Vertical Switch Grip That Lets You Play Ikaruga the Right Way is Now on Kickstarter

In collaboration between Retronauts Podcast and Fangamer.

Shovel Knight Uncovered, Part 2: The Further Didactic Adventures of Shovel Knight

DESIGN IN ACTION: How the push-and-pull of iterative challenges invisibly eases players into the game's most advanced platforming techniques.

Replay of the Blood God: Watch the First Part of Our Final Fantasy IV Let's Play!

Kat kicks off her Let's Play of Final Fantasy IV by bombing a village, conning a prince, and killing lots of wildlife.

Let Retronauts Fill Your Ears With the Futuristic Sound of FM Synthesis

Jeremy explores one of classic gaming's most popular and iconic audio formats (as seen on TV, via SEGA Genesis!).

Thanksgiving is Over as Retronauts Explores Terrible Games of The ’80s

A look at the dicey boom-era games of ’80s Japan and the vanished studios that made them.

As Nintendo Wii Turns 10, So Too Do Retronauts' Complaints About Virtual Console

A decade of lamentations for a potentially brilliant service that never quite lived up to its promise.

Now Even the Retronauts Podcast Is Retro

Our latest classic games podcast collapses into itself in singularity of oldness.

Retronauts Gets Kooky, Spooky, Altogether Ooky

The ghost of Bob Mackey returns to tell us the haunting tale of an unbeatable (?) NES death gauntlet: Fester's Quest.

This Week in Retronauts, We Ban Your Right to Free Expression

The podcast goes deep on the controversial history of censorship in games.

This Week's Retronauts is Like Lovin' an Elevator

A look back to that brilliant but rarely seen mid-'90s arcade classic, Elevator Action II.

Retronauts Looks at Preserving Game History—Not Just Games Themselves

The founders of the Video Game History Foundation discuss the passions and challenges behind the establishment of their new non-profit organization.

Retronauts' 8-Bit Superhero Sampler Returns with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman

This week on USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we look into two of the more memorable comic book games on the NES.

Retronauts Rumbles with the History of Punch-Out!!

This week on USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we dig into the surprisingly deep history of Nintendo's gloriously cartoony take on pugilism.

Retronauts Explores the Slow-Burn Strength of Dragon Quest VII

Conventional wisdom holds that DQVII's enormous size and glacial pace undermine the experience, but is that really true?

Shriek With Childlike Delight for This N64 Episode Of Retronauts

It's like Christmas in September!

Retronauts Micro Presents an 8-Bit Superhero Sampler

This week on USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we dissect two of the earliest (and worst) superhero games the NES has to offer: Superman and The Uncanny X-Men.

Retronauts Celebrates a Quarter-Century of the Super Nintendo

This week on USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we salute the SNES.

Retronauts Attempts to Make Sense of the Wonder Boy/Adventure Island Schism

The most confusing franchise in video gaming now becomes the most confusing podcast in video games.

Join the Retronauts Micro Team for a Classic Gaming Quizdown

On this episode of USgamer's classic gaming podcast, listen to the Retronauts put their retro game audio knowledge to the test.

Taste the 8-Bit Rainbow With This Week's Retronauts Episode

Sometimes we collect the games we love, but sometimes we just buy games because they look nice. Not the graphics — the games themselves!

Retronauts Explores Final Fantasy (the NES Game)

The adventure that kicked off the world's most popular RPG series is getting a new lease on life through the NES Classic Mini, and we give it a thorough look.

Retronauts Micro Samples the Catchiest Shop Themes

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast presents a collection of songs to get you in the spending mood.

Retronauts Joins the Cult of EarthBound

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast explores the 1995 Super Nintendo RPG that went from critical flop to Internet sensation.

Retronauts Puts Game Boy Under the "Micro"-scope, Sort Of

A look back at the launch of the legendary handheld in this unusual Micro episode.

