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The 25 Best PS4 Games: Now Updated for 2019

Our rotating list of the best PS4 games, now updated again for May 2019!

Sony Fined 2 Million Euros by Italy Over "Misleading" PlayStation Plus Subscription

The Italian regulators had an issue with Sony's marketing of PS Plus.

10 Cloverfield Lane and Portal Fan Film Director Set to Direct Uncharted Movie

Actor Tom Holland still set to star as Nathan Drake.

5 Instances of Video Game Characters Crashing Nativity Scenes

"We three kings picked up this electric yellow rat on our way here. That cool?"

PlayStation Classic's First Week Sales in Japan Way Underperformed Compared to SNES Classic

First week sales for both PlayStation Classic and SNES Classic highlights a wide gap.

PlayStation Network is Down [Update: PSN is Back Online]

PlayStation 4 features are offline.

The PlayStation Name Was Nearly Axed by Sony's Founder

If it ain't broke.

Half of PlayStation Classic's Library Will be 50hz PAL Versions, Plus Other Details Revealed

More details about the PlayStation Classic.

Sony is Skipping E3 2019 Entirely [Update]

PlayStation won't be at E3 2019.

The E3 Press Conference That Won PS4 the Generation

The PlayStation 4 has hit its 5th anniversary, so we're looking back on how it started with a bang.

PlayStation Classic Uses an Open-Source Emulator to Play Games

But maybe don't consider that a negative.

Starting Screen | The PlayStation Classic's Game Lineup Misses Out on Capturing What Made PS1 So Great

STARTING SCREEN | Licensing issues and questionable choices keep PS1 from reaching its potential.

Japan's PlayStation Classic Full Game Lineup Is A Lot Better Than Ours

Parasite Eve, Arc the Lad, Armored Core, and others make for a more tempting package.

Report: PS4 Users are Setting Messages to Private After Discovering New Bug That Bricks Consoles

A bugged message can reportedly brick your console.

PS Plus Free Games for October Gets Spooky With Friday The 13th: The Game

Check out the full list inside.

Spider-Man is a Record-Breaking Hit for PlayStation

The fastest-selling first-party Sony game.

PS Vita Production in Japan Will End in 2019, No Successor Planned

Vita means...well, you know.

PlayStation Classic Wishlist: The Games We Want for the Final 15 Spots (And Then Some)

Sony's revealed the first five games on the PlayStation Classic, so we dreamed up our own expanded line-up of what should join it.

The Oral History of Treyarch's Spider-Man 2: One of the Best Superhero Games Ever

Sure, it made a lot of money. But it also rewrote the rules for what a superhero game could be. Here’s the story behind Treyarch's 2004 masterpiece.

August PS Plus Games Feature Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight for PS4

Also Serious Sam on PS3, Draw Smasher on PS Vita.

Tiny Metal Dispute Settled With Former Employee Admitting Embezzlement Allegations "Contrary to the Truth"

Ex-AREA35 publicly retracts embezzlement allegations against former employer.

New Spider-Man PS4 Trailer From SDCC Shows Silver Sable, Classic Costume, and More

Playable Mary Jane, classic costume, new characters!

You Can Now Sign-Up for the PS4 System Update 6.00 Beta

Be the first to test out the newest PS4 features, whatever they might be.

If Fortnite and Minecraft Can't Make Sony Support Cross-Play, Nothing Will

Microsoft and Nintendo sittin' in a tree, c-r-o-s-s-p-l-a-y-i-n-g.

Dear Naughty Dog: Please Stop Torturing People in Your Trailers for The Last of Us 2

I know the game has important things to say about the horrors of the apocalypse. Trust me, I believe you.

Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Recap—Games, Trailers, and Announcements

A surprise Resident Evil 2 remake, plus gameplay trailers for The Last of Us: Part 2, Death Stranding, and more.

Ubisoft CEO: Next-Gen Consoles May be the Last

Make way for streaming.

Sony E3 2018 PS4 Games Preview

Sony's E3 showcase probably won't have any big surprises this year, but we can dream, right?

God of War Photo Mode Shows Kratos can be Happy, Even if His Smile is Horrifying

Never has a man's smile been so physically pained.

Report: PlayStation 5 Rumors are Swirling, But a 2018 Release Date Appears Unlikely

Rumors in the games industry suggest PS5 might not be out until 2020.

