Here's What Banjo and Kazooie Look Like in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Rare's iconic animal duo weren't originally native fauna on Outset Island, but a mod is changing that.

Rare's Logo is Based on a Roll of Golden Toilet Paper

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after playing a Rare game.

Banjo-Kazooie Bring a Beatdown to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This Fall

The Rare duo are joining the fight.

Conker Lead Details Ill-Fated Bad Fur Day Sequel in Which Conker Dies

The squirrel would've had to fight his way out of the underworld.

Sea of Thieves is Offering Bonus XP and Gold to Players This Weekend

To help you ready up ahead of next week's one year celebration.

Microsoft Rebrands 13 Core Developers as Xbox Game Studios

Xbox Game Studios promises new exclusives, IP, and sequels.

Upcoming Sea of Thieves Update Will Require Players to Download and Reinstall Game From Scratch

Rare promises that it's all for a good purpose, though.

Sea of Thieves PvP Mode "The Arena" Announced

Ahoy mateys, challenge me to a duel.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shore DLC Delayed A Week to Ensure Smooth Release

Rare discovered a memory issue keeping the build unstable.

GoldenEye N64 Devs Confirm What We All Knew: Oddjob Players Were Dirty Cheats

Just take your hat and exit the premises, good sir.

Rare Explains Why It Won't Charge for Sea of Thieves Content Updates

This is to prevent segregating players by power.

Major Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails Update Set for End of July: Details, New Trailer Here

Three person ships and skeleton crews incoming.

Sea of Thieves Owes Its Success to More Than Just Xbox Game Pass, Rare Says

"The number one thing that contributed to [Rare's] success was streaming and content creators."

Rare Speaks on the Impending Transition to Next-Gen Xbox

Sea of Thieves developers expect a smooth transition.

Hungering Deep Update Out Now for Sea of Thieves

Listen. Can you hear the "Jaws" theme getting louder?

Sea of Thieves Players get Private Crew Option and Expansion Release Date Next Week

No more having to listen to teenage high school gossip as a third wheel while you to try to get your Pirate on.

Sea of Thieves Gets Its First Pirate Legend, Community Says Streamer is #NotMyPirateLegend

The pinnacle of the current game is reached, but the community isn't happy.

5 Things We Want From Sea of Thieves' Post-Launch Content

Sea of Thieves is here, but this treasure chest could use a little more gold.

Sea of Thieves 1.0.1 Update Looks to Improve Performance on Xbox One X

The thievin' and plunderin' life just got a little smoother.

Sea of Thieves Cuts Death Tax After Player Uproar

Rare responds to upset players.

Sea of Thieves Downtime This Weekend

Here there be connection errors.

Get a Free Sea of Thieves Flintlock Skin

Getting free stuff in Sea of Thieves is as easy as walking the plank!

You Can Download New Nvidia GPU Drivers Optimized for Sea of Thieves

Have yourself a very pretty voyage on the high seas.

Sea of Thieves Players Have Already Killed the Kraken, and it's a Bit of a Downer

Break out the cocktail sauce, I guess.

Some Sea of Thieves Players are Struggling to Set Sail Due to a Mysterious Greybeard Error

Error messages ruin more voyages than scurvy.

Sea of Thieves' Day One Patch is the Best We've Ever Seen

And it's easy on your download data cap, too. Rare goes full Rare with a brilliant nod to modern gaming.

You can Play Sea of Thieves Now, Ahead of Official Release Date

Can't wait to start your pirate fantasy? You don't have to.

Sea of Thieves Release Date, Beta, Trailer, Gameplay, Xbox One X, Game Pass - Everything We Know

When does the Sea of Thieves Open Beta start? How do you get Sea of Thieves in Xbox Game Pass? Sea of Thieves release date, and more.

Play Sea of Thieves This Weekend, but Expect Issues

Also: Another beta is coming before launch, and skeletons are guarding massive piles of gold.

Sea of Thieves Unleashes the Kraken in New Leaked Images

Also, a server scale test will be held for select Xbox Insiders.

Sea of Thieves' Lowest Settings Let the Game Run on the Dinkiest Computers

OK, it probably won't run on your old 486, but these are still some pretty low requirements.

Data Miners Find Hints of Cool Upcoming Content in Sea of Thieves Beta

Get busy living, or get Kraken.

Sea of Thieves Requires a Good Crew for Maximum Fun and Plunder

Hopefully, you have a good group of friends, because Sea of Thieves needs everyone working together.

The Sea of Thieves Beta is Having Connectivity Issues, Matey

Some players can't connect to the closed beta.

Sea of Thieves Will Have an Exclusive Closed Beta Later This Month

Rare is readying its ambitious pirate adventure game with a new closed beta.

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Yooka-Laylee Review

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Donkey Kong Country, Gaming's Biggest Bluff

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Sea of Thieves Interview with Rare's Gregg Mayles

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Former Rare Dev: Kinect Focus Was Driven by Rare's Management

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Mega Man Legacy Collection and Rare Replay: Two Different Approaches to The Past

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