Back in 1995 and the Changing Face of "Retro"

As early 3D games enter the world of retro, we have to ask ourselves: Is every era worth celebrating?

Retronauts Comes Down With a Terminal Case of Pac-Man Fever

There's no cure, 'cause we're headed for the kill screen.

We Answer Your Smoldering Questions On Retronauts' Listener Mail Episode

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast tackles important issues, like the state of gaming preservation and our respective waifus.

Retronauts Micro Returns to Phantomile With a Look At Klonoa

We'll probably never see another entry in Namco's dreamlike platform action series, and that's a darned shame.

Retronauts Asks, "Does The Legend of Zelda Remain Really Rad?"

After three decades, are Zelda for NES and its direct sequel Zelda II still worth rapping about? The podcast gang deliberates.

Retronauts Channel Surfs Into Nick Arcade

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast enters the VIDEO ZONE for an exploration of the Nickelodeon game show devoted to 8 and 16-bit entertainment.

Retronauts Creeps Through Resident Evil's Roots

To ring in the series' 20th anniversary, USgamer's masters of podcasting explore the Capcom series that coined the term "survival horror."

Retronauts Explores Little Samson, Mega Man's Hipster Cousin

Before he vanished from the public eye, Mega Man's original creator left the world with this final gift.

This Week on Retronauts, We Ask: "What is A Man?"

We hope to find the answer in Castlevania's Dracula X duology, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Are our words as empty as our souls?

Retronauts Micro Paints the Town Red with a New Mixtape

This week’s installment of USgamer’s classic gaming podcast brings you the best of 16-bit JRPG town themes.

Heading to Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend? Come See Us, Live!

It'll be a cold weekend in Milwaukee, but Retronauts can warm your soul.

Retronauts Catches Up with 20 Years of Pokemon

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast examines the portable RPG that became an outright phenomenon.

Feel the Rush of Gravity With a Retronauts Stream of Metal Storm

Jeremy wants to turn your world upside-down today at 3 ET/noon PT.

Turn Your World Upside-Down With This Week's Retronauts

We invert the natural order of things as this Micro episode focuses on gravity-flipping NES classic Metal Storm.

The Machines Win on This Week's Episode of Retronauts

It's not quite The Terminator, but the quest to find the best possible presentation for classic games turns us into slaves to the machines regardless.

Retronauts Toots on the Ocarina of Time

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast explores Link's 1998 leap into the world of 3D gaming.

This Week, Retronauts Hangs (Ninja) Ten

Swing into Konami's Game Boy Advance sleeper classic with this in-depth video and podcast exploration of Ninja Five-O.

A Music-Laced Look Back at the Career of Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu

The Retronauts podcast gets musical this week with a survey of Uematsu's career and classic compositions.

Death is Certain on Retronauts Micro

On this week's installment of USgamer's classic gaming podcast, the gang talks about their game-related bucket lists.

Retronauts is Down with PSP

On this week's installment of USgamer's classic gaming podcast, we look at the legacy of Sony's first portable.

Explore a Groundbreaking Music Game in the Latest Retronauts Micro Video

Look back with us to Otocky, a game that brilliantly combined shooting, rhythm, and music more than a decade before Rez was even an inkling of an idea!

Retronauts Explores HAL and Satoru Iwata's Legacy

We pay proper tribute to Nintendo's late leader by digging into the history of the first company he helped build: Developer HAL Laboratory.

Retronauts Micro Looks Back on Our Favorite Years of Gaming

This week, we discuss the twelve months that held our favorite game-based memories.

Retronauts Pries Into the Recently Old Half-Life 2

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast explores one of the most anticipated and influential games of all time.

Retronauts Wishes You a Belated Merry Christmas 1997

Take an in-depth look back at Squaresoft's innovative, cinematic, horror RPG, Parasite Eve.

Retronauts Prays for a True Peace In Space

The podcast returns at last to the topic that launched its inaugural episode nearly 10 years ago: Nintendo's Metroid series.

