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Craving Castlevania? Check Out Konami's Own Official "Bootleg"

It's not a true Castlevania game, but this forgotten handheld adventure makes a decent substitute.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 6: Minecraft

Mojang's masterpiece is all about bringing creativity to everyone.

DOOM 3 and the Challenge of Living up to Your Own Legacy

How do you top the achievement of changing video games forever? For id Software, the answer was to change directions entirely.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 7: Resident Evil 4

Capcom rejiggers Resident Evil and comes up with the best entry in the franchise.

For Some Games, the Trick to Enduring is Simply Finding the Right Platform

Occasionally, great games like Lode Runner find greater success by making the leap to new hardware.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 8: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Our first trip into Los Santos remains one of the best games in the GTA series.

Carmageddon, the Mad Max Racer That Never Was

When their licensing plans fell through, Stainless Software decided to throw social responsibility to the wind and double down on bad behavior.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 9: BioShock

A brilliant combination of influences that bucked the trends of era and genre to stand as something wholly unique.

Ecco the Dolphin, A Relic from When Caring About Earth was Good Business

Back when society briefly cared about staving off an ecological apocalypse, Novotrade and Sega converted that eco-compassion into a fascinating video game voyage.

Nintendo's Secret Strongest Genre? Golf

The world loves Nintendo for Link, but the publisher is just as impressive when it comes to the links.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 10: Red Dead Redemption

One of the best open-world games ever made.

The Day That EarthBound Began

A subtle, sensational collaboration between Nintendo and writer Shigesato Itoi made its debut 25 years ago today.

Nintendo's Greatest Failure Had Gamers Seeing Red

20 years ago, Nintendo gambled on the unconventional Virtual Boy, bringing an end to a remarkable winning streak.

The Day That Even Grand Theft Auto Conceded Its Limits

Ten years ago, we learned where gaming's baddest, most daring franchise draws the line: At sex.

Before Tales and Dark Souls, Namco Gave RPG Fanatics the Druaga Games

The publishing giant has been cheerfully abusing gamers for decades.

On This Day in Video Game History: Patriotic Pac-Man Perfection

Yep, it's already been 16 years since Billy Mitchell racked up the highest score possible in Namco's arcade classic.

Virtual Spotlight: Harvest Moon Hits a High Point with Friends of Mineral Town

This 2003 Game Boy Advance release feels like a fitting end to Harvest Moon's first act—one that's still intensely playable today.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites are Two Adventure Games Worth Revisiting

With Interplay's classic adventures finally making their way to Good Old Games, Star Trek fans owe it to themselves to try these lost gems.

TIE Fighter: A Gamer's Education

Kat reflects on the game that changed her perspective on gaming.

Metal Gear: Two Anniversaries, and The Future

Released 10 years apart, Metal Gear side stories Snake's Revenge and Ghost Babel feel worlds apart... yet they may speak volumes about the series' future.

Retronauts Episode 37 Keeps the Memory of Also-rans Alive

Neo Geo Pocket and WonderSwan don't command the same place in history as their competitor Game Boy, but we love them anyway.

Virtual Spotlight: Life Force, NES's High-Quality Lo-Fi Shooter

Konami's Gradius spinoff may not have enjoyed all the elaborate effects of other NES shooters, but it remains a treat to play even now.

Lego Star Wars After 10 Years: The Game That Briefly Made the Prequels Likable

Before it was an all-encompassing franchise, this little licensed gem by Traveller's Tales did the impossible.

The Return of ToeJam & Earl, the Genesis Exclusive Time Forgot

With another ToeJam & Earl on the way, we examine the Sega franchise time forgot.

25 Years Ago, Super Mario Bros. 3 Made Video Game Launches Monumental

Long before midnight GameStop lines and pre-order madness, Nintendo introduced the world to pre-release hype.

