Hey Nintendo, Make Sure These Games Show up on DS Virtual Console

USgamer picks the best Nintendo DS games that need to show up on Wii U.

Virtual Spotlight: Klonoa and the Comfort of the Familiar

Jeremy contemplates a personal connection to new Virtual Console release Empire of Dreams.

Game Boy Advance Bodes Well for Virtual Console, But....

We'd like to think Nintendo's latest classic reissues are a sign of great things to come, but history tells us not to get our hopes up.

Virtual Spotlight: Castlevania II Simon's Quest

Does Simon Belmont's second NES adventure hold up after all these years, or should it be buried with the graveyard duck?

Virtual Spotlight: Gradius

Get ready for Gradius to shoot your core! By which I mean "crush your self-esteem."

Virtual Spotlight: Ninja Gaiden III

Does the least beloved Ninja Gaiden deserve a second chance on 3DS?

Virtual Spotlight: River City Ransom

More than just the game that inspired Scott Pilgrim, River City Ransom is goofy, genre-bending fun.

Virtual Spotlight: Super Castlevania IV

An entertaining glimpse into what might have been for the Castlevania series.

Virtual Spotlight: Milon's Secret Castle

Your weekly reminder that old video games didn't care about your happiness.

Virtual Spotlight: Final Fight 3

The secret best Capcom brawler? It just might be.

Virtual Spotlight: Solomon's Key

A classic puzzle platformer that simply begs for conquest in the new age of save states.

Virtual Spotlight: Recca Summer Carnival '92

My NES can do what!? Another interesting rarity makes its way to Virtual Console.

Virtual Spotlight: Wario Land 3

Proving once again that innovation is the most sincere form of flatulence.

Virtual Spotlight: Kirby's Dreamland 2

Give this charming but largely forgotten Kirby tale a second chance.

Virtual Spotlight: Kid Icarus

If life's a bowl of cherries, then what am I doing in the Pits?

Virtual Spotlight: Shantae

EarthBound, SchmearthBound. Today's other rare, expensive classic deserves love, too.

Earthbound Out Today for Virtual Console

Nintendo has released possibly the most highly anticipated Virtual Console title of all time.

Virtual Spotlight: Donkey Kong

For Nintendo, this is where it all began.

Virtual Spotlight: Vampire, Master of Darkness

What's interesting on Virtual Console this week? Sega's bold (if flawed) Castlevania clone.