Retronauts Celebrates the Holidays with Sonic Christmas Blast

The Retronauts Holiday Cabin opens its doors once again for a discussion of what may be the worst video game cartoon Xmas special ever.

Retronauts Takes to the Skies with Super Mario 64

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast digs into one of the most important early 3D games of all time.

Retronauts Cusses Up the Classic Arcade With a Look At Q*Bert

Plus, a video upgrade! You can listen to our classic gaming podcast this week... but you can also watch it, if you prefer.

Let Our Devil May Cry Episode of Retronauts Fill Your Dark Soul with Light

... Or, at the very least, fill you in on Capcom's highly influential action game series.

Cover Story: Retronauts Looks Back 30 Years to the NES Launch

Jeremy hits the mean streets of Portland to talk to expert game historians about Nintendo's "hail Mary" attempt to bring its Famicom console west.

This Week, Retronauts Micro Brings You a Petrifying Playlist

Give your Halloween season some musical accompaniment with our collection of iconic horror tracks.

Retronauts Celebrates the Recently Resurrected Career of Fumito Ueda

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast examines two of the PlayStation 2's finest: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

A Retronauts Episode About Dragon Quest Draws Near!

This week, USgamer's classic gaming podcast explores Japan's biggest RPG sensation.

Now You Can Finally Play the Worst Famicom Game in English

Prepare yourself for the harshest advanced interrogation techniques with the help of Ganso Saiyūki: Super Monkey Daibōken.

Retronauts Asks, "What's So Great About Retrogaming in Japan?"

Jeremy takes to the mean streets of Shibuya, Akihabara, and Shinagawa to get some expert opinions on what makes a trip to Japan so rewarding for classic game enthusiasts.

Retronauts Wishes Mario a Happy 30th Birthday

Actually, Mario's much older than 30, but his most important adventure just dinged the odometer on another decade. Plus, Super Mario Maker discussion!

Retronauts Bids a Fond Farewell to Metal Gear

As the long-running saga comes to a conclusion with tomorrow's Metal Gear Solid V launch, we look back at the series' history.

Retronauts Micro Brings You the Soothing Sounds of SNES SimCity

This week, we honor one of the more unsung SNES soundtracks.

The Retronauts Konami Memorial Continues with Super Castlevania IV

A Micro perspective on the kookiest numbered entry in the classic action series.

Join Retronauts and Ron Gilbert for a Voyage to Monkey Island

This week, former LucasArts developer Ron Gilbert takes the spotlight for an hour-long discussion about some of his most beloved creations.

Retronauts Explores Echo Night and the Roots of First-Person Exploration

It's not quite Gone Home, but From Software's Echo Night attempted something similarly daring—and in an era where this style of game was even harder to find.

A Reminder (or is it a Memorial?) of Gaming's Original Hardcore Developer

Legendary studio Treasure has been eerily silent for the past few years. Even if they're gone, though, they shouldn't be forgotten.

Retronauts: An Early PlayStation Anniversary Celebration...

...and a moment of silence for a departed legend.

What is "Chrongaming"? Let Retronauts Fill You In

This week's episode deep-dives into the archive-fixated obsession of ventures such as Chrontendo.

It's Mother's Day for Retronauts Micro

Wondering what's the deal with this primitive version of the classic Super Nintendo RPG you know and (presumably) love? Listen in as shocking Mother secrets are revealed!

This Week, Retronauts Answers Your Burning Questions

On this newest episode of USgamer's retro gaming podcast, we answer listener mail and catch up on the best classic game rereleases of 2015.

A Tall Tale of Tengen Graces This Week's Retronauts Micro

When Atari looked to the NES market, interesting things happened.

Retronauts Tackles the Mega Man Legacy (and the Mega Man Legacy Collection)

This week we talk about a series close to our hearts and get the inside dirt on the upcoming anthology for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and 3DS.

USstreamer: Explore Lesser-Known NES Konami Games with Sick Jams [Update: Archived!]

