THQ Nordic

"Stop Asking 'Is It Political?' and Start Asking Instead About the Actual Politics of Each Game"

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Also, the things studios of all sizes do to survive, and what happens when that's not enough.

Timesplitters Co-Creator Joins THQ Nordic for a Franchise Revival and Dead Island 2 Lives

The publisher also acquires Darksiders developer Gunfire Games.

Darksiders: Genesis' Creative Director on Returning to the Series He Helped Create, Bringing Back War, and More

The creative director behind Darksiders: Genesis tells us about co-op, bringing back War, and reinventing the action of the series.

Playing The Strange Destroy All Humans Remake Left Us With One Question: Why?

A Destroy All Humans remake is en route, but rather than refresh the PS2 and Xbox classic for a new generation, it's just... the same game again.

New Darksiders Game Leaked by E3 Website

THQ Nordic is going back to the dark side(rs).

The Next Red Faction Might Have Leaked on Nvidia's Ansel Site

Dang photo mode, leaking again.

Dead Island 2 is Still Shuffling Along, THQ Nordic Confirms

Dead Island 2 was announced in 2014.

THQ Nordic is Still Apologizing for Last Week's Disastrous 8chan AMA

THQ Nordic's parent company is now apologizing for the controversial AMA.

THQ Nordic Turns to the Darksiders

THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | De Blob publisher DeBases itself hanging out with DeBigots to promote its games.

THQ Nordic Apologizes for Hosting an AMA on 8chan, a Site Known for Child Pornography

How could this have ended any other way?

A Timeline of How Metro Exodus' Launch Turned Toxic

The first flashpoint in the ensuing Epic vs. Steam story.

THQ Nordic Picks Up the Rights to Another Classic Franchise

The mid-tier publisher grabs Outcast.

Darksiders 3 is Dropping the Mini-Map, Here's Why

Hell hath no fury.

Darksiders 3 Brings The Fury This November

The follow-up to War and Death's adventures is coming this year.

USgamer Stream: Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered [Done!]

Free Mars at the end of a hammerhead? How does that work?

Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Review

I'm not using that title in the review itself more than once.

Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster Tasks Players With Destroying Mars in 4K

If only someone can blow up the terrible pun.

The Road to Shape of Water's Oscar Win Was Paved With Some Tantalizing Games

Let's look back at all the games that have fallen in the wake of the Oscar-winning director.

THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media

Some wayward franchises are now back under the THQ banner, technically.

Titan Quest Heads To PS4 and Xbox One in March, Switch in 2018

THQ Nordic brings the Diablo-style adventure to modern consoles.

Darksiders 3 Has Its Fury Unleashed By Amazon

It looks like Amazon has taken the wraps off of THQ Nordic's next title a bit early.

ELEX Finds the Developer of Gothic and Risen Expanding Its Horizons

Piranha Bytes goes fully open-world for its latest RPG.

THQ Nordic Picks Up Delta Force, F-22, and More From NovaLogic

The company formerly known as Nordic Games is buying more IPs.

THQ Returns as Nordic Games Rebrands

Publisher Nordic Games has now become THQ Nordic.