Where Final Fantasy Went Wrong, and How Square Enix is Putting It Right

Final Fantasy's star has lost its shine for many fans. We speak with the series' creators to learn how they're working to restore its former glory.

Nier: Underappreciated Classic of the Outgoing Generation

On the eve of E3 2014, the first in which we're well and truly "next-gen," Pete looks back on an underappreciated gem from Gen7 and ponders whether we'll ever see its like again.

Savoring the Realm: Sightseeing in Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch introduces the Sightseeing Log, an interesting means of celebrating the game's worldbuilding.

Dragon Quest VIII iOS Review: Itty-bitty Living Space

An expensive, choppy, claustrophobic, and ultimately disappointing port.

Drakengard 3 PS3 Review: The Gods Must Be Crazy

A magical girl suffers a psychotic break and goes on a roaring rampage of revenge in this subpar action RPG from the developers of Nier.

How is Square Enix's Collective Program Going?

The publishing giant's indie outreach program came out of its trial phase and into live service a while ago. What's it got to offer?

Dragon Quest XI is in the Works, But What Will It Be?

Unsurprisingly, the insanely successful RPG franchise will see another entry, but what form will it take?

Theatrhythm Curtain Call Coming West with Over 200 Final Fantasy Songs

The second installment in the music game series brings new characters, new modes and a whole heap of classic songs.

Final Fantasy Publisher Loses Third-Biggest Shareholder as Sony Sells Stock

Sony ends its minority ownership in Square Enix. What does it really mean for both companies?

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Tips, Dungeon Walkthroughs and Trial Guides

Prepare yourself for battle in Eorzea with our comprehensive collection of guides to Square Enix's sprawling MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV's PS3-to-PS4 Upgrade Program Launches

Bought FFXIV on PS3 and want to upgrade? Go right ahead! Here's how.

Square Enix Launches Collective, Reveals IP Up for Grabs

Indies could soon be working on new Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox titles.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Complete Walkthrough for the Endgame Dungeons

Did you think your adventure was over once you reached level 50? Think again; there's plenty more to do.

Final Fantasy XIV Trials Guide: Defeat Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, Leviathan and More

The Primals of Eorzea giving you some trouble? Turn the tables with our handy guide to Final Fantasy XIV's toughest encounters.

Bravely Default's Western Success Prompts a Rethink at Square Enix

The popularity of Square Enix's excellent Final Fantasy spinoff has given the company pause.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.2 Coming March 27, Full Details Here

The adventure in Eorzea continues with a wealth of new content at the end of the month.

Final Fantasy FAQ and Beginner's Guide: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Final Fantasy Games

Interested in learning more about the world's most popular RPG series? Here's everything you need to know: what Final Fantasy is, how it plays through, what are the best and worst games in the series - and where you should get started!

Games are Squandering Their Potential to Truly Immerse Us

Eurogamer contributor Rob de Vries argues that to create truly believable worlds, games need to let go of what's safe.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster PlayStation 3 Review: Heavy Metal Fluff

It's the odd moments, not the expected ones, that make this pair of visually remastered RPGs worth revisiting.

Rise of Mana Producer Would Like To Make a Retail Game

It's possible that we'll see a full Mana game for the 25th anniversary of the series.

Tomb Raider Reboot Was a Success After All

That's something of a shift from what Square Enix said a month after its release.

Last Mission: Another Small Way That Final Fantasy X-2 Was a Bit Ahead of Its Time

A look at Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission, wherein the Gullwings were indie before it was cool.

The Living City: A Look at Thief's Excellent Open World

Thief's troubled reboot manages to rise above reproach in at least one area: The intricately crafted three-dimensional puzzle that is the City.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Features a Deceptively Intriguing Premise

How Square Enix's new adventure game tackles the design problems that come with being a ghost.

Square Enix's Collective Ends Pilot Period Today

Two of the three games in the pilot program look like they'll make it -- Ruffian's Game of Glens continues to struggle, however.

Thief PlayStation 4 Review: Not Quite a Master Criminal

Small flaws and annoying design decisions steal Garrett's thunder and prevent this long-awaited stealth revival from living up to its legacy.

Final Fantasy XIV Dungeon Guide: Level Your Way to 50 With Friends

Final Fantasy XIV's dungeons provide you with some of the stiffest challenges in the game. Here's how to complete all the dungeons that will get you to level 50.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: What's the Fastest Way to Level Up?

Want to see as much of Eorzea as you can in Final Fantasy XIV's PS4 beta? Then you'll need to get levelling.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: What's the Best Class to Play?

Jumping into Final Fantasy XIV's PS4 beta this weekend? Or giving the PC version a go for the first time? Either way, Team USG helps you decide which role to play.

Lightning's Jesus Christ Pose

Whether deliberate or not, the divisive new Final Fantasy sequel does a curiously good job of dabbling in religious symbolism.

Final Fantasy XIV's First Expansion Will Be as Big as the Base Game

Naoki Yoshida's got big plans for Square Enix's rebooted MMO, coming soon to PS4.

