Virtual Reality

Valve Teases Its Own VR Headset, The Valve Index

Coming in May 2019.

Tetris Effect Review

World of color.

Borderlands 2 Getting Exclusive VR Version on PlayStation VR

And sorry, no co-op in this version.

Subnautica: Below Zero is a New Standalone Expansion Set in the Alien Arctic

In the cold, no one can hear you scream.

Free Your HTC Vive of Wires for $300 With the New HTC Wireless Adapter

Imagine a wire-free, VR world.

Hellblade VR Is a Free Add-On for Oculus and Vive, but PS VR Misses Out

It's free if you own Hellblade on Steam already.

Skyrim PSVR Update 1.4.40 Improves Graphics on PS4 Pro

Also some big changes to how the PS Move controller works.

With Jupiter and Mars, Two Former Game Journalists Hope to Save the Planet

Walk 100 miles in another dolphin's shoes. Or maybe swim. In their fins.

GTA Online: How to Win Street Races, Rally Racing Tips, Best Cars to Drive in GTA Online (PS4 and Xbox One)

Street Racing is a fun way to earn cash in GTA Online - and a good Rally Racing team can earn huge bucks. Here's the best way to approach both these activities.

Sony's PSVR is Even Cheaper After Price Cut

A new reality.

Skyrim VR Will Soon be Making Us Nauseous on Steam VR, Too

Dramamine, for your blessing we pray.

The Joys of Watching Friends Play Games

From Bloodborne to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, sometimes video games are better spent watching a loved one play than playing yourself.

Game Developers are More Interested in Making Games for Switch and Traditional Consoles Than Mobile and VR

The video game development trend of 2018 appears to be a return to traditional bastions of gaming. And the Switch.

The US Government is Developing a School Shooting Survival Sim for Teachers

The US Army and Department of Homeland Security are developing a VR training simulator for teachers.

Rick & Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Wants to Make Traditional Console Games, Too

"Holy shit I have a f***ing game studio and this is insane."

In Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, Fish Are Friends, Not Food

That feeling when the deadliest catch is fan service.

PlayStation VR Has Over 60 Games Coming Out Between Now and Early 2018

DOOM VFR, The Inpatient, Golem, and The American Dream VR make-up an impressive PSVR release slate.

Oculus Santa Cruz is a Standalone VR Headset That Delivers PC-Levels of Quality

The VR dream inches closer to reality.

Respawn Teases New VR Project With Oculus, Confirms It Has Nothing to Do With Titanfall

Respawn is moving on from the mecha-shooter for now.

Here's a Preview of Halo Recruit Running in Mixed Reality

343 Industries worked on a Mixed Reality "experience" for Halo.

Marvel Powers United VR Is Probably the Closest We'll Ever Get to Being Superheroes

Thanks for making me tall for a change, Marvel Powers United VR.

Oculus Could Release a Wireless VR Headset Next Year

It would be cheaper than the Rift, but more powerful than the Gear.

Rick and Morty Invade a Bunch of Video Games, like Rocket League and Gang Beasts

Aww gee, Rick. I don't know if we should be in all these video games.

HTC Planning Mobile VR Headset For This Year

Unlike Samsung Gear VR, HTC promises that it won't be a phone in a headmounted dock.

USgamer's 2017 in Preview: All The Games and News Worth Talking About

The USgamer team dishes on the 2017 gaming trends that already have their interest.

Oculus Rift Catches Vive With Touch and Room-Scale VR This December

The Oculus Touch Controllers have an official price and release date.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Rez Infinite Appears to be the Best of the PlayStation VR Launch Lineup

Everything you need to know about the PlayStation VR's price, specs, and launch lineup.

Three Days in Busan, Day 2: BIC Fest's Korean Indies Tackle Everything From Metal Slug to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Cosplay, Korean retro, VR, and still more indies as Daniel Feit's coverage of the Busan Indie Connect Festival continues.

PlayStation VR Demo Disc Packs 18 Games in North America

Sony wants to make sure that users can sample a ton of VR content when PS VR launches.

Is Your Room Big Enough for PlayStation VR?

New documents show that the PlayStation Camera wants around 60 sq feet for VR.

Resident Evil 7 Isn't Inspired By PT, But Capcom Did Consider a Supernatural Focus

Capcom has heard the comparisons to Konami's first-person horror demo, but states it's mostly coincidence.

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Have Finally Shipped

The long nightmare of Oculus Rift pre-orders has ended and new orders are supposed to ship in 2 to 4 days.

Q Games' Dead Hungry Spearheads A Busy Show for VR at BitSummit

Yep, VR is just as big a draw in Japan as it is anywhere else.

Resident Evil 7 E3 Demo: In Reality, It's Virtually P.T.

Capcom takes Resident Evil in a new direction that might seem familiar to some horror game fans.

Star Trek and X-wing Are Both Being Reborn in VR

But Star Trek Bridge Crew might be a little too ambitious for its own good.

AMD Aims for the Mid-Range Crown With $200 Radeon RX 480

AMD's newest video card is all about providing affordable power for games.

