Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition Black Friday Deals - How to Buy a SNES Classic? SNES Classic Release Date, SNES Classic Reviews, What Games are Included?

SNES Classic release date, SNES Mini price, SNES Classic US pre-order, and more. All you need to know about the SNES Classic Edition including SNES Classic reviews. All the cheat codes that exist for the games included with the SNES Classic.

The Top 25 RPGs of All Time #16: Earthbound

The kids are all right, but the adults sure aren't.

New Video Details How Dylan Cuthbert Made Star Fox When he was 17

How many of us can say we put a fox in space when we were teenagers?

Yoshi's Island's Hand-Drawn Art Style Was Done Pixel by Pixel

And also it took a long time.

Nintendo Trademarks N64 for What Sure Sounds Like an N64 Classic Mini

Is Nintendo going to miniaturize the N64?

A Hack Put the SNES Classic on the Nintendo Switch

A kind of virtual console.

Devolver Digital is Making an SNES Game About a CFO from Hell for Charity

Fork Parker is back, and he's all about making developers suffer for a good cause.

SNES Classic Surpasses Five Million Units

Nintendo's latest mini console is another hit.

The Analogue Super NT Has Been Hacked Just Like the SNES Mini

Monkey see, monkey do.

Interview Confirms Mega Man 7 was Developed in 3 Months

At least trench warfare makes for good camaraderie.

SNES Classic Consoles Available in Select Cities Through Amazon Prime Now

Amazon is selling SNES Minis in a handful of major cities.

Looking for an SNES Classic Edition? Head to Best Buy on Saturday, November 25

Best Buy is getting a fresh shipment of SNES Classics, but don't dawdle.

Nintendo Had an Amazing Month of Sales in October Thanks to the Switch, SNES Classic, and Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo had the two best selling consoles in October.

SNES Classic Sells 2 Million Worldwide, Will Continue Shipping "Moving Forward"

Nintendo has already sold 2 million of its latest microconsole.

Analogue's Modern SNES Console Will Also Come With an Exclusive Game

The Super Nt will come with a copy of Super Turrican: Director's Cut.

USG Lunch Hour Stream: Kat Tries to Finish Off Mega Man X [Victory!]

Can Kat finally defeat Sigma?

Analogue's Super Nt SNES Emulator Wants to Do What Nintendon't

The Super Nt costs twice as much but lets you play your physical SNES cartridges.

USgamer is Giving Away a Super NES Classic Mini! [Last Day!]

Find out how you can win one of the season's hottest gifts.

Some Amazon Customers Still Haven't Received Their SNES Classic Pre-Orders

Amazon is almost two weeks late with delivering SNES Classic pre-orders.

What's Punk Kirby Yelling into the Mic in Kirby Super Star? We Finally Know

"Disco?" "Pissed off?" "Death Metal?"

More SNES Classic Units Will be Available at GameStop and ThinkGeek Starting Today

The video game retailer will be getting a new allotment of SNES Classic shipments this week.

The USgamer Podcast: A Cuphead Review, SteamWorld Dig 2, Wrapping the SNES Classic

PODCAST | SteamWorld Dig 2, Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, SNES Classic, and more on the latest episode of our flagship podcast!

Stop What You're Doing and Look Back on These 10 Beautiful SNES Instruction Booklets

Back when instruction booklets were a canvas.

Check Out The Dope SNES Classic-Inspired Fashion Collection From Forever 21

There's a Super Mario World-themed windbreaker with my name on it.

Hey Nintendo, Good Job on The SNES Classic Launch

The online pre-orders were a nightmare, but the retailer launch has been pretty good.

Was the SNES Classic Launch Better Than the NES Classic Launch?

General consensus: Yes, absolutely.

SNES Classic Edition Review: Is the SNES Classic Edition Worth the Money?

Is the SNES Classic a solid bit of hardware, or a tool meant to separate nostalgic fools from their cash?

Join Us for an Afternoon of SNES Classic Streaming!

Kat is going to be playing a lot of SNES Classic starting at 12:45pm PT.

Hopeful SNES Classic Customers Face Long Lines at Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, but Most Come Away Happy

Online orders at GameStop and ThinkGeek sell out quickly.

Less Than a Day Into the SNES Classic Launch and the Star Fox 2 ROM has Already Leaked Online

Some people just want the SNES Classic for Star Fox 2.

How Small is the SNES Classic Edition? Is it Smaller Than Litten and Other Cutely Small Objects?

Say hello to my very little friends. We conduct a scientific study to see just how small the SNES Class Edition really is. You won't believe the results! Yes, the SNES Mini is very small!

5 Reasons Why the SNES Classic Edition Is Way Better Than the NES Classic Edition

8-bits is good, but 16-bits is sublime.