It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad

A series that was once the defining name in RPGs is now often the target of scorn. Why?

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: The "Lightning Strikes" Event

Want to know how to meet Lightning in Square Enix's sprawling MMO? Read on.

Lightning Returns PS3 Review: Not the Future of Final Fantasy, Just an Intriguingly Weird Present

The Final Fantasy XIII saga continues to be tremendously polarizing and occasionally somewhat baffling. But on the other hand, this final entry plays better than ever.

Bravely Default 3DS Review: The Final Fantasy That Never Was

Silicon Studio and Square Enix's latest makes no attempt to hide its roots. Is this a firm foundation for a new game, or has the world moved on since Final Fantasy's PlayStation 1 era?

Bravely Default Salve-Maker Guide: What are the Best Compound Recipes?

So you want to be a Salve-Maker in Bravely Default? Here's a comprehensive list of all the recipes you can cook up with your items.

Bravely Default Guide: How to Rebuild Norende - And Why You Need to Do It

A big part of Bravely Default's early game involves rebuilding Tiz's hometown of Norende. But why should you bother? Lots of reasons, as it happens.

Bravely Default Job Guide: Commands, Combinations and Skills to Make the Best Party Setups

Want to know how best to go about building your party? This exhaustive list of all the Jobs in the game will help you plan unstoppable party builds.

What Bravely Default Gets Right

There's more than just Final Fantasy nostalgia at work in Square's extraordinary new 3DS RPG.

Bravely Default: Creating a Deceptively Modern 3DS RPG

The RPG's producers talk about breaking away from Final Fantasy and building something new in its place.

Square Enix Enlists Crackdown 2 Dev in Its Collective

Ruffian is one of the three developers kicking off the Square Enix collective program.

What's Next for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

A new patch, an official soundtrack and a PlayStation 4 version, that's what.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition PS4 & Xbox One Review: Challenging The PC

The new version of Tomb Raider isn't worth a double-dip, but it stands far ahead what has come before.

Thief Plays it Cautiously, as Its Name Implies

But unlike the game's titular hero, Eidos' thinking man's FPS doesn't specialize in the art of surprise.

Looking for Porkface: A Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Adventure

Eurogamer's Chris Donlan and Martin Robinson enjoy 30 seconds of glory before being plunged into chaos.

Revisiting Final Fantasy's Awkward Middle Age Through FFX HD

Fancy graphics only serve to highlight the odd nature of Final Fantasy's first PS2 outing.

Lightning Returns: A Reminder That Final Fantasy is at Its Best When It's Scrappy and Weird

Jeremy finds the latest Final Fantasy a bizarre, contradictory mishmash, and that's what he likes about it.

Bravely Default Could be the Best Final Fantasy in a Decade

With its focus on mechanics over theatrics, Square-Enix's newest brand recalls the developer's salad days.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Bravely Default's Microtransactions and Social Features

Don't let apparent and unwelcome feature creep from mobile games put you off one of the best RPGs in years; Square Enix shows us how to handle these things correctly.

JPgamer: About the Bravo Bikini...

The rather good upcoming JRPG for 3DS Bravely Default has had a few changes for its Western release. But were Nintendo and Square Enix right to make those changes?

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Surviving the Crystal Tower

The 24-player Labyrinth of the Ancients is one of the most popular new dungeons in FFXIV's 2.1 patch. Here's how to make it through safely.

Final Fantasy Tactics Character Designer Leaves Square Enix

Akihiko Yoshida ends his 18-year career at Square Enix, but he's not completely gone.

How Final Fantasy XIV Cost Me a Good Night's Sleep

Where do you go after you save A Realm Reborn from the Empire's evil machinations? Pete checks out the end of Final Fantasy XIV's road to the level cap, and where Eorzea's heroes go from there.

Thief Attempts a New Kind of Controller Feedback on PS4

Force feedback is old hat, so Eidos is trying some new tricks.

Final Fantasy XIV Doing Way Better than Square Enix Expected

So good, in fact, that the company has adjusted its earnings forecast significantly.

Who Would You Put in Charge of Final Fantasy?

Square Enix is creating a committee to make sure that the Final Fantasy franchise reaches fan's high standards.

FFXIV Free World Transfers Start Today

Plus Halloween -- sorry, "All Saints' Wake" -- events starting this Friday.

No Dishonored Among Thief

Despite superficial similarities to last year's stealth hit, Garrett's new adventure has far more in common with the Thiefs of old than with newcomers like Assassin's Creed and Dishonored.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Coming to PS3 in 2014

You'll be able to complete your high-definition Kingdom Hearts collection next year.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX Review

The years have not been kind to Sora and his friends. Dustin Quillen checks out the PS3 remake of the first Kingdom Hearts game and ponders what it takes for a game to be a true classic.

Square Enix and IndieGogo Launch the Crowd-Funding Collective

Square Enix was serious about turning towards crowd-funding and the Collective is their first effort.