You Can Restore Lost Results After a Server Error in MLB The Show 18—Here's How

Lost progress in MLB The Show 18? Sony San Diego has your back.

Ratchet & Clank Devs Got in a Legal Spat for Using a Nursery Rhyme In-Game

Also, his talent for lewd subtitles was enormously under-appreciated.

God of War PS4 is Getting a Photo Mode, but Not Until Cory Barlog Can Make it Cool

Kratos plus Blingee is a match made in Valhalla, Barlog.

Microsoft and Epic Want Fortnite Crossplay Between Xbox and PS4, Sony Remains Unmoved

Microsoft and Epic plead, "Come play with us, Sony. Forever and ever..."

Bloodborne Old Yharnam Guide - Complete Old Yharnam Walkthrough

Pick up the entire Hunter attire set and stock up on Antidotes as you prepare for the battle against the Blood-starved Beast!

Bloodborne Lecture Building Guide - Complete Lecture Building Walkthrough

Explore the Lecture Building and Nightmare Frontier to find the Augur of Ebrietas, Fading Lake rune and the entrance to the Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis!

Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis Guide - Complete Nightmare of Mensis Walkthrough

Find the Shaman Bone Blades, Mensis Cage and Iron Door Key as you unlock the ability to fight Gehrman, the final boss in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Walkthrough - Complete Guide, Quest Guides, Blood Vials, Insight Guide

A complete Bloodborne guide, including tips, boss battles and single-player campaign walkthrough.

Bloodborne Forbidden Woods Guide - Complete Forbidden Woods Walkthrough, How to Find Iosefka

Find the Blood of Arianna, Monocular, Tonsil Stone, Hunter and White Church attire, and get the Oedon Writhe rune!

Bloodborne Gehrman Boss Guide - How to Defeat the First Hunter, How to Find the Blood Rock

Find the Blood Rock to master your weapon, discover the Infected Organ, Choir Bell and Living String, then kill the Big Brain in the final boss battle.

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne Boss Guide - How to Find the Tiny Music Box, How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Here's all you'll need to take down Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne, and put an end to his reign of terror over Yharnam.

Bloodborne Yahar'gul, Unseen Village Guide - Complete Yahar'gul, Unseen Village Walkthrough

Find Bolt Paper, the Heir Rune, Clawmark rune, Tonitrus and Tiny Tonitrus while you explore Yahar'gul, Unseen Village!

Bloodborne Byrgenwerth Guide - Complete Byrgenwerth Walkthrough

Discover the location of the Lunarium Key and Empty Phantasm Shell, then head into Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.

Bloodborne Character Creation Guide – How to Begin the Game, Best Character Builds, How to Use Blood Echoes

Create the perfect character in Bloodborne, as we teach you about origin, starting weapons and Blood Echoes.

Bloodborne Cathedral Ward Guide - Complete Cathedral Ward Guide, How to Find the Healing Church Workshop

Discover the location of the Beast rune, get out of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and kill Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward.

Bloodborne Blood Echo Guide - How to Farm Blood Echoes to Level Up Fast

We show you how to do some Blood Echo farming in Bloodborne, and explain how it can help you level up fast.

Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Guide - Complete Hemwick Charnel Lane Walkthrough

Explore Hemwick Charnel Lane and find the Rune Workshop Tool to gain access to the Memory Altar in Hunter's Dream!

Bloodborne Central Yharnam Guide - How to Find Iosefka's Clinic Walkthrough

Navigate Iosefka's Clinic and take on Central Yharnam as you begin your adventure in Bloodborne!

Horizon Zero Dawn Players Have Wasted 1.8 Billion Watcher Enemies

Are you proud? Are you proud of yourselves? You should be.

These God of War Beers Are Fit for the Divines

Even after they pass through your kidneys, they'll still be as ambrosia.

God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed

God of War will not run native 4K, but it'll still look amazing.

MLB The Show 18 Drops Online Franchise Mode to Players' Dismay

But will Online Franchise Mode be missed?

Detroit: Become Human Release Date Confirmed for May

It's almost time to test your humanity with David Cage.

PS Plus Will No Longer Offer Free PS3 and Vita Games After February 2019

The times they are a changing.

MLB The Show 18 Adds Rain Delays for Even More Baseball Realism

Aw yeah, all the exciting action of the weather.

MLB The Show 18 Held a Closed Alpha to Avoid Online Server Issues at Launch

"Really for us it was breaking down all those pain points we saw last year at launch."

