How Chanbanhi is Turning Video Game Memes Into an Artform

We catch up the editor behind those viral Animal Crossing edits you've probably been seeing around lately.

Bethesda Community Manager's Twitter Hacked in an Offensive Prank

Bethesda confirms that Gina Bruno's Twitter account was hacked and that the recent tweets are not hers.

ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers After Heated Twitter Exchange With Streamer [Update]

ArenaNet's President took to the Guild Wars 2 forums to address the situation.

Fallout July 4th Message Featuring Liberty Prime Divides Bethesda Fans

There are several layers of irony at play here.

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From the director of BioShock 2 to even a Star Wars film director, everyone's sharing what video games helped define their personalities and work.

NFL Star JJ Watt Asks: What's Better Fortnite or PUBG?

This could get messy.

Twitter Thinks Waluigi Is a Menace to Society

Waluigi doesn't deserve this character assassination. Let the man play tennis in peace!

A Troll in Congress Edited the Wikipedia Page for The Legend of Zelda

Next you'll tell me Metroid is a really cool bounty hunter.

Russia Uses Video Game Screenshot as "Evidence" The U.S. Was Working With ISIS

The Russian Ministry of Defense was quickly made fun of for the error.

Here's Some of the Weird Reasons Why Some Video Games Got Their Names

Sometimes it's hard work, sometimes it's a random word generator.

Artists Worldwide Come Together in the Name of an Odd Keita Takahashi Picture

The designer behind Katamari Damacy is inspiring people again.

JPgamer: Bullet Heaven

With shmup specialists Cave seemingly pulling out of the West, what better time to have a look back at some of their best work? Three, two, one, go!

Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks Onto the Net

Despite the currently running alpha test being subject to a non-disclosure agreement, players have been sharing footage. Catch it while you can.

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How have the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fared as shiny new additions to USgamer's entertainment centers? Jaz, Jeremy, and Mike talk about their trials and tribulations with these cutting edge, all-in-one gaming/media machines.

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In this week's Japanese gaming column, we discuss the recent crop of Japanese role-playing games -- and whether any have truly bettered Atlus' slice-of-life-with-monsters classic.

This Attack on Titan Tribute Is Monstrously Fun

That anime about giant, people-eating monsters that is really about societal anxiety now has new fan game.

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We asked you for questions. Now Guild Wars 2's Game Director Colin Johanson, gives you the answers.

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Why Animal Crossing Succeeded Where Social Games Failed

Seemingly everyone is playing Nintendo's new life sim at the moment -- even those who would never normally touch social games. What's Nintendo done differently to the hundreds of Facebook game developers out there?