Windows 10

First-Party Xbox Games Like Gears 5 are Coming to Steam

Microsoft is bringing more first-party games to PC via Steam.

Sunset Overdrive Is Grinding Onto PC Tomorrow

Another Xbox One exclusive made more accessible.

Forza Motorsport 7 VIP Pass Entry Edited After Community Controversy

The new Forza progression system is causing Microsoft some headaches.

Killer Instinct on Steam Will Let You Play With Xbox One and Windows 10 Players

Cross-play will be alive and well with Killer Instinct on Steam.

Final Fantasy XV Gets Chibi With A Mobile Pocket Edition

The PC isn't the only platform getting Final Fantasy XV.

Microsoft Announces Age of Empires IV From Dawn of War Developer Relic

Relic Entertainment takes on Microsoft's historic strategy series.

Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels Expansion Looks Freakin' Amazing

On May 9, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite Hot Wheel cars on some amazing new tracks.

Microsoft Exploring VR Headsets With Partners, Starting at $299

Not only is Microsoft expanding HoloLens into mixed reality, it's also tackling VR with some partners.

Microsoft Aims at Twitch With Native Streaming for Windows 10 and Xbox One

The new Microsoft Creators Update brings a new feature to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Reaches 400 Million Devices, Still Off Target

Microsoft's new operating system has reached another milestone.

Sea of Thieves Interview with Rare's Gregg Mayles

Get the scoop on what you can expect from Rare's upcoming pirate MMO.

Microsoft Letting Xbox One Games Play With Other Networks

Microsoft has announced cross-network play for games. Now other platforms have to accept the invitation.

Epic Games CEO: "Microsoft is Moving Against the Entire PC Industry"

Tim Sweeney believes Microsoft will use the Universal Windows Platform to control PC development.

Xbox and Windows 10 Come Together, Could Bring Smartphone-Style Upgrades to Consoles

Microsoft is creating a Universal Windows Platform that brings together Xbox One and Windows 10 development.

Quantum Break PC Offer Is a Gateway For Windows 10 and the Xbox Store

If you buy Quantum Break on Xbox One, you get the PC version… for Windows 10. Very smart, Microsoft.

PSA: No, Your New PC Can't Run That Game in 4K at Ultra

I just want you to be protected against the major problem all new PC owners face.

Microsoft and Its Broken Promises to PC Gamers

Microsoft is promising to support PC gaming again, but past situations haven't left PC gamers with much hope.

Don Your HoloLens for a New Podcast Episode

Episode 5 of From US to You! tackles Microsoft's new announcement and the death of Club Nintendo.

Microsoft Looks to the Future: Windows 10 and the HoloLens

The Windows company is betting on a new version of Windows and fancy future glasses.