2014 Recap: Danganronpa Taught Us the Finer Points of Despair

NIS' efforts brought the entire Danganronpa series to the USA in just one year—spoiling anyone who's a fan of mystery, mayhem, and text-heavy adventure games.

2014 Recap: Driving Game Highs - and Technical Lows

This year had all the hallmarks of a fine vintage for racing games, but unfortunately while some delivered a brilliant experience, others failed to live up to their potential.

2014 Recap: Bayonetta 2 Perfects the Platinum Games Formula

More than just a sequel, this latest Platinum Games production could be the developer's finest work to date.

2014 Recap: A Vintage Year for First-Person Shooters

2014 has been a great year for FPS games. We take a look at the best of them - and explain what makes each one stand on its own merits.

The Six Secrets of Suikoden II's Success

Why Konami's freshly reissued RPG classic remains one of the best the genre has ever seen.

Gaming's Greatest Flops: Duke Nukem Forever

3D Realms' '90s PC superstar went into hiding for 15 years while his latest sequel turned from vaporware into garbageware. Was this Clinton-era relic worth the resurrection?

Punching Above Its Weight: Nintendo DS Turns 10

On the 10th anniversary of Nintendo's greatest hit, fans weigh in on how the unassuming little handheld won their hearts against all odds.

Five Reasons Why Metal Gear Solid Will Never Top Snake Eater

10 years after its release, Hideo Kojima's unexpected foray into the '60s remains his series' finest hour.

Half-Life 2 and Mixed Emotions

On the legendary shooter's 10th anniversary, Jeremy and Bob contemplate the tangle of fondness and frustration it inspires.

The Lost Child of a House Divided: A Sega Saturn Retrospective

20 years ago, Sega created a beast of a console... unfortunately, the wrong beast for the wrong time.

Five Divisive Video Game Sequels

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, one thing is clear: These strange sequels really made a name for themselves.

Retronauts: A Look at Capcom's 8- and 16-bit Eras

The story of Capcom is in many ways the story of two bygone eras of gaming as a whole.

Neo Geo Pocket Color: The Portable That Changed Everything

On the 16th anniversary of SNK's portable powerhouse, a look back at all that made it special.

10 Years Ago, San Andreas Closed the Curtain on Grand Theft Auto's Gleeful Mayhem

Rockstar's final installment in the GTA3 trilogy is huge, ambitious, and kind of a mess. But it sure knows how to have fun.

TGS: With Lode Runner Creator Doug Smith's Passing, The World has Lost a Gaming Pioneer

A tribute to the creator of the first Western-designed game to become a smash hit in Japan.

What if Dreamcast Had Won?

15 years ago, Sega launched its final console, the short-lived Dreamcast. But what if it had survived?

Greatest Years in Gaming History: 1995

One of the industry's most tumultuous years saw the decline of gaming's old guard and the rise of vintage classics like Chrono Trigger.

Daily Classic: The Final Fantasy Legend, Portable Role-Playing's Esoteric Start

25 years ago, the world's first handheld RPG was also Squaresoft's most daring creation.

Gaming's Greatest Flops: Daikatana

id Software's wunderkind promised the world, but his ambitious FPS died on the table. Did the rise of rock star developers crush John Romero's dream?

Daily Classic: 25 Years Ago, Mother (aka EarthBound Zero) Skewered JRPGs, and America

While lacking the polish of its sequel EarthBound, Nintendo's first true RPG still marched to its own beat.

Daily Classic: Drakkhen, an Ambitious RPG Collision Between East and West

A pioneering RPG on PCs and a weird aberration on Super NES, Drakkhen's legacy is vague yet fascinating.

Daily Classic: Curse of the Azure Bonds, the Alternate Universe Final Fantasy XIII

Ever wondered what Final Fantasy XIII might have been like as a PC RPG? 25 years ago, SSI answered that question preemptively.

Daily Classic: The Black Onyx, Japan's Role-Playing Game Missionary

30 years ago, a Dutch designer brought Canadian RPG design into Japan and launched a revolution.

