Visual Novel

Doki Doki Literature Club Creator Says New Content is Coming This Year

He's also got a new original VN in the works.

Undead Coffee Adventure Necrobarista Is Taking Some Extra Time To Brew

A little more time to percolate never hurt.

VA-11 Hall-A Developers Announce Surprise Sequel to Cyberpunk Bartending Action Game

Androids like it shaken, not stirred.

Heaven Will Be Mine's Insatiable Vibe is Worth the Messy Mech Joyride

The year of the mech continues.

Some Adult Games on Steam Are on Hold Until Valve's New Filter Tools Are Ready

Valve's new tools to control what customers see aren't quite ready yet.

Detroit: Become Human Review

Press X to have a dream.

Mature Visual Novels are at Risk of Being Taken Down from Steam [Update]

A sudden content guideline change blindsided the visual novel community.

How Necrobarista Looks to Anime to Evolve the Visual Novel

We talked to the designers and artists behind the most artistically innovative visual novel on the horizon.

Emily Is Away Too Transports Players to a Forgotten Era of Internet; Plus Alien: Covenant's Unexpected Villain

In this week's Unpredictable, Caty plays the visual novel Emily Is Away Too and watches the movie Alien: Covenant.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and the Coming of Age of Adult Games

From lewd beginnings to vague innuendos.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Heads to the West in September, Body Pillow in Tow

Time to hold out for the body pillow trend to catch on beyond Japanese games.

Zero Escape 999 and VLR Coming to PC, PS4, and Vita in 2017

Aksys Games and Spike Chunsoft are bringing 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward to a new audience.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~ Distant Memories ~ 3DS Review: Short Story

The successor to defunct developer Cing's emotional adventure games can't help but feel like a pretender to the throne.

Zero Time Dilemma Vita Review-in-Progress: Unstuck in Time

The final chapter of the Zero Escape trilogy arrives after four long years—but can Spike-Chunsoft craft a satisfying conclusion to this innovative series?

Now on the PC, Corpse Party Remains a Must-Play for Horror Fans

If you missed its 2011 digital PSP release—and you probably did—there's never been a better time to experience this gory, gut-wrenching adventure.

Danganronpa 3 Will Bring Ultimate Despair to PS4 and Vita

Spike-Chunsoft's murder mystery "psychopop" thriller makes its inevitable move to the world of consoles with its latest installment.

Will the Newest Ace Attorney Game Come to the West?

July 9th marked the Japanese release of the sixth official entry in Capcom's courtroom sim. But are the odds against it ever getting an English localization?

Zero Escape 3 Continues this Summer's Wave of Unbelievable Game Announcements

At long last, Kotoro Uchikoshi's ambitious adventure series will see a third and final entry in 2016. Here's why you should consider strapping yourself into this wild sci-fi trilogy.

Expert Witness: An Interview with Alex Smith, the Writer Behind Ace Attorney's English Debut

The veteran localizer discusses his process, working with Japanese puns, and how Phoenix was nearly named "Roger."

A Complete Fan Translation has Rescued Ace Attorney Investigations 2 from Localization Limbo

Rejoice, fans of anime-style Law and Order: Miles Edgeworth's second game is now fully playable in English.

10 Questions with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair's Killer Localization Team

Spike Chunsoft's intriguing mix of Battle Royale and Ace Attorney debuted in America with one of the best English language adaptations in years. We talked to NIS America's crack team of localizers to find out how they pulled off this nearly impossible task.

How Well Does Banner Saga Hold Up on iOS Devices?

Close to a year after its original release, Stoic's hybrid visual novel-tactics RPG is now out on iOS. How does it hold up?

XBlaze Code: Embryo PS Vita Review: A Compelling Argument for Illiteracy

Arc System Works combines shopworn anime tropes and thoroughly hateful design in one repellant package.

Walking Further: Delving Into Visual Novels

With this week's release of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a whole lot of you are doubtless going to be hungry for more story-heavy action soon. Here's a roundup of some other experiences you might want to try.