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Tetris 99 is the Crucible That Will Make You a Better Tetris Player

Tetris' semi-dormant competitive side emerges again.

Tetris 99 Tips

There's a new battle royale game on the block. Here's how to win at Tetris 99.

Catherine: Full Body Heats Things Up in September

Prepare yourself for a blizzard of unseasonable warmth.

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Tetris 99 is the Crucible That Will Make You a Better Tetris Player

Tetris' semi-dormant competitive side emerges again.

Tetris 99 Tips

There's a new battle royale game on the block. Here's how to win at Tetris 99.

Catherine: Full Body Heats Things Up in September

Prepare yourself for a blizzard of unseasonable warmth.

Catherine: Full Body Spoilers Leaked Online, and The Twists are Truly Strange

Major plot spoilers for Rin's storyline.

Wargroove Guide - All the Essential Wargroove Wargroove Guide - All the Essential Wargroove Tips, How to Skip Battle Animations

Here's all the essential tips that you need to know for delving into Wargroove, as well as a complete beginner's guide.

Nintendo Announces Dr. Mario World Smartphone Puzzle Game

A new Nintendo puzzle game for smartphones.

The Best Mobile Games for iOS and Android

From smartphones to tablets, these are the best games you can get on your iOS and Android devices.

Game Freak's Giga Wrecker Gets Another Chance on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Bend trash to your will on consoles as well as PC.

Official Detective Pikachu Deer Stalker Hat is Ridiculously Cute

Pick up your missing father's trail while looking adorable, or just don't bother at all.

The Games That Are Probably Not Coming Out in 2019

Sorry to be an agent of reality checks.

Tetris Effect Review

World of color.

The Gardens Between Review

Be kind, rewind.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Switch's Best Level is a Return to New Donk City

The other three Super Mario Odyssey-themed levels are a disappointment though.

Hitman 2's Single Release Means "More Varied" Post-Launch Content

The change in release means that there will be more challenges and contracts coming your way.

Sushi Striker, Switch's Charming Local Multiplayer Puzzler, is Available Today on eShop

A fun multiplayer game to tide you over until Smash Bros.

Sushi Striker Could be the Next Great Local Multiplayer Game on Switch

Hilarious art and intense puzzle action make this one to watch.

Catherine Remastered for PS4 and Vita With A Brand-New "Catherine"

Atlus' odd Catherine gets a remaster for this generation.

The Newest Portal Game is Actually a Bridge Constructor Spin-off

Remember Portal? It's back, in Bridge Constructor Form.

Battle Chef Brigade Review: A Deliciously Crafted Puzzle

Trinket Studios hits on a unique style of game, all about cooking monsters.

Hitman's First New Content Won't Be Season 2

Hitman is showing off its first post-Square Enix content on October 24.

I Wish Picross S Utilized the Switch's Touch Screen

Gone is the stylus-driven beauty of Picross.

Danger Zone Is a Small, Smashing Diversion Recalling Burnout's Crash Mode

Three Fields Entertainment offers up an early look at the game we all wanted.

Lady Layton Gets a New Name, Mobile Version Coming Worldwide on July 20

Layton’s Mystery Journey will launch in Japan on 3DS, but if you can't wait, Android and iOS have you covered.

Snake Pass Review

Sumo Digital tries something different with its newest title.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! Review

The Nintendo Switch puzzler never wants you to play alone.

Puyo Puyo Tetris Coming To Switch and PS4 In April [Update]

Our long national Puyo Puyo drought is almost at an end.

Candy Crush Soda Saga: How to Spread Jam, How to Use Swedish Fish, and Other Hints and Tips

Here's how to spread jam and use Swedish fish in Candy Crush Soda Saga, as well as other tips, tricks, and hints.

It's Another Deep Dive Into Game Boy's History in This Week's Retronauts

Featuring a look at Tetris' essential role in the system's success.

Candy Crush Saga: How to Make Wrapped Candies, and Other Hints, Tips, and Strategies

How to make wrapped candies, color bombs, striped candies, and other tips and hints for playing Candy Crush Saga.

RiME Finds a New Publisher in Grey Box, Still A Year Away

Tequila Works' adventure title finally finds a publisher after its interesting reveal.

Catriel Layton Looks for Her Missing Dad in New Layton Game for Mobile and Nintendo 3DS

Professor Layton's daughter (plus one talking dog) go mystery-hunting in Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne.

Inside Xbox One Review: Brilliant and Compelling

Playdead's spiritual successor to Limbo is a simply fantastic puzzle-platformer.

Ironcast Offers an Effective, Puzzle-Focused Twist on Turn-Based Combat

The match-three gameplay may look familiar, but it adds a surprising degree of complexity to this strategy RPG.

Murasaki Baby PlayStation Vita Review: Baby's Day Out

This odd puzzle platformer is as endearing as it is strange, but perhaps not as fleshed out as it could be.

Hey Nintendo, Make Sure These Games Show up on DS Virtual Console

USgamer picks the best Nintendo DS games that need to show up on Wii U.

Virtual Spotlight: Klonoa and the Comfort of the Familiar

Jeremy contemplates a personal connection to new Virtual Console release Empire of Dreams.

Watch Dogs PS4 Review: Game of Phones

Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs was set to be a next generation launch title, but ended up being delayed at the very last moment. Is it worth the extra six-month wait? Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

Stick it to the Man PlayStation 4 Review: Good Fun, if Less Defiant Than Advertised.

Zoink! delivers a loving and off-kilter (if slightly unambitious) tribute to classic adventure games of yore.

Wolfenstein: A New Order PS4 Review: Bloody Hell

Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs. And that's only the half of it.

Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS Review: Content Tourism at Its Finest

Kirby's latest adventure may be as easy as ever, but it comes crammed with so much wonderful detail that you won't particularly care.

Watch Dogs vs GTA V: Clash of the Open World Titans

With Watch Dogs muscling in on Grand Theft Auto's open world turf, we thought it'd be interesting to see how they stack up against one another.

No Heroes Allowed, No Puzzles Either! Vita Review: F2P Claims Another Victim

A fun puzzler that locks the good stuff behind broken pay walls.

Game Boy 25th Anniversary: Its History - As Told By You

A quarter of a century ago, Game Boy revolutionized mobile gaming, and became a part of millions of gamers' lives around the world. Here's how.

50 iPhone and iPad Games We Just Can't Delete

Each of the iOS-toting members of the USgamer team reveal the games they just can't bring themselves to delete, and tell you how and why they earned a permanent place on their iPhones and iPads

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster PlayStation 3 Review: Heavy Metal Fluff

It's the odd moments, not the expected ones, that make this pair of visually remastered RPGs worth revisiting.

Thief Guide. Chapter 4: A Friend in Need Walkthrough - The Combination to the Great Safe

Getting to the great safe is tricky, but this part of the guide will show you how.

Thief Guide. Chapter 2: Dust to Dust Walkthrough - How to Open the General's Strong Box

There's lots to steal on the way to the General's Strong Box. This guide will make sure you don't miss anything.


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