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Lightning Returns PS3 Review: Not the Future of Final Fantasy, Just an Intriguingly Weird Present

The Final Fantasy XIII saga continues to be tremendously polarizing and occasionally somewhat baffling. But on the other hand, this final entry plays better than ever.

Bravely Default Salve-Maker Guide: What are the Best Compound Recipes?

So you want to be a Salve-Maker in Bravely Default? Here's a comprehensive list of all the recipes you can cook up with your items.

Bravely Default Guide: How to Rebuild Norende - And Why You Need to Do It

A big part of Bravely Default's early game involves rebuilding Tiz's hometown of Norende. But why should you bother? Lots of reasons, as it happens.

Bravely Default Job Guide: Commands, Combinations and Skills to Make the Best Party Setups

Want to know how best to go about building your party? This exhaustive list of all the Jobs in the game will help you plan unstoppable party builds.

Eight Great RPGs You Should Play if You Like Bravely Default

After you power through the latest portable epic, don't miss these back catalog greats.

Here's the Real Beauty of Dark Souls II

Once again, Dark Souls II is too big for any one preview to explain... and that's a good thing.

Bravely Default: Creating a Deceptively Modern 3DS RPG

The RPG's producers talk about breaking away from Final Fantasy and building something new in its place.

Is Conception II Really Like Persona? (No, Not Really)

Here's why the similarities between Atlus' flagship series and the newly-localized Conception are ultimately superficial.

Stories with Dice: The Thrill of Old-School D&D

Eurogamer's Oli Welsh rediscovers the joy of real role-playing.

Bravely Default Could be the Best Final Fantasy in a Decade

With its focus on mechanics over theatrics, Square-Enix's newest brand recalls the developer's salad days.

JPgamer: Victory, After a Hundred Hours

Some eight months after its original release -- and 112 hours of gameplay later -- Gamindustri is safe once again. Pete shares some final thoughts on Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

2013 in Review: The State of Role-Playing Games

How has the last year treated role-playing games? Jeremy and Pete take a look back on a year of swords, spiky hair and too many zippers.

Wonderful Memories, Crummy-Looking Postcard: Ys Memories of Celceta Review

Falcom's latest adventure may not be beautiful, but it has a great personality.

Counterpoint: Dark Souls II Will Kick Your Ass

It feels a bit different than its predecessors, but From's latest still offers their traditional tough-but-fair challenge.

Five Tantalizingly Untranslated PSP RPGs

These last-gen stragglers may never make their way to English-language territories, and they may never see new life on the Vita... but they should.

How Players Shaped the Direction of Lightning Returns

The final installment in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy wasn't developed by committee, but the game's fans had a big role in shaping the story's direction.

Pokémon X & Y Versions Review

Despite the numerous changes it brings to the series, something seems to be missing in the latest generation of Pokémon.

TGS: Dying Sucks More Than Ever in Dark Souls II

But you can get by with a little help from your friends.

In Monster Hunter, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child... kill monsters, that is.

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