Nintendo Shows Off What Yoshi Originally Looked Like

We dodged a Bullet Bill.

Okay, Wow, Mario Regularly Punched Yoshi in the Head

Mario punches more than just bricks.

SNES Classic Hardware is Identical to the NES Classic

This could be a good sign there will be more classic consoles in the future.

Some Customers Already Received Their SNES Classic Systems

Gee Bill! How come Best Buy lets you [get an SNES Classic early]?

Starting Screen | Why the Super Nintendo is the Best Console Ever Made

STARTING SCREEN | Paying tribute to Nintendo's creative peak. Plus: A mini-review of Star Trek: Discovery, the Switch's true killer app, and more.

Captain Falcon was Originally the SNES' Mascot and Other Super Nintendo Facts You Didn't Know

Interviews with key Nintendo staff unearths a treasure trove of rare game trivia.

More In-store Numbers for SNES Classic Stock Ahead of Launch Date

Quantities as tracked by third party websites.

Sakamoto Was Originally Unsure of Super Metroid's Most Famous Scene

The final climactic battle was apparently under debate.

Super NES Retro Reviews: Every Review of Every SNES Classic Game

Do the games on the SNES Classic Edition hold up? Nadia reviewed each one (with a little help from Jeremy Parish). Read 'em all!

Stores Reportedly Have More SNES Classic Stock for Launch Than for the NES Classic Last Year

Will the SNES Classic be easier to find this year?

Nintendo Puts The NES Classic Back Into Production

Nintendo is finally making all the right moves.

Nintendo Releases Comprehensive Design Documents for Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 is real and so are these design docs.

Nintendo's Star Fox 2 Manual Goes Above and Beyond

Star Fox 2 never got an instruction booklet, so Nintendo filled in the gap -- and added some extras.

Walmart's SNES Classic Pre-Orders are a Mess... Again

Wait, Walmart SNES Classic pre-orders are being bad you say?

The USgamer Podcast: Should There be so Much Doom and Gloom Around SNES Classic Availability?

PODCAST | Our team talks Uncharted, SNES Classic, Assassin's Creed, and much more!

It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Buy a SNES Classic Edition

Sometimes, Nintendo makes it hard to be a fan.

The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

Nobody is happy about the SNES pre-orders and frankly I don't blame them.

The SNES is Available in Canada, But Not in Quebec

Wait, what's this about the SNES in Canada?

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Were Up... and Now They're Gone

SNES pre-orders went quietly into the night.

SNES Classic Hands-on: Why Nintendo's Second Retro Console Will Have More Staying Power Than the First

We also delve into the SNES Classic's new features and share our hands-on impressions of Star Fox 2!

Nintendo Quietly Translated Star Fox 2 Back in the '90s, and That Version is Appearing for the First Time on SNES Classic

Check out the difference between the fansub and the official translation.

Nintendo Reveals When to Expect SNES Classic Pre-Orders to go Live

Nintendo will ship additional consoles on launch day.

Walmart is Saying Pre-Orders for the SNES Classic Went Up Too Early

Amid reports of SNES Classic pre-order cancellations.

Nintendo Files for a Nintendo 64 Trademark, is a Nintendo 64 Mini Coming?

It would be silly if a Nintendo 64 Mini wasn't in the cards.

Relive the Past With Atari's New Ataribox

Atari is releasing an NES Classic-type throwback console.

Fake NES Classic Consoles are Appearing Online

Be aware of NES fakes.

NES Themed Nintendo Switch Controllers are $200, Might as Well Just Buy an NES Classic

It depends on your NES priorities I suppose.

Final Fantasy XV and XIV Stormblood, the SNES Classic, and Other Big Headlines From the Past Week

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Axe of the Blood God: The Super NES Classic Appears, Valkyria Revolution Fails

PODCAST | Breaking down Episode Prompt, the Super NES Classic, and the failure of Valkyria Revolution.

We Rank the Games of the Super NES Classic Edition

Which SNES Classic games should you play first? We ranked them all.

The Japanese Version of the SNES Classic Comes With Different Games

Japan will get a few different titles in its SNES variant.

Scalpers and Collectors Battle over the SNES Classic Edition

Reddit is aflame with moral conflict. Is all truly fair in love and capitalism?

Star Fox 2 Programmer on SNES Classic Release: "It's Bloody Awesome"

Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert weighs in on the official Star Fox 2 release.

10 Games We Can't Help but Notice Are Missing from the SNES Classic Edition

It's not in our nature to complain, Nintendo, but--

Star Wars: Battlefront II Is Coming, the SNES Classic Is Coming (Maybe), and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

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The SNES Classic Won't Get Nearly as Much Hype as the NES Classic

OPINION: The SNES Classic (assuming it's a thing) is meant to capture a time in gaming history that was much more divided than the NES era.