The World's Fastest Titanfall 2 Gauntlet Speedrunner Has Only One Opponent: Himself

Cash Mayo is pushing what's possible in the Gauntlet, even if his only competition is himself.

Nexon-Helmed Project Titanfall Online Has Been Cancelled

The game was set to be a free-to-play version of the original Titanfall

EA Will Buy Titanfall Developer Respawn Entertainment for as High as $455 Million

The two companies are working on another Titanfall game, and a Star Wars title.

Titanfall Sequel Won't Skimp on the Single-Player Campaign

Respawn's lead writer promises a single player campaign and science meeting magic.

Titanfall's Xbox 360 DLC Will Not Arrive at the Same Time as Xbox One and PC DLC

It is being worked on, though; just expect it a little later.

What To Expect From EA in 2014 and Beyond

EA trims its release schedule a bit and renews its contract with Respawn for more Titanfall action, but Need for Speed will be missing 2014.

Titanfall to Get New Game Modes in Future DLC

The first map pack is intended to temporarily placate those who have devoured all the current content.

Xbox One: 5 Million Shipped, Titanfall Tops March 2014 NPD Software Sales

Microsoft plays a game with its new console's sales numbers, while Titanfall becomes March 2014's best-selling game.

There was Nearly a Vita Version of Titanfall

As always, Geoff Keighley's Final Hours series brings some interesting and enlightening tidbits of information to light.

Titanfall's First DLC Detailed and Dated

The Expedition pack will be with us next month.

There's a Titanfall Mod for Minecraft

Amusingly, it supports more players than Titanfall does.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Spotted in the Wild, But Currently Unplayable

Certain territories have been slipping out early copies of Titanfall on Xbox 360, but no-one can play it yet.

Respawn Testing Improved Matchmaking for Titanfall

After some complaints over mismatched teams, Respawn is experimenting with new ways to group up players in its flagship shooter.

Titanfall Confines Cheaters to "the Wimbledon of Aimbot Contests"

Respawn isn't banning Titanfall cheaters. Oh no. It's giving them what they deserve.

Titanfall Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help you Win

Looking to get ahead in Titanfall? Here's a few tips from us and Respawn Entertainment.

Titanfall's Error 503 Woes on PC Should Now Be Sorted

Those who were having trouble getting in to Respawn's new shooter yesterday should now be good to go.

Titanfall Dev: On-Disc DLC is "Scary Community Territory"

Respawn Entertainment's community manager on why the company avoided on-disc DLC.

Titanfall Xbox One Review: Hopped Up on Jump Jets and Big Mechs

Respawn Entertainment's first game brings man and machine together. Is Titanfall good enough to save the Xbox One?

Titanfall Dev "Likely" To Increase Resolution After Launch

Launch isn't the end for Titanfall. Respawn is attempting to tweak the game for increased graphical performance.

Three Atari Classics Prepare for Titanfall

Are classic arcade games better with a Titan? Now you can find out for yourself.

Titanfall Has a Season Pass, Free Updates and No Microtransactions

Respawn has outlined the post-release support plans for its highly anticipated new shooter.

Titanfall's Maps, Game Modes and Prestige-Equivalent Revealed in Full

As the countdown to release continues, further details emerge.

Twitch Streaming Coming to Xbox One Just in Time for Titanfall

Surprise! Microsoft claims Twitch streaming will be up and running in time for what it hopes will be the next big multiplayer hit.

Win Me Over, Titanfall

Can Titanfall get its claws into a hardened shooter cynic like Pete? After ten matches, he has an answer.

Titanfall Beta Dismantled, New Maps and Modes Discovered

A bit of community sleuthing on the new Titanfall beta has revealed a little more of what the full game is likely to offer.

Tiny vs Big: In Praise of Titanfall's Smart Pistol

Eurogamer's Chris Donlan reports live from the fro-- FFTUNK

Xbox One Controller Tweaks Incoming, Media Remote Spotted

Even more so than its predecessor, the Xbox One is a console that looks set to evolve gradually over time.

Titanfall Wants to Be Your Valentine

Respawn's stompy mech shooter launches its beta on February 14.

Step-by-Step: Let's Break Down a Titanfall Match

Respawn's matches have a particular flow to them. Here's how it breaks down.

Titanfall's PC System Requirements are Surprisingly Modest

This is a "next-gen" game, right?

Titanfall's Beta Won't Require a Pre-Order

So how will you get in? Respawn's still being coy.

Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks Onto the Net

Despite the currently running alpha test being subject to a non-disclosure agreement, players have been sharing footage. Catch it while you can.

Titanfall Alpha is Coming... And Soon

Got an Xbox One and an Origin account? If you're quick, you might be playing Titanfall very soon.

Titanfall Has Been "Tough to Accurately Market"

Respawn claims its upcoming shooter has been tough to promote in the traditional way due to its multiplayer-only nature.

Titanfall's Player Cap is 12

Matches will be 6v6, supported by AI-controlled non-player characters. And Titans. Twelve of them.

Titanfall Won't Launch with Mod Support

The PC version of Titanfall will be "like it or leave it" at launch, but never say never.

The Fall and Rise of the Franchise Titans

With Assassin's Creed and CoD sales slowing, Eurogamer's Martin Robinson looks to the next-gen successors waiting in the wings.

Road to Next-Gen: Storms Ahead for the Xbox One's Cloud?

Cloud-reliant Xbox One games such as Titanfall may be subject to an unfortunate and rather inconvenient quirk of the system.

Titanfall Xbox Exclusive for The "Life of The Title"

You won't be seeing the first Titanfall on any non-Microsoft platform.

Titanfall Coming March 11, 2014 With $250 Collector's Edition

Respawn Entertainment has a crazy collector's edition for a game you've never played.

Titanfall Dev Demystifies Xbox One Cloud Technology

Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole reports on just how Titanfall will take advantage of Microsoft's rather ill-defined "cloud technology."