Brings in More Issues Than It Fixes

Ah, the old swapping input lag for severe frame rate issues gambit.

Destiny 2 Will Replace Grimoire Cards With Actual Storytelling

No more logging into the Destiny app for that sweet, sweet, worldbuilding.

Destiny 2 Will Run 60FPS on PC, 30FPS on Consoles

The PC version of Destiny 2 will have several graphical advantages over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Prey Doesn't Appear to Support PS4 Pro Despite Claims to the Contrary

Players and experts alike are struggling to find evidence of PS4 Pro support for Prey.

Knack 2's Biggest Improvement—It's Not Trying to be a $60 Tech Demo Anymore

A second chance for Mark Cerny and company.

Starting Screen | Starting Screen: Owning a Console is More Complicated (And Expensive) Than Ever

The PS4 Pro and Scorpio are obscuring some of the traditional benefits of owning a console. Plus: Trails of Cold Steel, X-Men, and all your favorites from the crew of USgamer.