Inside the Genesis of Virtue's Last Reward and the Challenges of Visual Novels

Things aren't looking so rosy for a continuation of Spike Chunsoft's Zero Escape series. We talk to director Kotaro Uchikoshi about the inspiration behind his games, and the challenges of keeping a niche genre alive.

2013 in Review: The State of Narrative in Games

Pete Davison and Jeremy Parish look back at the ways this year's games succeeded and failed at telling great stories.

JPgamer: I've Poured Too Many Tears

In this week's roundup of all things Japanese gaming, we take a look at Narcissu, a free indie visual novel hoping to get on Steam, plus Idea Factory International's site launches, there's an Atelier anime on the way, and Sega has a pleasing announcement for Hatsune Miku fans.

"Gritty" and "Mature" Aren't Synonyms

We saw quite a few games at E3 obviously shooting for adult audiences, but making something dark isn't the only way to be mature.