"I Consider Myself Crucial to the Success of that Company": Jack McCauley Recalls the Early Days of Oculus and Looks to the Future

COVER STORY: One of VR's pioneers talks about the early days of Oculus, the platform's prospects for the future, and what he's doing to make VR better.

My Most Compelling VR Experiences So Far

COVER STORY: These VR experiences have (almost) made Kat a believer.

Will Virtual Reality Kill Us All?

A sensible and non-reactionary take on how we as a species just might be too stupid for VR.

The Year of VR is Upon Us, But It's Still Early Days for the Games

There are some neat VR games out there, but the tech is still leaning heavily on demos and proofs-of-concept.

Coke, McDonald's Get Kids into Virtual Reality With Cheap VR Headsets

Recyclable headsets for kids help ensure VR will have a future in the games industry.

Opinion: Why I Remain a VR Skeptic

Sony and Oculus want us to believe that virtual reality's potential is limitless, but Kat wonders if that potential hasn't already been reached.

PlayStation VR Could Be The First Mainstream VR Headset

According to the Oculus founder, PSVR isn't as high-end as the Rift, which could mean a cheaper price tag.

System Swan Songs: The Last Games Released on the Greatest Consoles

Remember the first games for NES? Or SNES? Or PlayStation 2? Most people do. But few remember the last. To that end, we're looking at the final games to be released on some of the all-time classic consoles.

HTC Vive's Reality Experience: Slighty Behind the Curve

Mike sees how Valve views virtual reality for the first time.

Adr1ft Explores the Beauty and Horror of Space

Three One Zero wants to show you what being lost in space really feels like.

What We've Learned from GDC 2015

GDC 2015 is done and dusted. Here's what we've learned about video games.

Arkham Knight and the Art of Arming Batman to the Teeth

Batman's next adventure arms him with high-caliber assault weapons. But it's cool, he still totally hates guns.

Watch Dogs Guide: Best Skills to Take, Earn Money Fast, Mission and Driving Strategies

Wondering which skills you should take? Looking for effective combat and evasion tactics? Our Watch_Dogs guide has you covered.

VR Treadmill Coming in September for $499

Kinect not giving you enough of a workout while you're gaming? Enter the Virtuix Omni.

What Games Can You Play on Amazon Fire TV Right Now?

Amazon rolled out its new Amazon Fire TV console a few days ago, and despite it being brand new, there's already a surprising number of games available for it.

Thief Guide: Complete Walkthrough of All Chapters

Welcome to our complete Thief guide. It's split into multiple sections that cover every chapter, plus the prologue. If you need help, here's where you can find it.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Heide's Tower of Flame, Beat the Dragonrider

Now it's time to tackle Heide's Tower of Flame and work your way to the epic Dragonrider battle. We have the tactics to beat him!

EA Considers "Get In Gaming" to be "The Fourth Modality"

What on earth is the publishing giant talking about? Read on.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster PlayStation 3 Review: Heavy Metal Fluff

It's the odd moments, not the expected ones, that make this pair of visually remastered RPGs worth revisiting.

Watch Dogs Coming May 27, Was Too "Repetitive" Before Delay

Watch Dogs gets a firm release date and we learn why the game was delayed in the first place.

Disney Interactive Lays Off 700 Employees

Disney's game and internet division lays off one quarter of its workforce.

Strider Xbox One Review: Does This Familiar Reprise Rise Above Contempt?

Though Double Helix's take on Capcom's cyber-ninja struggles to find its own identity, the underlying game stands as one of Hiryu's better adventures.

Is 2014 the Year of Virtual Reality?

Come on in, Luigi, your time is up. Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead explains why Oculus Rift is the true next-gen experience.

Xbox One vs. PS4: How Useful Are They As Entertainment Systems?

How have the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fared as shiny new additions to USgamer's entertainment centers? Jaz, Jeremy, and Mike talk about their trials and tribulations with these cutting edge, all-in-one gaming/media machines.

Does PlayStation 4 Live Up to Its Hype? USgamer's In-Depth Hardware Review

We locked ourselves in a hotel room with Sony’s new system for two days, and here’s what we saw.

EverQuest Next Landmark is Next-Gen Minecraft

A new video from Sony's upcoming MMO sandbox explains the tools and materials you'll be using to craft your world.

Battlefield 4: Weapons List and Vehicles Multiplayer Guide

Battlefield 4 features an impressive roster of weapons and vehicles - but how are they best used? Our guide outlines the most effective ways to use them both.

The USgamer Community Reflects on Sega Genesis

We look back on their Mega Drive memories to celebrate 25 years of Sega's 16-bit wonder.

Malicious: Rebirth Review

Alvion's 3D action brawler Malicious: Rebirth is an enhanced port that is decent but little more.

Mapping Los Santos

Eurogamer's Craig Owens tells the story of the fans who cracked Grand Theft Auto V's secrets, and how they did it.

AMD's Mantle and Why Valve Might Want to Worry

We take a quick look at the Mantle API which AMD announced today and what it might mean.

Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell for PS4 and Vita

Just announced over on the Euro PlayStation Blog is Assault Android Cactus. Here's the trailer!

What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?

We look back in series history and see how we ended up with an action RPG as the franchise's latest.