USgamer Pays Tribute to Robin Williams, Actor and Gamer

USgamer's editors come together to pay tribute to a great actor, gamer, and father.

Gaming's Greatest Flops: Too Human

Denis Dyack's misguided epic saw its development cancelled on two different platforms before sputtering to life on the XBox 360. Was this studio-destroying game really worth all of the trouble?

Gaming's Greatest Flops: Shenmue

Was Yu Suzuki's magnum opus a hubristic failure, or an evolutionary path left untraveled? As its 15th anniversary draws near, we find the answer could be somewhere in the middle.

TurboGrafx-16 at 25: Remembering the Little PC Engine That Could

In August 1989, NEC launched the TurboGrafx-16 in America. We explore why it lost the console wars — and why it was great nevertheless.

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On Saturday Mornings, Sonic the Hedgehog Turned Platforming into Pathos

DiC's most dignified take on the video game cartoon won't be praised by animation historians anytime soon, but it still marks an important turning point for Sega's mascot.

Video Feature: A Look Back at Mega Man 2

Please enjoy this video companion piece to yesterday's Comfort Food Games column.

Crackdown Revisited: The Game That Launched a Generation

One of the first great games of the last console generation may be one of the first great games of new gen, too. Why Crackdown was ahead of its time.

Nier: Underappreciated Classic of the Outgoing Generation

On the eve of E3 2014, the first in which we're well and truly "next-gen," Pete looks back on an underappreciated gem from Gen7 and ponders whether we'll ever see its like again.

10 Years Later: Remembering E3 2004

Jeremy and Jaz recount their time at one of the most exciting shows ever.

Mario's Orphans: The History of Nintendo's Abandoned Peripherals

The Wii U GameCube controller adapter sounds promising, right? And yet, here are 10 reasons it probably won't see much use beyond Smash Bros.

Why Sly Cooper 2 Remains Gaming's Greatest Heist

Funny animals and garish colors still add up to one of the best crime capers in video game history.

Exploring Game Boy's True Successor, Bandai WonderSwan

10 years after Game Boy revolutionized portable games, its creator took a swing at creating a faithful follow-up.

The 10 Greatest Metroidvania Games

Everyone's talking about "metroidvania" games these days, but which ones are best? We make our picks. How do your favorites stack up?

Why We Still Love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A love for fun and detail help make Castlevania's PlayStation entry a timeless action game.

Daily Classic: Marathon, The Other Thinking Man's Shooter

System Shock wasn't the only early FPS to put a cyberpunk twist on run-and-gun action.

Daily Classic: System Shock, a Study in Parallel Evolution

A pioneering shooter who beginnings well predated Doom's twitchy success.

Daily Classic: Spectre VR, an Old-School Shooter Even at the Genre's Dawn

How can an entry in a genre that has barely begun feel old-school?

Daily Classic: Doom II Proved the Value of More of the Same

If Doom established the FPS concept, its sequel revealed the genre's true potential.

Who Makes the Best Zelda Games?

Many minds have contributed to the Zelda franchise, but whose work holds up best?

Daily Classic: How Chrono Cross Triumphed Over Destiny

As a sequel to upbeat Chrono Trigger, this gloomy RPG should have been a wreck... yet somehow, it wasn't.

Daily Classic: Elevator Action II, An Arcade Oddity Too Beautiful for This Miserable World

What if they held a sequel and no one came?

Daily Classic: Donkey Kong's Unlikely Game Boy Reinvention

It was no Donkey Kong Country... but maybe that was the point of this portable classic.

Daily Classic: Strider 2, an Arcade Game Born into the Wrong Era

A faithful sequel that fell flat through no fault of its own.

Daily Classic: When Cinematic Games Put Gaming First, Arcades Gave Us Strider

Like a game and a movie (but more of a game).

Daily Classic: Valis II, a Generic TurboGrafx Game Built on Generic Anime

How can a game be both exotic and run-of-the-mill all at once?