You've heard great music from these slightly obscure Konami games on the latest Retronauts Micro—now check them out in action with an hour-long livestream.

Retronauts Micro Spins a Sample of Konami's 8-Bit B-Sides

This week, check out some great musical selections from Konami's lesser-known NES games.

Slow Down, Take It Easy, Relax, Enjoy a New Retronauts

For this week's episode, we take a leisurely saunter through the history of slow-life simulation games.

Retronauts Micro Keeps on Truckin' with a Look at Interstate '76

Take a trip back to 1997's nostalgia-fueled car combat simulator with another episode of our far out classic gaming podcast.

Retronauts Returns to the '90s "Cave-mania" with a Look at the Bonk Series

Listen in as we explore the short, strange history of the TurboGrafx 16's prehistoric mascot.

Let's Get Virtual (Sort of) With Retronauts Micro

Contemplate Nintendo's greatest failure with this companion piece to last week's portable game consoles episode.

Retronauts Episode 37 Keeps the Memory of Also-rans Alive

Neo Geo Pocket and WonderSwan don't command the same place in history as their competitor Game Boy, but we love them anyway.

Retronauts Micro Goes from Myth to Laughter with a Look at Parodius

Return to the Golden Age of Konami for a bite-sized examination of their goofiest series.

Retronauts Micro Welcomes Fabio to USgamer

Or at least a passable effigy of Fabio, anyway, courtesy of this week's topic: Rare's Wizards & Warriors for NES.

Enjoy the Rare Pleasures of Retronauts as We Discuss... Rare

It's an all-USgamer episode as British expat Jaz joins Bob and Jeremy to discuss England's most popular export: Rare. It's VAT-free!

This Week's Retronauts Micro Takes a Brief-But-Befuddled Look at Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

How did Namco's yellow ball go from a maze-muncher to an interactive cartoon in just 14 short years? Your favorite classic gaming podcast investigates!

This Week on Retronauts, We're All a Little Looney

Our latest episode looks at the many, many games inspired by Steven Spielberg's first foray into TV animation: Tiny Toon Adventures.

Virtual Spotlight: Axelay, The Ultimate Konami Shooter

Age has dulled the shine of this wild shooter's graphical prowess, but not the underlying excellence of its gameplay.

Retronauts Micro Explores Classic Games We Want to Like

Your classic gaming podcast crew mulls over those old games that really let them down.

This Week's Retronauts Gets an "Aaaaay!" for Effort

Join your classic gaming podcast crew for a discussion of when good games go bad. (Really bad.)

Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Catch up on the latest USgamer shows! If Garfield had an iPod, his entire outlook on the week would have been totally different.

Hear Strange Tales of Buyer's Remorse on this Week's Retronauts

On this bite-sized episode of Retronauts Micro, the crew discusses misguided video game purchases that still haunt them to this day.

Retronauts: A Brief Look at Zillion, Sega's Answer to Metroid

Your reminder that old-school Sega was so ambitious that what should have been a perfunctory licensed game challenged one of the most groundbreaking adventures of the era.

Slip on Majora's Mask with Retronauts Micro Episode 2

We celebrate the upcoming 3DS remake by discussing why this great little N64 Zelda is so misunderstood.

Retronauts: The Continued Relevance of Isometric Games

A bird’s-eye view and large-scale battles ensure that gamers are still in love with isometric games.

The Retronauts Holiday Special Spreads Humbug with a Takedown of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Due to popular demand, we're back with another movie-themed episode! Listen in and suffer along with a thorough dissection of Capcom's 2009 cinematic disaster.

Tour the Biggest Failures in Gaming History with the Season Premiere of Retronauts

This week, our podcast looks back at four games with an infamous reputation for breaking dreams and burning money.

It's Official: The Retronauts Podcast is Coming to USgamer!

The most likely thing to happen has finally happened: Retronauts and USgamer are now BFFs.