Several Big Google Stadia Features Won't Go Live Until 2020

Family sharing, Android compatibility, and more are missing the launch window.

The Last of Us Part 2 Won't Be On PlayStation Now So Its Launch Can Be "Clean and Pure"

PlayStation Now will still lag behind Sony's first-party rollout.

Google Stadia Might Predict Your Button Presses to Deal with Input Delay

It knows what move you wanna make.

Project xCloud, Microsoft's Game Streaming Service, Goes Into Public Preview Next Month

Microsoft will let players in to test out xCloud in the real world.

Netflix Might Have Leaked The Witcher Series' Premiere Date

Celebrate the holidays with monsters and magic.

Storylines to Watch Heading Into E3 2019, From Streaming to Next-Gen Consoles

E3 is next week and we want answers to the most pressing video game questions of 2019.

"I Think Some Companies Point at Fortnite as Sort of an Excuse for Why Their Titles Didn't Do Well"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | The industry is in tremendous upheaval as console rivals bury the ax and streaming threatens to disrupt the market.

Sony CEO: There is "No Scenario Where PlayStation and Xbox Platforms Combine"

Sony and Microsoft are working together on streaming, but don't expect an XStation anytime soon.

"The Move to Streaming Is Upon Us"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Sony is convinced on-demand gaming is imminent in part because roughly 5% of PS4 owners used Remote Play at least once in the past year.

Developers Like Capcom and Paradox Could Already Be Testing Their Games on Microsoft's xCloud Streaming Service

xCloud has been deployed to Azure servers near key game developers.

Sony and Microsoft Set Aside Differences to Tackle Next-Gen Gaming's New Frontier: Cloud Streaming

This could mean big things for both PlayStation and Xbox game streaming.

Disney+ Streaming Service Confirmed for PS4, Discussions to Bring to Switch and Xbox One Ongoing

Disney's video streaming service is coming to PlayStation 4, and hopefully other consoles too.

Exclusive: Walmart is Talking to Developers and Publishers About a Potential Streaming Service

The American retail giant is exploring a jump into the untested video game streaming space.

Google's New Game Streaming Platform is Called Stadia

Google's entry into the gaming race now has a name.

Xbox Live on Switch Could Actually Happen

Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to other hardware.

Amazon Reportedly Working on a Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon eyes the console wars.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: Streaming "Way Further Out" as Best Way to Play Games

Streaming might never overtake native gaming.

Ninja, Rick and Morty, and Logic To Stream Fallout 76 Next Week For Probable SEO Reasons

You can see all your favorite people (and cartoons?) on a Bethesda-hosted Fallout 76 livestream next week.

EA Announces New Cloud Gaming Tech That Is as Confusing as It Is Exciting

Better AI, easier game development, and streaming games.

EA Predicts Built-In Consoles for Smart TVs in 10 Years

Another publisher predicts a stream-based future for video games.

Report: Microsoft's Next Xbox "Scarlett" Could Include a Cheaper, Streaming-Only Console

Latency could be reduced thanks to cloud technology.

Valve's Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games to Your Smartphones

Two new Valve apps are being prepped for mobile.

Sea of Thieves Fights With Fortnite For Twitch's Most Watched Game

Microsoft's latest has a bit of streaming heat to it.

Microsoft's Mixer Lets You Buy Games Directly From a Stream

Mixer Direct Purchase launches today.

Dr DisRespect's Return to Streaming Crashed Twitch

The doctor is in. Wait no, he's out.

Rainway Wants to Bring PC Game Streaming to Switch and More

A developer is trying to bring PC game streaming via a web browser.

Coming Soon: Buy Games Through Twitch

With a click of a button, you can buy the game a streamer is playing -- and you get a bonus.

World of Tanks Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Marathon

Popular Twitch streamer passes away during a stream benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Here's When We're Going to be Playing Final Fantasy IV This Week

Where to find us and when to watch.

YouTube Adds 4K Support for Live Streaming, Game Awards Kicks It Off

Google's video service jumps ahead of Twitch in the 4K department.

Microsoft Aims at Twitch With Native Streaming for Windows 10 and Xbox One

The new Microsoft Creators Update brings a new feature to Windows 10.

This Week's Streaming Schedule: Terranigma, Fallout 4 DLC, and More [Now with Friday Battlefield 1 Stream!]

Bob, Kat, and Jeremy have been streaming all week. Our final stream for the week happens this morning!

This Week's Streaming Schedule: Come See Super Robot Wars in Action at 4pm ET/1pm PT

Kat and Jeremy will be on Twitch through the week. Here's when to catch them!

This Week's Streaming Schedule: Dracula X Wraps the Week

Kat and Jeremy will be streaming throughout the week! Here's the complete schedule.

Overwatch and Hearthstone Getting Built-In Facebook Live Streaming

Blizzard and Facebook team up to bring Facebook integration to Blizzard titles.

YouTube Steps Up to Defend Fair Use

By defending users from DMCA takedowns, Google hopes to protect free speech... and its video platform.

USstreamer: Brave the Frozen North with Bob in The Long Dark [Update: Now Archived]

Bring your parkas, gloves, and untainted cans of pork and beans—you'll need them to survive our guided journey through this harrowing open-world game.

What is OnLive's New "CloudLift" Service?

The "cloud gaming" service has had a bit of a rethink.

Riot Bans League of Legends Pros from Streaming Rival Games

...and a few others besides. Is this the future of eSports?

Next-Gen is All About Socializing

Twitch streaming, a console OS inspired by Dark Souls and a PS4-hosted talk show: modern gaming's all about being connected.

StarCraft 2 and the Curious Case of Benjamin Baker

Eurogamer's Rich Stanton explores the curious appeal of streaming.