Daily Classic: With Cotton, TG-16 Shooters Got Adorable

Success' whimsical arcade shooter was like the meet cute of shooters and anime.

Daily Classic: U.N. Squadron's SNES Identity Change

A solid shoot-em-up that was inflicted with a baffling identity crisis.

Daily Classic: How Clash at Demonhead's NES Comedy Defied Whitewashing

A stony-faced Trojan Horse of a game unleashed subversive goofiness upon unsuspecting players.

With Pac-Land, Arcade Platformers Raced Into the Future

While other heroes experimented with design, Pac-Man blazed a trail straight ahead.

Jet Set Willy, Trading Classiness for Freedom on Spectrum

The sequel to Manic Miner was quite a sophisticated game, but only in terms of its structure.

H.E.R.O., a Run 'n Jump Atari Game (Minus Running 'n Jumping)

Is a platformer really a platformer without platforms?

With Pitfall II, Atari Platformers Became More Than Just Running and Jumping

David Crane's adventurous sequel pushed creative and technical boundaries.

Duck Hunt, the Template for Wii's Success

30 years ago, Nintendo's iconic sports shooter predicted the future.

35 Years Ago, Nintendo's First Brush With Video Disaster

In 1979, a single game nearly sank the company's game business before it even launched.

How John Madden Changed Sports Games Forever

25 years ago, America's most boisterous sportcaster demanded greater realism in games.

NES and Famicom: Recollections on the 30th Anniversary

We asked you, ourselves, and folks in the industry for their thoughts on a system that helped define video gaming.

1983: The Summer That Changed the World

30 years ago Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft entered the Japanese console race. In doing so, they reshaped the future of games.

The Most Important Games on Sega's SG-1000

The games that helped Sega kick off its 20-year career as a console powerhouse.

Never Been So Much Fun: The Making of Cannon Fodder

Eurogamer's Joel Snape explains how Sensible Software turned the horror of war into a '90s classic.

JPgamer: "Better Than Persona?"

In this week's Japanese gaming column, we discuss the recent crop of Japanese role-playing games -- and whether any have truly bettered Atlus' slice-of-life-with-monsters classic.

The 10 Best Genesis/Mega Drive and Top 5 Sega CD Games

Sega's Genesis turns 25 today, and we're marking the occasion by celebrating the USgamer community's 10 favorite Genesis and top 5 Sega CD games.

The USgamer Community Reflects on Sega Genesis

We look back on their Mega Drive memories to celebrate 25 years of Sega's 16-bit wonder.

Indie Before It was Cool: The Umihara Kawase Story

The creator of cult classic action game Umihara Kawase discusses the inspiration and design behind one of Japan's most legendary independent action games.

Vanquish Revisited

Eurogamer's Chris Schilling takes a fond look back at Shinji Mikami's attempt to take on the West at its own game.

Remembering Nintendo Power, the Pravda of Video Games

25 years ago, Nintendo dressed naked sales pitches in the trappings of journalism, and millions of children rejoiced.

Making Bad Hardware Design Fun: Remembering Boktai

Hideo Kojima's cult classic brought Metal Gear's sophistication to bear as he attempted to solve the problem of the Game Boy Advance's terrible screen.

Ultima III: Exodus, Whence RPGs Came Forth

An influential classic turns 30.

Remembering Pac & Pal, Pac-Man's Strangest Arcade Adventure

The oddest and most obscure Pac-Man sequel ever celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, but should anyone care?

Strider's Uphill Battle

The future's coolest ninja is making his comeback via a stylish high-definition reboot. But can he escape the unfortunate gravity of history?

Love for the Middle Child: Mario Bros. Turns 30

Mario and Luigi leapt into their first starring roles in an arcade adventure its creators seem oddly eager to forget.

MSX: The Little Hybrid That Could

30 years ago, two companies teamed up to create a global computer standard. Great video games were the guest of honor.

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