Square Enix Explains FFXIV's Plans for PvP and Housing

Yoshi-P and the team give some details on the MMO's upcoming patch 2.1.

EGX: Ghost Trick, Meet L.A. Noire

Airtight Games' upcoming supernatural sleuthing sim Murdered: Soul Suspect sees you investigating your own death from beyond the grave, putting an interesting twist on more conventional investigation and deduction games.

EGX: How Eidos Montreal's Reimagining Thief

Garrett's latest adventure still sees him skulking around in the dark pilfering things that don't belong to him, but the team behind it is keen to make it as accessible to newcomers as it is pleasing to series veterans.

EGX: Lightning's Combat-Ready

Square Enix had a short playable demo of Lightning Returns on the Eurogamer Expo show floor, giving Final Fantasy fans a chance to go hands-on with the divisive heroine's latest adventure and get a feel for how she fights.

TGS: Secrets of the New Final Fantasy Sound

How The World Ends With you and Final Fantasy Type-0 composer Takeharu Ishimoto is pushing RPG soundtracks into a new frontier.

TGS: Lightning Returns is the Opposite of Final Fantasy XIII

Who said sequels had to be anything like their predecessors?

TGS: Agito, Type 0, Fan Support, and the Intimacy of Portables

Our chat with Square Enix's Hajime Tabata explores his Final Fantasy projects and the importance of fan enthusiasm.

FFXIV Update Addresses Three Common Complaints

An update to Square Enix's MMO implements some much-requested tweaks.

Awesome Mom Makes Awesome Chocobo Costume, Is Generally Awesome

We talk to Calley MacLeod, who took Special Prize in Square Enix's first EU FFXIV: ARR Cosplay Contest 2013, about making great costumes for cheap.

What Would You Like to Hear in Theatrhythm's Sequel?

The Final Fantasy rhythm game is coming back for a Curtain Call in 2014.

Square Enix Adapts from Discs to Free-To-Play and Early Access

Square Enix' new president looks for a way out of a hole with "flexible" business models, following a $145 million net loss.

FInal Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4: Vita Remote Play Incoming

FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida dishes details on the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida: PVP Creates a “Real, Living Economy”

In a post-launch interview, Mike talks with Naoki Yoshida about PVP, evolving Final Fantasy design, and bringing the East and West together.

Final Fantasy XIV Review

Against all odds, Square Enix's second attempt at a Final Fantasy MMO is back for another shot at glory. Does it have what it takes to survive in a market that has changed significantly in the last few years, or should Yoshi-P have left Eorzea crushed beneath Bahamut's wrath?

Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Are you someone who likes to rush through your games, or do you prefer taking your time?

Final Fantasy XIV's Server Upgrades Completed

Will the revamped server structure be able to better cope with the influx of new players?

Is This the End for FFXIV's Error 1017?

Square Enix is working hard to resolve Final Fantasy XIV's overloading issues.

Square Enix Apologizes for Final Fantasy XIV Early Access Issues

Final Fantasy XIV is a good game, when you can actually play it. Launch day issues abound.

Square Enix Finds Life Beyond The Launch Window

Sleeping Dogs finds a strong community and profitability a year later.

The New Dark Age of Dragon Quest

As the classic RPG series marches on in Japan with no sign of overseas versions, fans need to face facts: Dragon Quest may be dead in America.

To Catch a Thief

The fourth Thief game is out next February. Isn't it about time you caught up with Garrett's misadventures?

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta and Early Access Announced

In a four-hour "Letter from the Producer Live" session today, Square Enix revealed a whole host of new info about the upcoming MMO.

Is Final Fantasy Dead?

The USgamer team ponders the fate of Square Enix's flagship role-playing game series.

Tomb Raider Sequel Confirmed as Square Enix Commits to AAA

Square Enix US/Europe CEO Phil Rogers promises "the best quality games possible, faster."

Yoshida Explains FFXIV's Endgame Content

Endgame content can make or break an MMORPG in the long-term, so it's something Square Enix's Naoki Yoshida is keen to get right.

Tomb Raider Comic Will "Lead Directly" Into Sequel

Comic writer Gail Simone takes the new Lara Croft around the world.

New Star Ocean Game Announced

But don't get too excited... it's a mobile card battle game.

Final Fantasy IV Soundtrack (Remastered Version) Review

A classic game soundtrack enjoys a small but pleasant revision.

Final Fantasy Born Again

Eurogamer's Simon Parkin takes a closer look at how Square Enix is doing its best to fix the "problem child" of the Final Fantasy family.

What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?

We look back in series history and see how we ended up with an action RPG as the franchise's latest.

Finding Your Role in Final Fantasy XIV

Class changes, crafting and special quests: just some of the things Pete got up to in last weekend's Final Fantasy XIV beta.

A Realm Reborn: Impressions from FFXIV's Front Line

Square-Enix recently launched the penultimate phase of Final Fantasy XIV's beta. Pete was on the front line.