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Stepping Down in April

CFO Kenichiro Yoshida named his replacement.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a Gateway Into The World of Monster Hunter

The two games aren't the same, but you can get easily into one from the other.

Former Factor 5 Devs Say Lair Was Doomed by Forced Motion Controls

Before the cancelled Scalebound, there was another dragon-riding game on the scene.

Gravity Rush 2's Online Servers May Have Been Temporarily Saved by Fans

No need to race to farm Dusty Tokens, yet.

PS4 Jumps Ahead of PS2 Sales Rate With 73.6 Million Sold

The student has become the master. For now.

What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

Sony continued to win behind the scenes while Nintendo grabbed headlines, but what will the company do in 2018?

PlayStation Experience 2017 Presser: Watch it Here!

Join us this evening as we see everything PlayStation has to offer.

Demon's Souls' Online Service Transformed Its Multiplayer Into a Literal Ghost Story

Demon's Souls' online component was a masterpiece, plain and simple.

Demon's Souls Servers Shutting Off In February

Soon, fans of the Souls original won't be able to enjoy the online madness.

PlayStation 4 Reaches 67.5 Million Systems Shipped Worldwide, Sales Estimates Rise

Sony increases its sales estimates as PlayStation 4 continues to have a great year.

Ghost of Tsushima Dev Promises "There's No Waypoint" To Follow

Sucker Punch wants you to feel like a samurai.

Gran Turismo Sport's Special $46,000 Bundle Comes With An Actual Car

But there's only one in existence.

PS4 Firmware Updated to 5.0 Today

The latest and greatest is available to PlayStation 4 owners today.

Andrew House Steps Down As President of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Tsuyoshi Kodera is appointed in his place, while House remains through the year to ensure a smooth transition.

PlayStation VR Is Getting a Revamped Headset

It seems that HDR passthrough is finally a reality, for new owners of the PlayStation VR.

Sucker Punch's Infamous Got Its Start as a "Superhero Version of Animal Crossing"

Unfortunately, "superhero Animal Crossing" didn't quite pan out.

On Sly Cooper's 15th Anniversary, the Thieving Raccoon Sneaks Back Into Relevancy

For Sly Cooper's 15th anniversary, we reflect on the cliffhanger the series ended on, its upcoming animated series, and the mystery of Sly 5.

Charted: Ranking All The Uncharted Games

Drake's done and Chloe's climbing, but which of the Uncharted games takes the treasure?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Points Towards a Potential Franchise Future

Nathan Drake may be out of the thieving game, but that doesn't mean the Uncharted games have to end.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review: Pass The Torch, Drake

Mike liked Uncharted 4. Caty didn't. So they decided to go halfsies on the review of its successor.

PlayStation Experience 2017 Tickets Are Now Available

The convention of all things PlayStation is back again.

Spider-Man For PS4 Gets Another Look At D23

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man gets a new trailer that's still light on details.

PS4 Pro Glacier White Edition Coming in Destiny 2 Bundle

A special white PS4 Pro is coming just in time for Destiny 2.

Cuphead Developers: "There will be no PS4 version"

Cuphead will skip the Sony console entirely.

Let's Remember the Wacky Crash Bandicoot Commercials from the 1990s

Now that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is out, it's time to take a stroll down memory lane.

E3 2017 Central: Info, Coverage Times, and All of Our Coverage

Our comprehensive roundup of all our coverage for E3 2017, organized for your browsing convenience. Plus, conference times, pre-show rumors, and more!

Gran Turismo Sport Creator On The Competition: "No One Has Anything On Us"

Is there real racing competition, or is Gran Turismo far ahead in the pole position?

Welcome to Video Games' Next Top E3 Presenter: The Best-Dressed of E3 2017

Who was the best dressed during E3 2017's many press conferences? Caty's on the case.

Sony E3 2017 Liveblog: Shadow of the Colossus Remake Announced, Spider-Man Likely Stars Miles Morales [UPDATE: ALL DONE!]

Watch the Sony E3 press conference livestream as Caty shares her thoughts on all of the news coming out of today's event.

E3 2017 Preview: The 10 Biggest Games to Watch For

From God of War to Super Mario Odyssey, these are the most essential games of E3 2017.

Sony Sees PS4 and Nintendo Switch "Sitting Side-By-Side"

Sony executives aren't seeing any losses from Switch's success.

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